‘High five’ to Highfield School, now a SuperSchool!

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Answering one million questions on Skoolbo is an outstanding achievement and so we are delighted to welcome the students of Highfield School as our newest SuperSchool.

They join an elite group of 29 UK schools and only 153 schools worldwide!


This kind of success doesn’t just happen and we know that reaching this level requires great determination and self-belief on behalf of the students. We’re sure that they have also had wonderful enabling support from some pretty fantastic parents, carers and teachers.

The school motto is ‘Believe we can achieve‘ and it is clear that these fabulous students apply this to everything they do as these terrific photographs and quotes demonstrate.

“It’s absolutely fantastic for learning English and Maths. I love becoming a superhero.” Emily Bate – 10MW


“Skoolbo is great and I have just got my 34,000 answer certificate. I have such a good score because I like to do it at home.” Hannah Edwards – 11SN


“It’s really fun.” Charlie Clark – 9SC


What a great way to display those well deserved Skoolbo certificates!

Of course learning can only happen in this way if there are wonderful teaching and support staff providing the opportunities. Therefore we are always thrilled to hear from the adults too –

“Skoolbo has been a huge success at Highfield School. Our students have been able to overcome barriers to learning and demonstrate progress that they otherwise would have struggled to show. It has been incredibly effective in engaging our students in their numeracy and literacy learning and lots of our students play and learn at home. My students loved the fact I put in my own avatar so they could compete against me within the game and they took great pleasure in informing me when they had beaten me.” Michael Warren – Head of ICT

It sounds as though the students really enjoy meeting Mr Warren’s avatar in the game!


“Parents have commented on how enjoyable the students find Skoolbo and how nice it is that they are so keen and enthused in learning outside of school.” Sarah Skidmore – Year 7 Form Tutor

“It has been really encouraging to observe the levels of engagement in learning through Skoolbo in our school. Students are proud of their achievements, speak enthusiastically about the challenges and there is healthy competition between class groups to be top of the leader board!” Pat Marshall – Headteacher

It is marvellous that the whole Highfield School community; teachers, students, parents and carers enjoy working together to promote and celebrate learning in this way. It’s little wonder they are so successful.

Congratulations Highfield School and thank you for getting in touch.


The Governors, Staff and Students at Highfield School share the vision to develop an outstanding school to cater for those vulnerable young people with special educational needs who require an environment which nurtures and develops their skills and talents, celebrates their individuality and supports them to become as independent as they can be and prepared for the next stage of their lives.

Withinfields Primary School Joins the One Million Club!

Withinfields final

Today we take a look at a wonderful school from the Yorkshire and Humber region. Withinfields Primary School recently became a Skoolbo SuperSchool when they collectively answered over one million questions on the platform!

We knew there had to be some very special individual efforts that deserve recognition and so we were delighted to receive this lovely photograph of the marvellous Molly from Year 5.

Molly Broughton

This is what the school had to say about her –

Molly Broughton is a brilliant student! She has taken Skoolbo on board from the first day we’ve introduced it in school and she has been very enthusiastic in using it extensively to improve her Maths skills, Literacy – reading, spelling and comprehension.

Her parents are impressed with the way her skills have improved and are encouraging her to keep on using the platform.

She is our school champion at Skoolbo with an impressive amount of 27,000 answers.

You may recognise this young man as he recently helped his dad (Nick Negoita) deliver a wonderful presentation all about Skoolbo in front of a large audience. You can read all about this in our earlier blog post  Meet Mihai – Our Newest Skoolbo Presenter

Mihai Negoita

Nick has now left the school to take up a new post. A little bird told us that he is busy introducing Skoolbo to his new students meanwhile Mihai remains at Withinfields to carry the Skoolbo flag!

Mihai Negoita, Year 3 has been conquered by Skoolbo even before the launch of Skoolbo UK and he has been very keen in reading all the stories on Zalairos adventures, as he found the game even more interesting after he lived so many adventures with the characters from Bo City and the surroundings. He also helped me present Skoolb platform in a CAS Meeting inn Kirklees back in  December 2015, being an amazing assistant.

He has managed to answer more than 13.000 questions on Skoolbo UK, and his reading skills have been immensely boosted by using the app.

He has also adventured in the Language Dragons section, learning most of the Spanish units…

I think this platform has been the best app/learning platform used in our school since I started working for Withinfields Primary School back in September 2015. It had a tremendous impact in our learning, children relations and behaviour.

It was specially useful in raising confidence levels in using computers and other devices for our EYFS and KS1 pupils.

Finally, I just want to add that we found Skoolbo extremely useful in working with small groups targeting the gaps in their achievement in Literacy and Maths.

Before he left Nick made this fabulous poster to celebrate the great achievement of reaching one million answers!


Congratulations to all the students of Withinfields Primary School. We can’t wait to see what you achieve next!

Withinfields Primary School is a happy and inclusive school where inspiring teaching and learning supports all children in recognising and achieving their potential. They have 6 Core Values which are central to their school community:

  • Friendship
  • Forgiveness
  • Fairness
  • Happiness
  • Trust
  • Respect

Meet Mihai – our newest Skoolbo presenter!



Today we’d like to introduce you to Mihai, a true Skoolbo superstar! You can just about see him on the left of this photograph. Recently he did something very special and (we think) quite brave. Seven year-old Mihai stood up in front of lots of adults to talk about Skoolbo as part of a formal presentation organised by his father Nick Negoita. The event was the Kirklees CAS (Computing at School) Hub Meeting and Nick, an ICT Learning Mentor from Withinfields Primary School in Calderdale, was there to provide ICT leaders from the local area with an overview of Skoolbo and how it can be successfully integrated into the curriculum.

Nick has been a wonderful supporter of Skoolbo since the beginning and we have enjoyed hearing about the response of his colleagues and students –

“We love Skoolbo here at Withinfields. There is such a buzz going on  – OH MY…”

We heard from Nick that Mihai was a marvellous ‘Assistant Presenter’ and we were delighted to present him with some special stickers and a certificate as a ‘thank you’.

We’ll leave you with a close up of Mihai – Skoolbo Presenter Extraordinaire!

Nick Negoita has recently moved to Lee Mount Primary School in Halifax to take up a post as ICT Teacher. We’d like to wish him ‘good luck’ and we look forward to seeing his new school on the leaderboards very soon. He will be spreading the word about Skoolbo again at the Calderdale CAS Hub on January 21st.

St Alban’s Catholic Primary School show the rest how to take Skoolbo to another level!

st albans map and logo

St Albans Catholic Primary School have taken Skoolbo on to another level…

Since joining Skoolbo in June 2014, the school have answered a fantastic over 150,000 questions with Mr Senior and Mr Barraclough’s Year 6 class (Rievaulx) answering an amazing 60,131 questions. Numeracy has improved by 17% across the school and literacy by a fantastic 25%.

“I piloted​ the software with my Year 6 class to see what the general consensus was. As I started to see how valuable the software was (and how much the children loved it), I rolled it out to all of KS2 and last week KS1 came on board.

Year 6 (Rievaulx) have been using Skoolbo as a guided reading carousel activity along with handwriting, spelling practise and comprehension. The children can independently (and quietly!) get on with no fuss whilst I hear a group read

Selby, our Year 2 class, love it so much that Miss Shipley has children playing on her iPhone and an old tablet from home as well as the classroom computer. Miss Shipley has said that children are keen to produce writing of high quality and standard in good time so that they can “choose” to go on Skoolbo. They have a Skoolbo-er of the week!”

Mr Senior – Year 6  (Rievaulx) Teacher

st albans class photo

Miss Shipley with Selby – Year 2 class. 

Recently the school have introduced a Skoolbo leaderboard to their website which has increased the motivation of everyone involved, pupils can now play each week and a leaderboard of the pupils in the school is shown on the site at the end of each week. Skoolbo certificates have been introduced to the top performers each week given out in Assembly.

“Our first Skoolbo Pupil of the week was given her certificate in this morning’s assembly. She was thrilled! This will be a weekly occurrence now. Top 20 pupils using Skoolbo weekly are displayed on our school website and top 10 displayed in the Computing Lab. Another incentive to use Skoolbo at home. Skoolbo offers a great opportunity for all our children to get involved and working together. The regular competitions that Skoolbo runs enables pupils from FS2 all the way to Y6 to work together cooperatively –they love to spur each other on!”  Mrs Ayres – Headteacher St Alban’s Catholic Primary School

St Albans have also recently started their first after school Skoolbo club. They have 17 PCs, 3 school iPads, three staff iPhones and two staff tablets in use. This has been a great way to give children who don’t have access to ICT/internet at home another opportunity to use Skoolbo.

Thank you St Albans Doncaster, you are true Skoolbo school Ambassador’s. They have even presented Skoolbo on their website for parents to see.

St. Albans Catholic Primary School in Denaby Main, are a one form entry school on the outskirts of Doncaster. The school has 182 pupils and caters for pupils from 4-11 years old. The classes within the school take their names from six Yorkshire Abbeys: Rosedale (FS), Roach (Y1), Selby (Y2), Byland (Y3/4), Fountains (Y5) and Rievaulx(Y6).

The school ethos is to equip each child with the skills to understand the world around them and make a positive contribution to the school and their local community.They aim to do this by developing pupils love of learning by introducing learning styles that encourage them to enjoy a thirst for knowledge.. Children then become fully engaged and are able to reach their full potential. Skoolbo fits perfectly with this ethos.

Well done and thank you St. Alban’s Catholic Primary School, Doncaster!

West Heslerton CE a unique Yorkshire school embraces Skoolbo!


West Heslerton VC CE school can be found in North Yorkshire, in a stunning village location on a slope overlooking the surrounding countryside.

west heslerton pupils 1The school has 43 pupils on roll and maintains small classes with all classes having both a teacher and full-time teaching assistant. Their dedicated staff provide a quality education for each individual child full of fun and exciting opportunities. Children from age 4 to 11 travel to them from local villages and from other areas to attend their school to learn in fun and innovative ways both in and beyond the traditional classroom setting.

The school has a well-stocked library, exciting IT facilities and a range of resources to support learners of all ages and abilities. The school is surrounded by gardens, play areas, a wildlife study area and a large playing field. West Heslerton Primary l is a Forest School with a wide range of learning taking place outdoors within and beyond our extensive grounds.Children can truly express themselves!

West Heslerton CE were recently graded as Outstanding in their October 2014 Ofsted Inspection.

West Heslerton prepare pupils for life in a world of technology with pupils using IPads from age 4 and each pupil over 7 being assigned their own IPad.  Healthy living is taken just as seriously: all children in pre-reception have cooked meals free of charge and pupils are taught to be water confident, swim and life save.The national expectation for 11 year olds is to swim 25m. In the 2013  swimming assessments 11 year old pupils at West Heslerton can swim an average of 1084m.

Their purpose is to promote pupil independence, resilience and ownership of learning. They endeavour to develop each child as a healthy, confident, effective and reflective learner for life.

Skoolbo has been a great hit at the school since they joined us in May 2014.west heslerton pupils3

In the recent leaderboard the school were top of all schools in the North East  with  Mrs Woodward’s class providing 25312 correct answers.

Literacy has improved by a stunning 40% on average and numeracy by 21%!

Skoolbo is a great platform for West Heslerton as it also promotes healthy lifestyles, and has been a great new asset to the IT curriculum. Whilst improving levels of literacy and numeracy, it also encourages independent learning and reflection on personal success. .

When asked their thoughts here’s what the pupil’s said about pupils….

‘I like it because you can win points and choose different games whilst learning’

‘I enjoy it because you are playing and learning’

‘You can earn points. I like the lucky prize!’

west heslerton logo2
Go West Heslerton, what can you achieve if all the school is playing? A great performance!

A great team effort means that Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe are top of the world!

Nunsthorpe HR (no bg)








Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe has taken the UK and World leaderboards by storm, seemingly appearing out of nowhere and it appears that this has been very much a collective effort with no one student dominating the top ten. Anyone watching the live leaderboards on Skoolbo over the last few days will have noticed one name really standing out.

We wanted to find out more so we asked Principal Mark Gillyon why he thinks Skoolbo works so well for his students.

Here at Oasis Academy we strive to get the very best from all our students and help them to become champion learners and champion citizens. Skoolbo makes it possible for all students to learn (and compete) alongside each other fairly, regardless of the stage of learning they are at. Our students are thoroughly engaged with Skoolbo and this week we’ve seen an incredible surge in student
interest after we got onto the overall UK school leaderboard. Just the impetus we needed to collectively pull out the stops and really go for it!


oasis 2

All this effort has resulted in not only some great learning but also the rewards of seeing the school featuring on most of the Skoolbo leaderboards and securing the number one spot on both the UK and the World leaderboards this weekend!

We already know that Skoolbo works really well across the full range of devices and platforms currently available and Oasis have taken full advantage of this.

We’ve recently upgraded our IT suite of 32 PCs, but have also purchased 100 Chromebooks this term. All these devices, plus our many ipads and nexus tablets, have been simply red hot over the last few days with so much energetic and enthusiastic Skoolbo access. Many of our students are also choosing to put in a few extra Skoolbo games in their own time; our IT Suite at break and lunch periods resound with the Skoolbo challenge….3-2-1 Go!

There has also been some fierce competition between classes!

This is what some of the children from Year 2 had to say about Skoolbo.

Skoolbo teaches children how to learn in a fun way, how to subtract… and how to practise really important stuff

I felt surprised…we only knew on Friday that we were were doing so well… I felt excited and fantastic!

Skoolbo teaches children children to read, write and do maths sums… and to learn really well

I felt excited and super-happy because we were in first place!

Skoolbo teaches children children to read, write and do maths sums… and to learn really well

…and we mustn’t forget the virtual rewards!

I really want to work hard and go to the graduation ceremony

I’m hoping to earn enough stars to get a really good plane and a new land to fly in

Thank you Year 2 for the big thumbs-up!

Y2 Skoolbo Interviewees

From left to right: Ewan, Connor, Leo, Liam, Ayesha & Kitija