Are you ready to win?


It’s time to show the world what team GB can do. On Tuesday, the 6th December children across the UK will compete with children in Australia, New Zealand and the United States for the title of World Skoolbo Champion. Answer as many questions as you can on reading, maths and languages during the 4 day event.

Here are the wonderful students from Papakura Normal School in New Zealand in anticipation of the challenge-


Would you share with us your World Cup preparations?

Stay tuned for more news on the World Cup coming in the lead up to December 6th…

Go GB Kids! Go!

The Skoolbo World Cup is just around the corner! Let’s WIN UK!

Skoolbo World Cup

The Skoolbo World Cup is back for a third year! Children in the UK will be competing against other Skoolbo-ers in classrooms across the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Running from Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th of December, your students’ avatars will wear a new Team GB uniform. Every question your students answer correctly puts the UK one step closer to victory! There will be an automated tally on the Skoolbo website homepage so you can see the results live.

This is a great way to motivate and engage students to learn by answering lots of maths and literacy questions.

Let’s have some fun as we join together to take on the world in the Skoolbo World Cup!

Stay tuned for more news on the World Cup coming in the lead up to December 6th…

Go GB Kids! Go!

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The Personal Best Wall of Fame is Here!

We love it when children achieve their best! Since launching in 2014 GB students have broken their best ever scores on Skoolbo learning activities a total of 1,191,414 times! WOW!!

We believe fantastic successes like this deserve proper recognition which is why we have created a special page on our website just for our Personal Best achievers. This is a live page that updates every time a child achieves their own personal best score on a game.

You can access the page by clicking the link on the homepage of the Skoolbo website.

PB front page

UK children are showing an average improvement on the Skoolbo platform in literacy and numeracy skills of almost 41% which is amazing. Not only that, this is currently the third highest rate of improvement on Skoolbo globally! The biggest improvers of course are the wonderful students taking part in our Uganda project with an average improvement of 112%!

Improvement 100

We’re very excited to see the speed at which the names change on the Wall of Fame. Make sure you keep checking to see if anyone from your school appears so that you can congratulate them and don’t forget achieving a personal best gives children the opportunity to send a Duelbo!

skoolbo duelbo challenge

Beat the Teacher!

For some extra excitement don’t forget that teachers can download the free Teacher App and create their very own teacher avatar to appear in the game to challenge students! What could be more motivating than the chance to beat a teacher in a thrilling ‘head to head’ Duelbo?

teacher Duelbo

Go! GB Kids Go!


Summer Learning on the go!

Of course summer is a time for children to take a break from their usual routine and re-charge their batteries. Many of us associate the summer with days at the beach, ice-creams and catching up with friends and family. All wonderful and valuable experiences, so where does Skoolbo fit in?

Starfish at the Beach

With most of the UK schools now open and ready for the new school year we wanted to take time to reflect on a fantastic summer of home learning. The leaderboards have revealed that there has been some fabulous learning taking place over the holidays. It seems that children throughout the UK have been engaging with Skoolbo with enormous enthusiasm, perhaps taking advantage of those long car journeys or rainy days to get in some multiplication or spelling practise. There have been some commendable high scores appearing in the Language Dragons games as well – bravo!

So just who were the stars of the summer?

The roots to grow and the wings to fly…


Well our first mention must go to the the amazing students of Year 2 – Maple class from Western Downland CofE (VA) Primary School in Fordingbridge, Hampshire (you can see their wonderful school motto in the heading above). We received this lovely message from their new teacher Miss Reffell –

“I just want to say a massive THANK YOU for the wonderful thing that is Skoolbo. I wrote to my new class in the summer holidays and reminded them about it, and was so thrilled to see they are number 2 in the UK at the moment – there’s only 20 of them! Thank you so much for engaging my new lovely pupils!”

Congratulations to these children and to their teacher who has obviously worked so hard through the summer to ensure they have the best start to the new school year.

This is what the school leaderboard looked like at the end of July. London schools were clearly building on their London vs NYC Challenge success to dominate this early summer table but it was Meadowbrook Primary School from the south west of England who claimed an early top spot –

School Leaderboard 27.07.15

It was ‘all change’ by August however with more of the United Kingdom represented. Radstock Primary School from the south east of England were sitting comfortably in first poistion and we’d like to say a belated ‘welcome’ to  Millquarter Primary School from Northern Ireland and Breasclete Primary School from Scotland who made their first appearances on the leaderboard –

School leaderboard 03.08.15

The end of August demonstrated how quickly Scottish schools got back into the swing of things. Their earlier start to the school term saw them dominate all leaderboards with English schools coming back into view on the 1st September but it is yesterday’s featured school, Repton, Abu Dhabi who stole top place once more –

Schools 02.09.15

It has been amazing to see children racking up new personal bests with Skoolbo, we’ll be mentioning some of the star students and classes in our next blogs so please keep checking back with us.

Summer learning loss – what summer learning loss?

It’s Day 6 of the Scottish Challenge and Burravoe like to boogie with dragons!

We’re almost at the end of the Scottish Challenge and today we are showcasing a wonderful school on the island of Yell in the Shetland Islands. Yell is the second largest of the Shetland Islands with a population of about 800 and it is a haven for all sorts of wildlife, especially birds.

Burravoe map final


The terrific students of Burravoe Primary School have answered almost 60,000 questions despite having only 14 students playing! They have made an amazing contribution to the Scottish Challenge and we think they are quite simply awesome!



These hard working learners deserve lots of credit especially as we can see that they’re making fabulous progress with an average improvement of whopping 38%!

It seems that the Language Dragons have been a particular hit as you can tell from these fantastic quotes –

“I like Skoolbo because I get to play with different schools and different people.  I like the French and I have played on the Spanish.” By Rosie, P3.

“I like Skoolbo because you can play with different languages and it helps me with maths.  I learned that you can do French on Skoolbo.” By Neil, P3.

 “When I play Skoolbo I can learn French and if you master the skills you get to boogie with your dragon.  My favourite thing about Skoolbo is that you get super hero costumes and you can buy different costumes.”  By Sonia, P3.

 “I like Skoolbo because you can beat other people. I like playing games with different sums.  It helps me with my maths.” By Emer, P2.

 “I like when I get to be a super hero on Skoolbo.  I like playing the games.  It helps me with numbers and words.”  By Hannah, P1.

Well done Burravoe Primary School!

If we take a look at today’s leaderboards we can see that it is Fife’s Kircaldy West Primary School still holding on to first place closely followed by Busby Primary School in East Renfrewshire. It’s shaping up to be a real battle on the last day!

Sc school

Katie Parrish seems determined not to be toppled from first place on the student leaderboard and so Busby are winning this particular battle for now as OB from Kirkcaldy has to be content with second place. We have had a lovely communication from one of Katie’s parents letting us know how hard she is working and how much she is learning so well done and keep it up!


Tomorrow is the last day of the Scottish Challenge so let’s make it a good one!

Holly and Harry from London are playing for Team GB are you?

Holly 7  (Year 3) and Harry 4 (Reception) from London,  Inspired by our wonderful ambassadors and Megan, they thought they should show their support for Team GB, which they do,  rather enthusiastically!   And we’re currently in the lead – GO TEAM GB GO!!

Castle Hill Primary School swept the leaderboards last week – will it be your school this week?

castle hill SE logo shot

Castle Hill joined Skoolbo just this month and currently has 8 classes playing at the school. To date, standards of literacy have improved by 14% and numeracy by 12% across the school!

Take a look at what Miss Wyers year 5 teacher and her pupils say about Skoolbo…..

Castle Hill are a primary school in Basingstoke. There current intake it for children aged 7-11. The talented team at Castle Hill are committed to bringing the best out of every child. They work closely with the Governing Body, parents and the local community striving to achieve their motto of “Aiming for Excellence”.
They also believe that “Manners Matter” and aim to prepare every child for the future by providing them a structured, disciplined, aspirational, yet happy working environment. They believe that these values will allow each pupil to reach their full potential if they are provided with stimulating and innovative learning resources, such as Skoolbo.
Anyone following the leaderboard last week will have seen them featured heavily, particularly year 5 led by Miss Cocker and class teacher Miss Wyers. They showed some amazing performances on the Skoolbo leaderboard last week. On Wednesday, the school were the top performing class, pupil and school in the UK, and Miss Wyers class were 8th in the world!

 castle hill junior leaderboard 1.gifcastle hill junior leaderboard 3.gif

A wonderful performance last week and you continue to top the table this week Castle Hill, we look forward to seeing you help Team GB beat the US in World Cup Challenge from the 3rd December!

Penultimate day of the Premier League Challenge and it’s all to play for!

The totaliser has stormed past 2,500,000 today and the competition between the three teams is hotting up.

Arsenal still holds onto the lead, with West Bromwich Albion in second and Norwich City chasing close behind.

Day 9

The Arsenal boys at the top of the leader board are still battling it out, Joshua and Malcolm from St Margaret’s are playing hard and tackling those questions with speed and skill. Vaughan from St Francis Xavier playing for West Bromwich Albion is still in contention for the top spot.


Day 9

How are the girls doing? Well done to Rebekha, Grace, Lucy and Amber from Swaffham CofE VC Junior School who have all answered well over 3000 questions and are in the top 40 scorers.

Ark Oval Primary Academy from Croydon took second place on the schools leader board yesterday and they have maintained this position. This school has answered over 85,000 questions. Glasgow class leads over Westminster with Oxford and Cambridge close behind. Winchester and Dundee both have answered over 7,000 questions. Well done to you all.

Day 9

So it’s all play for now as tomorrow is the last day of the challenge. It is good see so many of you flying your team planes and the cool Premier League plane around the Skoolbo worlds.

Which team do you think the Skoolbo characters would play for? Doctor Weevil would probably find a way to stay on the winning side and Countess Lucile would perhaps be more interested in the celebrity lifestyle of a football wife!

Have a good day and let’s see if we can reach 3,000,000 by the end of the day!

Your a whiz

A great team effort means that Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe are top of the world!

Nunsthorpe HR (no bg)








Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe has taken the UK and World leaderboards by storm, seemingly appearing out of nowhere and it appears that this has been very much a collective effort with no one student dominating the top ten. Anyone watching the live leaderboards on Skoolbo over the last few days will have noticed one name really standing out.

We wanted to find out more so we asked Principal Mark Gillyon why he thinks Skoolbo works so well for his students.

Here at Oasis Academy we strive to get the very best from all our students and help them to become champion learners and champion citizens. Skoolbo makes it possible for all students to learn (and compete) alongside each other fairly, regardless of the stage of learning they are at. Our students are thoroughly engaged with Skoolbo and this week we’ve seen an incredible surge in student
interest after we got onto the overall UK school leaderboard. Just the impetus we needed to collectively pull out the stops and really go for it!


oasis 2

All this effort has resulted in not only some great learning but also the rewards of seeing the school featuring on most of the Skoolbo leaderboards and securing the number one spot on both the UK and the World leaderboards this weekend!

We already know that Skoolbo works really well across the full range of devices and platforms currently available and Oasis have taken full advantage of this.

We’ve recently upgraded our IT suite of 32 PCs, but have also purchased 100 Chromebooks this term. All these devices, plus our many ipads and nexus tablets, have been simply red hot over the last few days with so much energetic and enthusiastic Skoolbo access. Many of our students are also choosing to put in a few extra Skoolbo games in their own time; our IT Suite at break and lunch periods resound with the Skoolbo challenge….3-2-1 Go!

There has also been some fierce competition between classes!

This is what some of the children from Year 2 had to say about Skoolbo.

Skoolbo teaches children how to learn in a fun way, how to subtract… and how to practise really important stuff

I felt surprised…we only knew on Friday that we were were doing so well… I felt excited and fantastic!

Skoolbo teaches children children to read, write and do maths sums… and to learn really well

I felt excited and super-happy because we were in first place!

Skoolbo teaches children children to read, write and do maths sums… and to learn really well

…and we mustn’t forget the virtual rewards!

I really want to work hard and go to the graduation ceremony

I’m hoping to earn enough stars to get a really good plane and a new land to fly in

Thank you Year 2 for the big thumbs-up!

Y2 Skoolbo Interviewees

From left to right: Ewan, Connor, Leo, Liam, Ayesha & Kitija

Day 8 – Hold on to your hats, we’re speeding towards 3.5 million answers!

We hope you’re all enjoying flying your new planes. If you don’t have yours yet it should be landing very soon. Have you changed your avatar’s costume lately? Click on your avatar in the play screen and choose a new outfit or hairstyle to celebrate your joint achievements.
Our top ten schools are unchanged but the questions answered are growing steadily. Brook Green are narrowing the gap and gaining ground on Sybourn. Watch this space…

Well done to Year 5 of St Patrick’s for moving into the top ten this afternoon. Class 6S from Alderman’s Green have now reached 75560 answers and have put a considerable distance between first and second place. can anyone catch them now?

It’s a far closer race on the pupil leaderboard but Ellie seems determined to stay top!


Day 8 of the Coventry Challenge and it’s wild and windy all over the UK!  The fantastic new Coventry planes are coming to you today and everyone who has participated in the challenge should have one by the end of the day. It’s a good job you are flying them in the safe Skoolbo race worlds! Don’t forget that with all the questions you have answered you will be stacking up your number of Bo Coins. You can always go to the shop and buy yourself a new world to fly your new plane around. Have a fun day!

There are some slight changes in the leaderboard this morning. Ainslie have overtaken Parbold Douglas and Kemshott have overtaken Clifford Bridge.

Day 8.schools

The classes race is looking like this. Look how many answers the indestructible 6S from Alderman’s Green have answered now! Year 4 from Sheringdale are very nearly on 30,000 and still ahead of Year 6. Well done to you.

Day 8.1

The region with the most schools in the top 100 is understandably the West Midlands all supporting the Conventry Challenge but well done to the other regions for joining them in trying to reach the goal of 5 million answers by Thursday. East Midlands now have three schools in the top 100, well done Abbotsholme, Cantrell and Crompton View.

Nina and Bobby from Brook Green Centre for Learning have knocked two of the Alderman’s Green girls out of the top three. Ellie is still in first place with an amazing 10637 answers but the Brook Green pupils are putting in excellent effort and are catching her fast.

Day 8.2

The most exciting news is that of all the millions of questions answered so far we are seeing that on average you are getting 90% of them right! Excellent work everyone, enjoy your new planes and fly safe in this weather!