Skoolbo Champions – St Andrew’s CEVA Primary!

St Andrew's

St Andrew’s CEVA Primary have just topped the table for schools in the East Midlands!

St. Andrew’s CEVA Primary School has a strong Christian ethos and relocated from the village of Great Billing to Ecton Brook in the summer of 2005.

It is situated in a pleasant location with a super playing field and playground. The School currently has 270 children on roll and is expanding from one form to two form entry. Building work carried out at the school has provided excellent additional accommodation of new classrooms, another hall, a food & technology room and fenced ball game area. Since September 2014 the school intake changed to 60 children.

st andrews pupils image

St Andrew’s value each individual and believe that working in partnership with parents and carers, and involving them in all aspects of the child’s development will ensure children progress as they should and that parents become part of the learning process for their own child. One of the schools values is “to work in partnership with parents and carers, involving them with all aspects of the child’s development and progress.” Skoolbo has been a perfect platform for St Andrews as it allows teachers and parents to follow individuals progress.

St Andrew’s also support practical, relevant and enjoyable learning experiences for their pupils and Skoolbo has been a great hit in this respect with both pupils and teachers alike.

The children, and teachers had this to say about Skoolbo:


“We love doing Skoolbo. It’s a great way to improve our Maths and English skills as well as having fun.”

“I really enjoy doing Skoolbo, I like the fact that I can compete against children from other schools.”

I really like it when I see my name or St. Andrew’s on the leaderboard.”


“Skoolbo has been a fantastic addition to our school. The children are really engaged and motivated to take part and they can really see the benefit to their learning.”

“It has been fantastic to see so many children wanting to take part in Skoolbo. The children are really keen to see where they are on each of the leaderboards and the Premier League challenge was great too!”

“At our recent Parent evenings there were lots of positive comments about Skoolbo with many parents saying that they had never seen so many children keen to do their homework! Skoolbo is a great way to keep parents involved in their child’s learning.”

st andrews pupils image2Since joining Skoolbo in September this year, St Andrews have answered an amazing 260,208 questions, with Althorp class answering over 136,000 alone. The school performed particularly well in the recent Premier League Challenge reaching 5th place on the school leaderboard , with Class Althorp, headed up by Mr Sarbutts achieving 4th place on the UK class leaderboard. Bobby from Althorp class managed to bag a spot in the top 30 pupils in the UK supporting Team Arsenal.


The class have particularly enjoyed Zippy Shake……..

st andrews pupil zippy shake







Well done St Andrew’s CEVA primary school!