3, 2, 1, Go! The World Cup Has Started!

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The wait is over, the 2016 Skoolbo World Cup has commenced!

Team Australia and Team New Zealand have made a flying start, although the time difference has given them a few more playing hours (as it stands). But it’s only day 1 and we have already surpassed the global one million answer mark! Fantastic!

Day 1

Team GB, this is your chance to gain some ground while they sleep down under! Team USA will be waking up soon so let’s give it our best shot!

Here in the UK, we are lucky to have some schools that rank as ‘big hitters’ when it comes to racking up high scores. The students of Kings Lodge Primary School are Skoolbo veterans and have wasted no time in helping to set the Team GB totaliser whizzing.

Kings Lodge


We asked them for an update on how things are going at one of our favourite schools. Here’s what they had to say –


“At King’s Lodge, we have enjoyed playing Skoolbo for several years.  We have quite a few champions in our school who have managed massive high scores – and won trophies. Our Year 4 are doing particularly well at the moment.”


“We go on once a week in school and the children then go on it as their homework.  They enjoy really it.”


“I enjoy getting messages that tell me how well the children in KLS are doing! Keep it up, Team KLS!”

“It’s really fun.  I play it nearly every day.” Caz




 “I like it because it is a different way of practising.” Mia

“I think it is fun to play and you should play too because it is fun and helps your learning.” Harvey


Picture3“I wanted to go on Skoolbo but I was only allowed to go on for 20 minutes; but I got flashing lights and a well done message for breaking a record!” Serenity

“I do my maths every single day; I love it!” Amy

Don’t worry Serenity, our research has show that it only takes 20 minutes on Skoolbo for 94% of children to master a new skill!


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Are you ready to take on the world? Play now or register free!


Meadowbrook Primary School – World Cup Super Learners!

skoolbo world cup2

It has been a few weeks since the Skoolbo 2015 World Cup finished but we have not forgotten the tremendous performance of one Bristol school. Meadowbrook Primary School took our breath away with their sheer enthusiasm for learning!

Their energy and desire to win was contagious. These fabulous students logged on to Skoolbo at every available opportunity while their teachers and parents took to Twitter to rally support and keep everyone up to date with their progress. mb


Meadowbrook weren’t just competing with other countries and UK schools, they were also holding their own unofficial class-to-class challenge. When the challenge finished it was Voles class in first place with over 83,000 answers bringing their actual total to 237,861, so close to a quarter of a million answers! These are the World Cup scores for the top five Meadowbrook classes –

1st   Voles – 83,719

2nd   Otters – 62,472

3rd    Herons – 45,813

4th    Kingfishers – 34,889

5th    Fox – 19,166

We really thought that with dedicated schools like Meadowbrook on our team, the UK were going to claim the trophy. Sadly it was not to be…With only hours to go Team Australia swooped in, but the students of Meadowbrook had managed to finish top in the UK and 2nd in the World!

IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0797

Olympian and Skoolbo Ambassador Adrian Turner knows all about the thrills (and spills) of competitions and was keen to talk to these lovely children and their teacher Mr Rhodri Hopkins. They in turn had some questions for Adrian. You can watch their interview here –

And here is the full version –

Meadowlands final

Meadowbrook Primary School is part of the Olympus Academy Trust. It is a two-form entry school based in Bradley Stoke, Bristol. Here’s what Headteacher Jon Barr had to say about the students –

Our children are a huge asset in our school and across their learning journey with us they take responsibility for many aspects of our school. The trust we have in them is a reflection of the relationships teachers have with their children. We have mutual respect and a shared view that all children can succeed and that it is our role to inspire them to that success. Our children’s behaviour for learning has been described as exemplary by visitors to the school.

Team GB is proud to have Meadowbrook Primary School in their corner!

world cup feature img square

We been giving a lot of attention recently to our Super Schools, those schools who have exceeded one million answers on Skoolbo. Today however, we are turning our attention to the children from a lovely primary school in Bristol who are currently sitting just below that one million mark.

Meadowbrook Primary School are very deserving of our attention as they may be smaller in size than many of the schools topping the leaderboards but they have shown that they are capable of punching well above their weight when it comes to learning.


Since starting on Skoolbo they have answered over 888,000 questions putting them in line to join the other Super Schools very soon. Voles (class) have answered more than 141,000 questions making them the school’s top scorers. They have some pretty impressive improvement statistics as well – 41% in literacy and 35% in numeracy skills! A special mention should go to the three students who have answered the most questions so far – Harvey T on 18,402, Zachary on 15,322 and Jessica T on 12,905. Well done!

Securing these basic skills speedily is of enormous benefit when it comes to answering higher order questions in the classrooms and so these students are set to fly!

Herons class are vying for the title of top class and so Voles had better watch out! The students from Herons have answered over 106,000 questions so far. Here’s what they had to say –

‘I like it because the games make learning fun!’

‘Skoolbo gives you opportunities to learn a range of English and Maths skills’
‘You can be competitive with your friends which pushes you on further!’




We’re so glad to have Meadowbrook Primary School helping Team GB in their bid to become Skoolbo World Champions. Will you join them?

 Follow the hashtag #SkoolboWorldCup on twitter!

Meadowlands final

Meadowbrook Primary School is part of the Olympus Academy Trust. It is a two-form entry school based in Bradley Stoke, Bristol. Here’s what Headteacher Jon Barr had to say about the students –
“Our children are a huge asset in our school and across their learning journey with us they take responsibility for many aspects of our school. The trust we have in them is a reflection of the relationships teachers have with their children. We have mutual respect and a shared view that all children can succeed and that it is our role to inspire them to that success. Our children’s behaviour for learning has been described as exemplary by visitors to the school.”

Ad Astra Infant School – to the stars!

Ad AstraRecently we have seen some of our younger learners storming up the Skoolbo leaderboards causing the juniors to look over their shoulders. Ad Astra were among the first to lead the charge and are the first infant school to regularly feature prominently on the leaderboards.

Ad Astra UK school

And not just on the UK leaderboards as they recently made it to 13th in the world!

Ad Astra World schools

Based close to the coast in beautiful Dorset, students from this remarkable school have answered a total of 272,785 question so far! This represents a great achievement for these wonderful Year 1 and 2 students. Could it be the bracing sea air bringing a little bit of magic or are these children simply amazing learners? We asked one of their teachers to tell us more –

As a year 2 teacher, I am such a fan of Skoolbo. It has really engaged the children and got them excited about practising their literacy and numeracy skills. We have many children who have been logging on at home, to attempt the fun challenges against other children in the country. They have all designed their own avatar, and only their first name is shown when ‘battling’ against children elsewhere, so we know our children are safe. For those who don’t always get an opportunity to access the website at home, we have recently started up a lunchtime ‘computer club’ where many children are coming along to check where they are on the leaderboard, and earn some all-important points! I like the fact that children can select the activity they would like to attempt, so they can have some success before trying something a little trickier. The password system, of a simple colour and animal, has really helped speed up their logging on! It is ideal for children at Infant School age, as it is simple to use, colourful, musical and fun!

And here are some of the students in action at the school’s computer club!

IMG_1634 (1) IMG_1640

Of course we wanted to know what the students think and so here are some quotes from Year 2 pupils:

IMG_1639I love Skoolbo because:

“It helps me to learn.”

“It’s got loads of great games to play.”

“I win against other people.”

“It helps me become quicker at Maths.”

“I can earn rewards.”


skoolbo1 (1)skoolbo2 (1)

Thank you for these fabulous pictures. Keep persevering and you’ll definitely live up to your school name. To the stars… and perhaps beyond…

Ad Astra

Ad Astra Infant School caters for children between the ages of 4 and 7 years and is situated in Poole in Dorset. The school promotes high achievement and learning for life by working with children to help them enjoy and celebrate their achievements and uniqueness on their journey to become independent learners. The school aims to foster a motivation and desire for learning so that children gain the confidence, skills and knowledge to enable them reach their potential.

Huish – Proving that Year 1 can be top of the school!

When you’re in Key Stage 1 it can sometimes seem as though the older children get all the glory. Well this Year One class were not going to let that happen! Class 4 from Huish Primary School in Yeovil have been outstanding on the Skoolbo platform, reaching 100,000 answers before anyone else in their school. In fact they are well on their way towards the quarter of a million milestone which is unbelievable!


Skoolbo Champions!

This represents a tremendous team effort with every member of the class active on the platform and all with the encouragement of their inspirational teacher, Mrs Pugson.


Outstanding Improvement!

Of course we know how much fun learning can be and how easy it can be to get better at something when we’re enjoying ourselves. Class 4 are a wonderful example of this as they have made an astonishing 40% average  improvement in numeracy and 36% in numeracy on the Skoolbo platform!

It can be hard to stand out in such a strong team but these four members of Year 1 were the first children at Huish to reach 10,000 points on Skoolbo and so deserve an extra  ‘congratulations’ from everybody!

Huish 1

Jesse Vickery: Skoolbo is my favourite thing in the whole world, I was very proud to be the first 10,000 Champion in our school.

Huish Emma

Emma House: My favourite game is London Glory. I like coming first in the games and I like getting lots of certificates and the trophy. I find it easy to remember my password.

Huish Jacob

Jacob Stone: I love being a Skoolbo Champion, it makes me feel proud. Our class is the only class to join the 100K club so far.


Aston Vickery: I like the Literacy, it has made my spelling better. I like being in first place.

IMG_0002 IMG_0003

Class 4 you are amazing! Let’s see how many other children you can inspire.

We’ll leave the last word to their teacher, Mrs Pugson  –

“My Year 1 class absolutely love Skoolbo! The friendly rivalry within the class has helped us achieve the 100K club. We regularly check the Leader board together and constantly congratulate the many achievers. Thank you Skoolbo for making learning such fun!”

Huish Primary School is a two-form entry school based in Somerset. They aim to provide a safe, caring, happy and well-ordered environment where everyone’s contribution is valued, and all members of the school community develop their full potential.

Celebrating our 10K Trophy Winners


We think that answering over 10,000 questions on the Skoolbo platform is something to shout about, which is why we have been busily sending out our giant inflatable ‘Super Champ’ trophies.

Schools with students who have surpassed this incredible 10K milestone were recently offered the chance to receive one of these trophies and we have had no shortage of takers!

We love an opportunity to showcase great learning and these students from Filton Hill Primary in Bristol have been leading the way, with students almost queuing up for their turn with the trophy. Mrs Thomas’s class is building their own wall of fame of  ‘Super Champs’  and judging by recent performances, they may need a bigger wall!

Filton Trophy  Filton Trophy 2   Filton Trophy 3

Not to be outdone are High Ham Church of England Primary School in Langport. Students have been presented with their trophies in school assemblies, receiving some much deserved recognition for their achievements in front of their friends.

High Ham Trophy      High Ham Trophy 2

Please look out for more photographs of trophy winners appearing on our website very soon and if you have any photographs of your winning students you would like to share with us, please send them to us at –


Keep up the great learning!

Skoolbo champions – High Ham Church of England Primary school


high ham

High Ham Church of England Primary school is a seven class single form entry rural Primary School in South Somerset with 177 pupils. They have a wide range of facilities including a large hall, a community group room and an on-site Pre-School run by a third party.

Head Teacher Mrs Rosser says this about the school:

” I am really proud of our school. The children at High Ham are kind, polite and can be relied upon to always try their best. The staff, parents and governors are tremendously supportive and everyone works really well together as a team. Our mission statement “Together we Care, Share and Learn” sums up the ethos at High Ham. We have superb support from ‘The Friends'(PTA) of the school, who raise money to pay for all of the extras which make such a difference to the curriculum. We have a School Council who are helping to take the school forward and can be relied upon to set a good example to other children in the school.”

high ham2

The motto of the school is ‘together we care, share and learn’, and they certainly have been learning together on Skoolbo. High ham having recently discovered Skoolbo, High Ham have been incredibly active in both the Premier League and Coventry Challenges recently. The school currently have 4 classes playing and have amassed a fantastic 118,671 answers.

Individual pupils have reached as high as 8th on the World Skoolbo pupil leaderboard!

We asked Mrs Rosser what she thought about Skoolbo:

“Our children are very keen on using computers and we have found Skoolbo enthuses the children and motivates them to achieve as many points as possible. The different classes have enjoyed the competition element and the year three class who were first to get their sticker pack at 25,000 points were delighted. The program is very easy to set up and use and works well on the tablets which makes it easy to use at home as well as at school.”

Following Mrs Rosser’s comments feedback was taken from parents, pupils and

high ham3

teachers, here’s what they had to say….


“He asks to come and do it and I have to wrestle it off them (the ipad).”

“Really enjoy doing it, really good at his maths, taking longer with English but likes to try.”

“Keen to come and do it, on pencil and paper is not keen but always is keen to use the tablet – don’t have to remind him.”


“It is really good to use, there are lots of games and it helps you learn.”

“You can find out how well you are doing.”

high ham

“It is fun looking on twitter for the top class.”“I like the points and our class doing well.”

“I like the points.”

“The games are really good fun.”


“Children liked Zippy Shake, the extra resources are useful.”

“Very straightforward to see who has been doing it and how they got on”

“Easy to set up and quick for the children to pick up.”

“Useful for homework activities as it can extend the children’s learning or reinforce key concepts.”

High ham are currenly sitting in 19th place on the Premier league school leaderboard with Year 4 in 23rd place on the class leaderboard, star performers are currently Leo, Mark and Owen from Year 4.

Fantastic work High ham! Its great to see such engagement from pupils, teachers and parents, you are truely Skoolbo champions!


Challenge Success Stories: Brook Green Centre for Learning

In the recent 10 Day “Coventry” Challenge (October 14th-23rd) – one school powered from the back of grid and only just missed the number one spot!

It was evident that every one of the 92 pupils in the school were engaged with Skoolbo and it was tremendous to see them filling the leaderboards with children from all 10 classes.

In 10 days the school managed to answer an amazing 220,392 questions finishing in second place at the end of the challenge.

One of the Year 10 classes answered an astounding 34,055 questions with one student finishing in second place in the pupil leaderboard with 17,957 questions answered. A fantastic achievement well done!
brook greenMrs Jordan Headteacher at Brook Green noted:

In general, our students have thoroughly enjoyed joining the challenge, especially the competitive element. We could see that, as the competition progressed the numeracy, literacy and listening skills of a great number of our students improved. This will clearly have a positive impact on their achievement in lessons over time, especially if they keep practising in the way that Skoolbo demonstrates.”

Brook Green pupils had this to say about their Skoolbo experience….

Isaac “It was fun, enjoyable and addictive. I enjoyed seeing all the different schools taking part. It is cool because it gets harder as you get the answers correct.”

Matthew “It was fun because you get to play against other people.”

Ben “Skoolbo was very good and helped me a lot in Maths and English.”

Mr Nel noted that the other students had also been as impressed with Skoolbo

The rest of the students asked, all said much the same thing; that Skoolbo was fun and most said it helped them in their literacy and numeracy. All enjoyed the competitive element.”

Brook Green Centre for Learning in Plymouth is a purpose built Special school for young people aged 11-16 with moderate learning difficulties and associated behavioural emotional and social difficulties.

Its been fantastic to see such great feedback from schools regarding their Skoolbo experience, can your school share their stories? The Premier League Challenge is next, who will rise to the challenge?