10 million answers!

Congratulations to all9,000,000 total answers

What an amazing few days we have had! Children from around the world took to Skoolbo in their thousands in a bid to secure victory for their country. Sadly, there could only be one winner and for the second year in a row the winner was…

Team Australia!


Children from across Australia collectively answered a staggering 938,658 maths and literacy questions! They were so close to achieving one million answers during the four days of the competition. On behalf of Team GB we’d like to say a huge ‘congratulations’ to you all! Second place went to Team USA, with Team GB and Team New Zealand making up third and fourth places respectively.

Of course everyone who took part gained from the experience. We’ve heard wonderful stories from teachers about children encouarging and supporting each other during the challenge. Children clearly enjoyed learning about team spirit, camaraderie and aiming high, all while improving their literacy and maths skills. There were also valuable lessons about world time zones, with UK children quick to pick up when Australia and New Zealand were sleeping so they could try to catch up.

We’ve enjoyed some wonderful images of children engrossed in their learning. Bells Farm Primary School were active on Twitter, rallying support during the challenge.

Bells farm 6

Cronton CE Primary also shared some wonderful photographs. We love the festive hats!

Cronton 6

And here are the children from Year 5 in St John Primary School Coleraine celebrating a very special Super class award during the challenge. Congratulations!


Thank you to everyone who took part and played for Team GB during the 2016 Skoolbo World Cup, whether it was just for a day or for the whole challenge. Every answer counted towards our pretty spectacular total of 720,454 answers!

Let’s take a look at the final leader boards. Congratulations to Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park, Leigh Church of England Primary School and Knockloughrim Primary School!


We didn’t manage to get the Union flag on to the top ten of the class or pupil boards on the final day. Australia,in particular, were just too strong!



We hope you all enjoyed participating the challenge as much as we enjoyed watching it unfold.

Bring on 2017!

Rollover has begun! Move your students up so they don’t lose their progress

rollover blog long


Wow! What great progress UK children made last school year on Skoolbo! So far there are over 285,823 UK students playing Skoolbo, answering 192.4 million reading and maths questions which gave them an average improvement of 27.7%. What a great achievement!

It’s now time to get ready for the new school year on Skoolbo by moving your students up so they don’t lose all their hard earned progress. It will only take 30 seconds to rollover your students from last so they’re all ready to play and learn – with no activity lost!

Rollover your students to keep their well earned progress!
Available only for a limited time so get in quick!

Our Rollover 2016/17 period has begun so you will notice that your Teacher Dashboard looks a bit different.

Follow the simple instructions below or watch our instructional video below to ensure a smooth rollover

loginLog into Skoolbo

Clue: Your username is the email address you used to register with Skoolbo.

If you can’t remember your password, click here to reset it!


rollover blueMove your 2015/16 students to 2016/17

  • Click on “Choose a class”
  • Select the new class name (or type a new one)
  • Automatically we will transfer all students in the class (no more one by one!)


That’s it! Quick and easy isn’t it!

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Groggan Primary School’s Year 5 are ClassBo Champions!


We’d like to introduce you to the fantastic students of Groggan Primary School in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Despite being relative newcomers to Skoolbo they have quickly got to grips with the program to become one of the top performing schools in the region. It was therefore no surprise to find out that these super learners are also very articulate when it comes to describing what they like best about Skoolbo.

Year 5 Teacher and ICT Coordinator Mr Chris Robinson revealed that the sixteen wonderful comments we received from his students represented only a small selection! They were so overwhelmingly positive that we thought we’d use them to create this special word cloud. We think it describes their thoughts perfectly!

Word cloud

And here are some of those comments in full –

“Skoolbo is the best learning game ever”

“I like the way you can personalise it”

“I like the way there are challenges, that way I can see how good I am at my Maths”

“Excellent Graphics”

“It’s great the way you can customise your character”

“ A safe way to play with people all over the country”

“ It can increase our intelligence”

“Skoolbo isn’t just an App for kids to play on, you can learn from it too”

NI 2

Mr Robinson explained more about how he is using Skoolbo in his classroom.

Skoolbo has only been in our school for 4 weeks, but it has made an impressively large impact on the classes in school. It is addictive to play and the customisable aspect engages children of all learning abilities and styles to play.

A ClassBo success story!

As a teacher it is exciting to see children participating at home, this is where we see most of the Skoolbo games happening. I have also used to teacher function to set my class challenges, first of all I set a classbo 5000 challenge, and got 6,500 answers in 48 hours. I then threw caution to the wind and set a 14 day 25,000 correct answer challenge. I was completely blown away by the response, 25,000 correct answers in 6 days!

Quick and easy set-up!

It is one of the easiest administered Apps I have used also, as ICT coordinator, I found the set up quick and easy and the children’s login is also straightforward and accessible to all.

We’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to this wonderful school for getting in touch to share their story.


Groggan Primary School opened on its current site in June 1936. The school occupies a beautiful rural site on the outskirts of Randalstown. The school has been winner and runner-up of the ‘Best Kept Small School’ in recent years.  Currently the school has 117 pupils in 5 classes.

Principal Mrs Humphrey believes that community plays a big part in Groggan Primary School. They endeavour to hold events when their doors are open and everyone is made welcome. The school staff strive to help pupils discover not how clever they are, but  how they are clever. They help pupils use this to their full potential, regardless of ability,  through a range of experiences both in and outside school.

Skoolbo Welcomes Erwin Huang

Skoolbo is delighted to have the valuable support of our new local partner Erwin Huang.

Erwin huang

Erwin is a well respected e-learning and social enterprise pioneer and graduate of Boston University. He also studied at Occidental College, MIT, Harvard Business School and Beijing’s TsingHua University.

Erwin started his prestigious career at Apple in the US and in 2009 he participated in a Hong Kong reality TV show where he was able to experience first hand, the impact that poverty was having on people. As part of the show he worked as a refuse collector earning HKD 50 a day in a densely populated residential area, consisting of several large public housing estates. This greatly influenced his subsequent career and today he is well known for his passion for promoting and extending the use of technology to improve people’s livelihoods, particularly in helping the elderly and the disadvantaged. His many notable achievements include –

  • Founding CEO for the ‘Bridge the Digital Gap’ social project “WebOrganic” in Hong Kong which provided low cost technology solutions to create a level playing field for over 300,000 disadvantaged families
  • Helping to found eLearning Consortium, a non-profit association of IT companies,  education content publishers, educators and parents brought together to work as a bridge between stakeholders of the Hong Kong Government’s eLearning initiative
  • Helping to found Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA), a self-financing social enterprise and charitable organisation in Hong Kong that offers 24-hour personal care and emergency assistance services to the elderly and others in need through the use of technology and people-oriented services. The contribution of SCHSA has been recognised locally and worldwide.

We are very happy to announce that Erwin is now busy flying the Skoolbo flag in Hong Kong.

HK 3

Happy 15!

Recently Erwin introduced the ‘Happy 15’ project to a packed audience of students, parents and teachers. The project aims to alleviate inter-generational poverty problems and provide upward social mobility opportunities to underprivileged children. By improving children’s English language skills it is hoped that there will be an increased interest in learning, leading ultimately to greater academic achievement.

HK 5

The 15 minutes a day of fun, motivational learning on the Skoolbo platform is already having a positive impact on children’s enjoyment and engagement with learning.

HK 6

Although it’s still early days, results are looking very good with the participating schools regularly featuring in the top ten on the weekly live leaderboards


This is absolutely fantastic! Keep checking back with us as we’ll be updating you on how the students from these five schools are getting on.

HK 4

The participating schools are

  • Father Cucchiara Memorial School
  • PLK Dr Jimmy Wong Chi-Ho (Tin Sum Valley) Primary School
  • Baptist Rainbow Primary School
  • Lam Tseun Public Wong Fook Luen Memorial School

Spotlight on a Trainee Teacher

As the halfway point of this current school year approaches, we thought we’d catch up with Skoolbo advocate and trainee teacher Melissa Jeeves.


As anyone who has trained recently or who is training now will know, this is a very intense and demanding professional course and so we are very grateful that Melissa has spared the time to talk to us about her experiences.

Melissa began her career in education at a lower school in Bedfordshire approximately four years ago. Initially providing one-one support in FS2, she later worked in Year One as a Teaching Assistant before moving to KS2 where she has been for the last three years. We all sometimes need a little push in the right direction and we had to smile when we heard that Melissa was encouraged to become a teacher by the Head of the school who clearly spotted her potential by

“…affectionately dropping hints for 2 years or so by dropping course information into my drawer!”

Well it obviously worked as Melissa is now in her first year of a degree in Applied Education Studies (BA Hons) at Bedfordshire University. Melissa has been using Skoolbo with the children she is currently working with and decided to make Skoolbo and its impact on children’s learning across the school the focus of a recent course presentation on ICT in the classroom. Here’s what she had to say –

“Children are given access to Skoolbo during both numeracy and literacy lessons. They also have the availability to use their school logins to access Skoolbo at home.

I have noticed improvements with particular children in our class who may have additional learning needs or who have gaps in their learning. It has given them the confidence to use the programme. This is evident even with children who are new to Skoolbo, for example, our students in KS1 where it has only recently been introduced. The way in which Skoolbo assesses and sets itself to the childs ability, as well as the feature of the teacher being able to set tasks is especially effective in moving children on.

I would recommend Skoolbo to other Schools not only trainee teachers alone, it is a very effective and positive programme to which I have only seen positive results and attitudes. Skoolbo never sets tasks that are out of a child’s reach and the animation is also very entertaining and engaging.”

1    2







Thank you Melissa for sharing your experiences with us!

Are you training to teach or perhaps you have recently qualified? Would you like to try Skoolbo in your classroom? Register now, it’s free and only takes a minute!










Alternatively if you’d like a chat, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we’d love to hear from you!

        020 8133 5253

Heathlands CofE VC Primary – 40% improvement with Skoolbo!

blog worldcup 2 (1)

They may have only recently joined Skoolbo but the students of Heathlands CofE VC Primary School have made a cracking start, answering a total of 25,000 questions in a single day during their first week, which they then topped by answering 45,000 the following day! Since then this wonderful school has been a regular fixture on the Schools’ Leaderboard.


This incredible start did not go unnoticed and we thought these marvellous children would make great ambassadors for Team GB in the Skoolbo World Cup which begins on December 2nd. It’s great to see that the whole school are getting behind the challenge

“Skoolbo is making a big impact on our school after I introduced it.” Ross Turver, Maths Coordinator.

                                                                  “It’s really good! I kept trying and got lots of points and now I’m a superhero! I really like itOJ because you can fly ships against other people and improve at Literacy.” Olivia Jacobs, 2F

“I really like Skoolbo because I want to improve at learning. It is fun and it helps me a lot. I am improving at telling the time and at maths, I think it’s really helpful!” Faiza Kafala, 4B


“It’s really addictive and fun to play – it makes you happy when you win! It’s really fun to see other people’s costumes. It helps you to learn and it helps with times tables, number bonds and English.” Ida Webb, 6H


All classes from Year 1 to Year 6 are active on the platform with class 4B currently holding the title of top scorers with over 52,000 answers so far. 5C, 3T and 2D are not far behind them making it very difficult to predict who will be the first to reach that coveted 100K milestone.

As we have heard, the children of Heathlands love the fun aspect of Skoolbo but they are also completely switched on to how it can help them improve their maths and literacy skills. Together they average over 40% improvement on the platform!

It’s great to know that Team GB will be entering the World Cup with these amazing students on side to give us the best possible chance of winning.

Would you like to join in?

If your school is registered then you’ll already know what to do. Make sure everyone in your class has their username and password and is practising by playing at home and school.

Spread the word about the challenge by downloading this cool poster to display around your school-

download poster button WC

Forgotten your login? Not a problem, we’re here to help. You can email us, call us, tweet us or message us!


Not yet registered? Why wait? It’s fast and free, your school can be up and running quick as a flash with no training required.


Heathlands finalHeathlands is a Church of England village school established in 1858 to serve the village of West Bergholt in Colchester (Essex – England). It now has over 350 pupils and has expanded over the years with the growth of the region and the choice of parents because of its very good reputation.

Heathlands School’s mission is to develop fully the knowledge, skills, faith and self confidence of all our children in a joyful, enthusiastic and Christian environment.

Fantastic news! 30,000 schools worldwide are now on Skoolbo!

30k schools on skoolbo

30K schools worldwide now playing on Skoolbo!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the schools that have chosen to learn with us, giving children access to our highly motivational and rewarding elearning game.

We are well on track to achieving the Skoolbo dream –  Our dream is that every child learns to read and gains confidence with numbers… these are life’s essentials. We believe technology can dramatically help and that the best way to do it is to make it lots of fun and to make it FREE!

Since we have launched we have added many new features to our growing list of learning games with many more to be released in the future!

Some of these include:

  • Popsnaz – our new highly motivating augmented reality feature where Skoolbo characters jump into your world to celebrate with you!
  • DuelBo – a fun new game within Skoolbo where students can challenge their classmates and friends to beat their high scores.
  • Language Dragons – children can learn French, Mandarin and Spanish with more languages coming soon!
  • Zippy Shake – bringing increased physical activity and music into the classroom, energizing the children and getting them ready to learn.
  • 60 Second Slime – increasing speed and accuracy in a fun rewarding game show

New to Skoolbo? Register your child or class to join the Skoolbo movement!



Skoolbo kids reach 3/4 billion answers worldwide!



We want to celebrate a super exciting achievement this week with children across the world now answering over 3/4 of a BILLION questions on Skoolbo, a mind blowing effort!

Congratulations to all the children and schools involved in reaching this massive milestone!

We want to say a big thank you to all of our loyal supporters who joined us in making learning fun and free for all children.

It’s all about the Improvement!

Improving educational outcomes is at the core of everything we do at Skoolbo. It is our reason for being and we are nothing short of obsessed with it. Skoolbo may look and feel like a game, but every component has the underlying rationale of maximising student improvement. Importantly, Skoolbo is a learning company that uses games as the central medium for learning. It is not a gaming company that simply adds some learning.

Below is a list of our top UK schools who have answered a MILLION questions or more making it into our famous Million Club showing amazing improvement.

Go Skoolbo Kids Go!

uk (1)




How to get your class ready for the new school year with Skoolbo


With summer break coming to a close, it’s time to get ready for the new school year with Skoolbo! Our Rollover period has begun so you will notice that your Teacher Dashboard looks a bit different. Follow the simple instructions below to ensure a smooth rollover.   kids-rollover-300x179

How to roll over your class for the new school year

1. Log into Skoolbo – Your username is the email address you used to register with Skoolbo. If you can’t remember your password, click here to reset it!

2. Move your 2014-2015 students to their 2015-2016 classes. Click on “Choose a class” and select the student’s new class for this school year.

3. UPDATE – Skoolbo has had some exciting new developments over the summer from Language Dragons to our newest Duelbo feature! Be sure to upgrade so that you can take advantage of all Skoolbo has to offer. You can find our latest versions on our Downloads page


button (7)



Planning a trip? Take Skoolbo on holiday!

travel-and-learn-skoolbo (1)

Planning a trip with the kids? Whether it’s a trip overseas or a road trip around the country – Skoolbo is a great way to keep your children entertained and learning at the same time!

With the dreaded summer slide threatening our children’s learning progress during the summer break, Skoolbo’s educational game based learning has many in-game features perfect for any holiday – making learning fun! The aim is to fill up those ‘in-between’ times – plane rides, car rides, your downtime in the hotel – with something worthwhile for your child.

Smart Spiral Learning Algorithm

Skoolbo has been designed with a smart spiral learning algorithm, meaning that the questions in the game adapt to the children’s ability, guiding them to improve their skills. This is a major advantage when playing from home away from school, as it means that students can learn effectively without too much direction. You can rely on Skoolbo to steadily increase the difficulty level as your kids master topics.

Language Dragons – learn a new language

Take Skoolbo with you while travelling overseas! Let your child be involved in the foreign language communication process by playing our language learning game within Skoolbo. Currently your child can learn French, Mandarin or Spanish with more languages set to be released in the future! (read more here..)

DuelBo – fun and competitive challenge

With the recent release of DuelBo, Skoolbo’s new challenge a friend feature, children can now play against family or friends to beat their high scores! The challenge feature is a great way to keep children motivated to play while travelling, encouraging them to do their best to win. (read more here…)

Update to the latest version of Skoolbo to access these new features

button (2)

New to Skoolbo? Register your child today and join the Skoolbo movement!

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