Meet the pride of Lanchester!

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What have you sacrificed in your pursuit of sporting excellence? This is just one of the brilliant questions the children of Lanchester E.P. Primary School asked Olympic gold medallist Denise Lewis recently.

We wanted to reward this wonderful school for their outstanding performance on Skoolbo and Denise was very keen to hear from the children who have made such amazing progress. Mrs Carr’s Year 1 class have improved by over 50% in both literacy and numeracy with other classes showing a similarly impressive leap forward in their learning. This astonishing improvement can only come with practise, lots of practise and the leaderboards show just just how much effort the children of Lanchester have put into their learning.

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This fabulous success is all the more impressive when you see their position on the world leaderboard. 4th out of almost 24,000 schools!

Lanchester sch world

Foxtrot or Tango?

It was clear that we were about to meet some exceptional young people and we were bowled over by these children’s supremely clever questions that really put Denise on the spot. For example ‘which three words describe how you felt when you won the Olympic gold medal?’ You can also find out Denise’s favourite ‘Strictly’ dance as well as her thoughts on having to perform it live where everyone will instantly see if you make a mistake.

In the video you will hear that Mr Stephenson’s Year 2 class are top performers in the school with almost 100,000 answers. We are very happy to announce that they have since smashed through that target and have now joined the Skoolbo 100K club – amazing!

Once you’ve watched the video be sure to scroll down to read some quotes from the teachers and students. There is also a wonderful piece Year 6 wrote for the local village newspaper about the experience of interviewing Denise.

You can watch the extended highlights here –

On Wednesday 29th April we had the exciting opportunity to talk to Denise Lewis – a famous gold medal athlete for Team GB, who is now a patron for Skoolbo (an educational app that we love to use on our iPads in school and at home). We asked lots of questions, which she answered in detail. For example: If you came to Lanchester EP to seek a future athlete, what would you be looking for? She then answered by explaining how you need to be strong-willed, determined and patient to be a world-class athlete like she was. This was an inspirational, unforgettable experience that everybody involved enjoyed. Fortunately, Skoolbo made this once in a lifetime opportunity possible. Thank you Skoolbo and thank you Denise Lewis!  By Verity, Georgia-Kate and Grace – Year 6

What a wonderful article, well done girls! I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from these budding journalists in the future.

This is what some of their teachers had to say –

An engaging and stimulating app that encourages independence and is tailored to meet the needs of every individual!

Our children love using Skoolbo! The fact that it is programmed towards the individual allows every child to succeed, gain rewards and have fun. They are stimulated to learn through the games, love the competitive aspect where they play against others and can see the leaderboards.  Feedback from parents has also been very positive towards the app.

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Lanchester 1

Lanchester 3I think Skoolbo is really cool! It helps you learn but in a fun way! Ava Year 3


I like how we can use Skoolbo at home and at school. It’s a really fun app!



Lanchester Endowed Parochial Primary School is based in Durham with two forms per year group. Their motto is ‘One Team, One Aim, Many Goals’. They have a positive, caring ethos founded on Christian beliefs, where all children are valued, respected and encouraged to maximise their potential. Every child matters and every success is celebrated.

Our latest 10K Super Champs

The list of students surpassing 10,000 answers on the Skoolbo platform just keeps getting longer which is definitely something to smile about. We’d like to say a massive ‘well done’ to everyone who has reached this milestone – a tremendous achievement and a huge step forward in securing those key skills in Literacy and Numeracy!

Here are some photographs of just some of the latest winners.

Matthew – Yr 4 student at St Aidan’s Church of England Primary School in the North East


Cian Jones and friends all from Tycroes Primary School in Wales

Tycroes Super champ100_4369100_4370100_4368

A fabulous effort – you are an inspiration to us all!

An interview with Denise Lewis – North Ormesby Academy

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 At the end of the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge, one class stood out above the rest.

Mr Nicholson’s Year 6 class at North Ormesby Primary Academy not only achieved 3rd place on the Class leaderboard and 1st in the UK, but  R.L a pupil from year 6 also topped the world pupil leaderboard!

Due to this stunning performance, they were given the opportunity to interview Denise Lewis and what a fantastic meeting it was!

Above you can see the ‘highlights’ or you can see the meeting in all its glory below, Enjoy!

Could this be your class after the next Challenge? 

North Ormesby Academy’s Year 6 – World Cup leaders in the UK!

The World Cup challenge is over, and one class stood above all the rest in the UK.

A huge, well done to Mr Nicholson’s Year 6 class who achieved 3rd place on the Class leaderboard, answering an amazing 85,317 questions overall.

The school made it into the top 10 too, getting to 9th place overall answering 90,777 questions.

 A pupil from Mr Nicholson’s class R.L also topped the pupil leaderboard!  A fantastic achievement – well done. Top of the world!

To date, Mr Nicholson’s class have improved literacy on average by 34% and numeracy by 24%.

north ormesby academy

The children of North Ormesby enjoying Skoolbo during their lunch break.

Well done North Ormesby and particularly Year 6 – a great performance!

Skoolbo Champions North Ormesby Academy – Year 6 topping the NE class table!

north ormesby logo North Ormesby

North Ormesby Academy is an ‘Achievement for All’ ambassador school and has made huge strides in supporting all learners to achieve. Achievement for All and Skoolbo choose to work in partnership, knowing that together, we can open the doors to new ways of learning so that every child has access to great teaching, regardless of their background or their needs. North Ormesby Academy is clearly a great example of turning this into a reality. This is very clearly shown by Mr Nicholson’s year 6 class who have now answered an amazing 66,841 answers on the platform with an average improvement of 27%. The school now have 7 classes playing and show that working together can achieve great results, they have now moved to the top of the North East Regions schools with a fantastic 114,360 answers as a school!

Here’s what the staff and pupils at North Ormesby have to say about Skoolbo….

“Skoolbo has been a super addition to our extended curriculum! The children, right across school, love playing games and the way Skoolbo is presented is perfect for primary school children! We regularly get children asking to stay in at break and lunch just to play on Skoolbo, and lots of our children are accessing Skoolbo on an evening and on weekends at home.” – Mr C Nicholson, KS2 leader and ICT coordinator.

“Skoolbo is so fun! I was excited when I got my first superhero costume. I like to keep checking the leaderboards to make sure I’m near the top!” – Jake, Year 6.

north ormesby academy Skoolbo lunchtime: The children of North Ormesby Primary Academy love playing on Skoolbo, even during their lunchtimes!

North Ormesby Academy is committed to doing everything it can to ensure that young people are able to, in the future, compete on the world stage with the skills, confidence and flair to generate new ideas, new initiatives and thereby make a full contribution to tomorrow’s world, therefore Skoolbo was a perfect introduction to the school, as a new initiative that has improved literacy and numeracy results and fully engaged the pupils as well as engaging the parents in their children’s learning.

Well done North Ormesby Academy, we look forward to seeing you on the table in the World Cup challenge!

North Ormesby Academy are a small community primary academy, with children aged from 3-11. They became an Academy and joined the Academies Enterprise Trust on the 1st October 2012. The small school from Middlesbrough are a cohesive, hard-working team of children, parents, staff and governors which Ofsted described as a ‘haven’. They strive to meet individual needs, enabling children the opportunity to grow and flourish. Success is rewarded and celebrated at every opportunity and challenge is provided to all children to encourage them to achieve their potential. The school work together to be the best they can be.