New Feature! Skoolbo challenges you to a DuelBo!

Skoolbo DuelBo

We know how much students love playing Skoolbo with children from across the United Kingdom – now they can play with their friends and classmates!

Introducing DuelBo, a fun new game within Skoolbo where students can challenge their classmates and friends to beat their high scores.

What is DuelBo

DuelBo is a fun new game within Skoolbo where classmates and friends can play with each other. In Skoolbo, students play against a random student from across the country – now they can choose to play with children they know.

skoolbo duelbo challenge

How it works

Whenever a student gets a high score on a game, they can choose to challenge their classmate or friend to beat their high score. This is a DuelBo challenge – the student receiving the challenge can decide to take the challenge, or simply choose to ignore it. No pressure! There’s no direct communication between students so Skoolbo is still 100% safe and 100% fun.


Adding a friend

All classmates can instantly play DuelBo with each other. Students can also freely add other Skoolbo users from their school. Best of all children can add their friends from other schools.



Dr Weevil DuelBo!

Dr Weevil is now a part of DuelBo. Every so often Dr Weevil will appear and set his own DuelBo challenge. His challenges are slightly difficult, so it’s a great challenge for students to see if they can beat Dr Weevil. Of course like all DuelBo’s it’s optional and students can choose not to take the challenge.


Teacher DuelBo!

Now avaialble: Teacher Avatars! Teachers will be able to challenge their students to DuelBo challenges, just like Dr Weevil. In the NEW Teacher App (100% Free), Teachers can create their personal avatar, and then be automatically added to the Skoolbo game, occasionally appearing and challenging their students to try to beat their recent high scores. It’s all about motivation and improvement!

To access DuelBo, update to the latest version by visiting our downloads page!

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