Proud to be playing for Team GB – Maple Cross JMI School Year 3

Meet Year 3 at Maple Cross JMI School, proud to be playing for Team GB in the Skoolbo World Cup!

maple cross year 3 pic2

The class have already answered 3688 questions this morning!

Mr Brummell’s class are certainly confirming their status as World Cup leaders. We look forward to seeing you progress over the week!

Good luck Maple Cross Year 3 –  can the rest of the school get behind you and help team GB win the challenge?


Castle Hill Primary School swept the leaderboards last week – will it be your school this week?

castle hill SE logo shot

Castle Hill joined Skoolbo just this month and currently has 8 classes playing at the school. To date, standards of literacy have improved by 14% and numeracy by 12% across the school!

Take a look at what Miss Wyers year 5 teacher and her pupils say about Skoolbo…..

Castle Hill are a primary school in Basingstoke. There current intake it for children aged 7-11. The talented team at Castle Hill are committed to bringing the best out of every child. They work closely with the Governing Body, parents and the local community striving to achieve their motto of “Aiming for Excellence”.
They also believe that “Manners Matter” and aim to prepare every child for the future by providing them a structured, disciplined, aspirational, yet happy working environment. They believe that these values will allow each pupil to reach their full potential if they are provided with stimulating and innovative learning resources, such as Skoolbo.
Anyone following the leaderboard last week will have seen them featured heavily, particularly year 5 led by Miss Cocker and class teacher Miss Wyers. They showed some amazing performances on the Skoolbo leaderboard last week. On Wednesday, the school were the top performing class, pupil and school in the UK, and Miss Wyers class were 8th in the world!

 castle hill junior leaderboard 1.gifcastle hill junior leaderboard 3.gif

A wonderful performance last week and you continue to top the table this week Castle Hill, we look forward to seeing you help Team GB beat the US in World Cup Challenge from the 3rd December!

Oxley Park Academy storm the Premiership Challenge in the South East!

oxley park academy

‘Like most girls of her age she’s not normally very competitive and is terribly shy about being put in the ‘lime-light’, but something came over her last week which was beautiful to watch, she was determined to win and stay ahead. My husband and I happily let her achieve her goal, we don’t normally encourage so much computer time into the evening, but we could see the maths section was really assisting her with learning and better digesting her times tables. We’ve actually recommended Skoolbo site to a Governor at another school’  

Parent Oxley Park Academy November 2014

Oxley Park Primary School became Oxley Park Academy on 1st July 2011. It was one of the first primary schools in Milton Keynes to achieve this status.

photo (27)Oxley Park have taken Skoolbo to heart since joining us in September, and are already members of the 100k Club, thanks to their stunning performance in the recent Premier League Challenge. The school currently has several classes playing Skoolbo, and has fully immersed themselves into both our recent challenges. On one day of the Challenge the school had the top 5 pupils on the leaderboard, all playing for Team Arsenal!

photo (18)

When the final whistle blew on the Premier League Challenge, Oxley Park, finished in 3rd place on the school leaderboard with an amazing 108,160 questions answered, with Melis topping the pupil table for Oxley in 28th place supporting Team Arsenal.


Here are what parents, pupils and teachers say about Skoolbo……

“Skoolbo is amazing both my children are addicted to it they are unaware they are learning as much as they are and compete so hard to win and not get wrong answers. We love Skoolbo.”

 ‘Johnny absolutely loves Skoolbo to the point of being obsessed’

‘Both mine seemed to like it it’s easy for them to navigate around themselves and I think it really improves their mental maths some of the tasks are easier than others but I think that helps encourage them to do more and gain more confidence! I also think it’s a great replacement to other programs and it’s good it covers literacy as well as numeracy. So a thumbs up from me’

‘My son has really enjoyed the games he has played on Skoolbo.’

‘I think Skoolbo is brilliant, really colourful and eye catching and from what I have seen educationally it looks great – better than other programs that became very repetitive.’


 ‘It has made me better at my times tables so I got my bands, it has made me better at spelling new words like astronaut by repeating it’

‘I think it is really good and I really enjoy all the maths quizzes because maths is my favourite subject’

‘I like it because it helps me learn stuff more easily’

‘I like it because you get points and I really like maths’

‘I think Skoolbo is fun and I like doing all the sums’

photo (28)The school has a strong emphasis on working in close partnership with parents/carers and the local community, to ensure their successful ethos is promoted and supported by all. This is supported by the Skoolbo platform which enables teachers and parents to work together to support children’s learning.Oxley Park Academy see themselves as being the Hub of the Oxley Park community. “Team Oxley” includes parents/carers, children, staff, Governors and the community they serve. The school believes that working together they can achieve excellence for their school and the pupils within it.
The school motto “Dream, Believe, Achieve – Together” is born out by those who support the school, and so far their efforts on Skoolbo show the school certainly work as a team to achieve great results!

Well done Oxley Park Academy.




Maple Cross JMI School on route to join the 100k Club!

maple cross

Maple Cross Junior and Mixed Infant School have been going from strength to strength on the Skoolbo platform. The school have now answered 98,770 questions and are very close to joining the 100k Club at Skoolbo. A fantastic achievement!

Maple Cross school teaches children aged 3 years to 11 years. It is situated in Hertfordshire’s open countryside, and is very close to The London Borough of Hillingdon and the County of Buckinghamshire. The school works in close partnership with Rickmansworth School and St Clement Danes Schools Sports Partnership and more recently with the Rickmansworth Children’s Centre based at Mill End.

We asked Mr Flint – Year 5 Teacher and Computing Coordinator at the school his thoughts on Skoolbo and this is what he said…


Skoolbo has engaged the children in a way that has taken us all by surprise. When I look at my admin page I can see that some children get home from school and go straight onto Skoolbo!’  – Nick Flint – Computing Coordinator and Y5 Teacher

 This is Duncan Roberts, Head Teacher at Maple Cross decided to talk to the top 3 Year 3 Skoolbo performers to tell him why Skoolbo is a good idea!

Maple Cross staff recognise the need to continually evolve their practice in line with newly published evidenced based research and ensure that they are up to date with current teaching and learning approaches. Skoolbo offers the school one such new approach.

At Maple Cross School, every child matters, and the school and staff strive to give every child the opportunity to thrive and develop their potential. Working alongside Skoolbo for some months there has been marked improvements in both literacy and numeracy of all of the pupils playing the game at Maple Cross. There has been a 20% overall improvement numeracy and literacy standards on Skoolbo across the school classes with Year 3 improving by 29%!

Skoolbo is a great platform for Maple Cross to utilise as works perfectly with how they build their curriculum. The curriculum is built upon the principle that children will engage more if they find learning interesting, exciting and challenging. Which the children of Maple Cross certainly are doing. Class teachers have embrassed Skoolbo too, here are some quotes from class teacher about their Skoolbo experience

It has become a great talking point between the parents and myself at hometime. It’s been a really useful way of engaging them in their childrens learrning’
Sebastian Brummell – Computing Coordinator and Y3 Teacher

‘We are starting to see the results of Skoolbo in the classroom now, particularly in Maths, with children being much faster at recalling number facts and times tables.’
Anjali Thanki – Maths Coordinator & Y4 Teacher

‘One of schools objectives is about children taking responsibility for their own learning. Skoolbo enables them to do just that!’
Hannah Trickett – Deputy Head Teacher

Overall a fantastic whole school achievement, we look forward to welcoming you to the 100k Club very soon!


The Premier League Challenge Success Stories – Maple Cross JMI and Nursery School

maple cross

Maple Cross JMI & Musery School logo

The Skoolbo Premier League Challenge is all about making a difference to schools and individuals, and this week, one school published a blog on their Skoolbo experience that highlighted how great the platform is working for them.

Maple Cross JMI Nursery are climbing  steadily up the leaderboard in the Premier LeagueChallenge, sitting in 15th place as a school 17th place on the class leaderboard ( well done year 3!) and 20th place on the pupil leaderboard ( Well done Szabolcs of Year 3)

Mr Flint Year 5 teacher at Maple Cross wrote this on his school blog…..

“Wow! What a fantastic response. We launched Skoolbo a little over a week ago and as a school, you have answered over 55,000 questions correctly!  Each week, Skoolbo displays a weekly ranking of school, class and individual performances. By the end of last week, Year 3 were the 6th highest performing class in the UK, and Maple Cross JMI was the 7th highest performing school. Moreover, when the new week started, there was a period when Lawrence in year 3 was in the top 10, not in the UK, but the whole world!

As I said before, WOW!

More and more children are going onto Skoolbo now and whilst this is improving our points total, it’s also loads of fun AND we are learning. In my assembly today I asked you all for some feedback about Skoolbo. I had lots of great comments about it being fun, and how you liked playing against your friends etc, but one comment really stood out; Shannon in year 5 said, “I like Skoolbo because its helped me to learn my times tables and now i’m in the Gold Gang!” (Gold Gang is one of our highest times table proficiency levels). This was music to my ears.

So, we’ve made a great start – but now we must all work hard to make sure we keep it up. It’s easy to start something, but not so easy to keep it going. I’ve got a few ideas, but i’d like to hear your thoughts about how we can keep the interest level up.

Well done on a great start, now lets keep it going.”

This is also music to our ears Mr Flint, your school is doing a fantastic job, we look forward to watching you climb up the leaderboard this week! Good luck.