Become a Skoolbo SuperSchool!


Has your school got what it takes to be a Skoolbo SuperSchool?  Could your students achieve one million answers on Skoolbo?

248 schools have done just that and made it into the Million Club Hall of Fame. With over 50,000 schools playing Skoolbo worldwide, there’s no doubt that this is an elite club but also one that comes with exclusive member benefits. Our SuperSchools show an average improvement of 34% in literacy and maths skills, proving that the more children play, the more they learn!

Every question answered on Skoolbo represents a challenge, a chance to make mistakes, learn and improve, with a healthy dose of fun thrown in! Just think what rewards a million answers could bring your students…

  • One million learning opportunities
  • One million challenges overcome
  • One million smiles



You’ll need everyone on board but this is learning that can happen at home as well as school. Every answer counts, wherever and however your students access Skoolbo.

Answers ONE MILLION questons




‘High five’ to Highfield School, now a SuperSchool!

Banner 1

Answering one million questions on Skoolbo is an outstanding achievement and so we are delighted to welcome the students of Highfield School as our newest SuperSchool.

They join an elite group of 29 UK schools and only 153 schools worldwide!


This kind of success doesn’t just happen and we know that reaching this level requires great determination and self-belief on behalf of the students. We’re sure that they have also had wonderful enabling support from some pretty fantastic parents, carers and teachers.

The school motto is ‘Believe we can achieve‘ and it is clear that these fabulous students apply this to everything they do as these terrific photographs and quotes demonstrate.

“It’s absolutely fantastic for learning English and Maths. I love becoming a superhero.” Emily Bate – 10MW


“Skoolbo is great and I have just got my 34,000 answer certificate. I have such a good score because I like to do it at home.” Hannah Edwards – 11SN


“It’s really fun.” Charlie Clark – 9SC


What a great way to display those well deserved Skoolbo certificates!

Of course learning can only happen in this way if there are wonderful teaching and support staff providing the opportunities. Therefore we are always thrilled to hear from the adults too –

“Skoolbo has been a huge success at Highfield School. Our students have been able to overcome barriers to learning and demonstrate progress that they otherwise would have struggled to show. It has been incredibly effective in engaging our students in their numeracy and literacy learning and lots of our students play and learn at home. My students loved the fact I put in my own avatar so they could compete against me within the game and they took great pleasure in informing me when they had beaten me.” Michael Warren – Head of ICT

It sounds as though the students really enjoy meeting Mr Warren’s avatar in the game!


“Parents have commented on how enjoyable the students find Skoolbo and how nice it is that they are so keen and enthused in learning outside of school.” Sarah Skidmore – Year 7 Form Tutor

“It has been really encouraging to observe the levels of engagement in learning through Skoolbo in our school. Students are proud of their achievements, speak enthusiastically about the challenges and there is healthy competition between class groups to be top of the leader board!” Pat Marshall – Headteacher

It is marvellous that the whole Highfield School community; teachers, students, parents and carers enjoy working together to promote and celebrate learning in this way. It’s little wonder they are so successful.

Congratulations Highfield School and thank you for getting in touch.


The Governors, Staff and Students at Highfield School share the vision to develop an outstanding school to cater for those vulnerable young people with special educational needs who require an environment which nurtures and develops their skills and talents, celebrates their individuality and supports them to become as independent as they can be and prepared for the next stage of their lives.

Netley Students Make it 2 Million!

Not content with becoming one of the first schools in the UK to join the Skoolbo One Million Club, the hard working students of Netley Primary School have joined Eastern Green Junior School, Barclay Primary School and Ark Oval Primary School in exceeding two million answers on the platform!

2 million

We got in contact to congratulate them but it seemed that something had taken the shine off this fabulous achievement. The students were devastated because their treasured Skoolbo Super Champ trophy had recently sprung a leak. Despite some nifty patching up from teacher Gareth Morris it could not be saved and it seemed that celebration assemblies would never be the same.

These wonderful students have been consistently dedicated to their learning with Skoolbo and feature regularly on the UK and World leaderboards. Of course they also helped us with the launch of last year’s London vs New York Challenge and so we made sure that a shiny new trophy was soon winging its way to Camden. Within days we had received this lovely message and photo from Gareth.

“Thank you for the trophy. I’ve just blown it up and as I walked through school several children almost exploded with excitement at seeing a new trophy!!

I’ve included a picture of Bilal who has been using skoolbo an awful lot as a reward for working so hard in class.


We are very pleased to have passed the 2 million answer mark on Skoolbo. Since joining Skoolbo, we have noticed that our children are more engaged at home and eager to talk about and share their achievements with their parents. It has helped children to consolidate their school learning through the fun, engaging and exciting platform games. We celebrate the children’s achievements in a weekly assembly. Certificates are given to the proud Top 5, but the inflatable trophy is what everyone wants to get their hands on!!​ “

Congratulations Bilal and congratulations Netley Primary School!

Netley final

Netley Primary School is a diverse and inclusive school, exuding a warmth and generosity of spirit that comes from happy children and school community. They cater for 430 children, including in the Woodlands, an outstanding resource base unit for children with Autism.

The school’s primary aim is to encourage every child to be curious, creative and challenged. Staff provide stimulating and meaningful lessons, often working with specialists, entrepreneurs and artists to make learning a rich experience.

Withinfields Primary School Joins the One Million Club!

Withinfields final

Today we take a look at a wonderful school from the Yorkshire and Humber region. Withinfields Primary School recently became a Skoolbo SuperSchool when they collectively answered over one million questions on the platform!

We knew there had to be some very special individual efforts that deserve recognition and so we were delighted to receive this lovely photograph of the marvellous Molly from Year 5.

Molly Broughton

This is what the school had to say about her –

Molly Broughton is a brilliant student! She has taken Skoolbo on board from the first day we’ve introduced it in school and she has been very enthusiastic in using it extensively to improve her Maths skills, Literacy – reading, spelling and comprehension.

Her parents are impressed with the way her skills have improved and are encouraging her to keep on using the platform.

She is our school champion at Skoolbo with an impressive amount of 27,000 answers.

You may recognise this young man as he recently helped his dad (Nick Negoita) deliver a wonderful presentation all about Skoolbo in front of a large audience. You can read all about this in our earlier blog post  Meet Mihai – Our Newest Skoolbo Presenter

Mihai Negoita

Nick has now left the school to take up a new post. A little bird told us that he is busy introducing Skoolbo to his new students meanwhile Mihai remains at Withinfields to carry the Skoolbo flag!

Mihai Negoita, Year 3 has been conquered by Skoolbo even before the launch of Skoolbo UK and he has been very keen in reading all the stories on Zalairos adventures, as he found the game even more interesting after he lived so many adventures with the characters from Bo City and the surroundings. He also helped me present Skoolb platform in a CAS Meeting inn Kirklees back in  December 2015, being an amazing assistant.

He has managed to answer more than 13.000 questions on Skoolbo UK, and his reading skills have been immensely boosted by using the app.

He has also adventured in the Language Dragons section, learning most of the Spanish units…

I think this platform has been the best app/learning platform used in our school since I started working for Withinfields Primary School back in September 2015. It had a tremendous impact in our learning, children relations and behaviour.

It was specially useful in raising confidence levels in using computers and other devices for our EYFS and KS1 pupils.

Finally, I just want to add that we found Skoolbo extremely useful in working with small groups targeting the gaps in their achievement in Literacy and Maths.

Before he left Nick made this fabulous poster to celebrate the great achievement of reaching one million answers!


Congratulations to all the students of Withinfields Primary School. We can’t wait to see what you achieve next!

Withinfields Primary School is a happy and inclusive school where inspiring teaching and learning supports all children in recognising and achieving their potential. They have 6 Core Values which are central to their school community:

  • Friendship
  • Forgiveness
  • Fairness
  • Happiness
  • Trust
  • Respect

Meadowbrook Primary School – World Cup Super Learners!

skoolbo world cup2

It has been a few weeks since the Skoolbo 2015 World Cup finished but we have not forgotten the tremendous performance of one Bristol school. Meadowbrook Primary School took our breath away with their sheer enthusiasm for learning!

Their energy and desire to win was contagious. These fabulous students logged on to Skoolbo at every available opportunity while their teachers and parents took to Twitter to rally support and keep everyone up to date with their progress. mb


Meadowbrook weren’t just competing with other countries and UK schools, they were also holding their own unofficial class-to-class challenge. When the challenge finished it was Voles class in first place with over 83,000 answers bringing their actual total to 237,861, so close to a quarter of a million answers! These are the World Cup scores for the top five Meadowbrook classes –

1st   Voles – 83,719

2nd   Otters – 62,472

3rd    Herons – 45,813

4th    Kingfishers – 34,889

5th    Fox – 19,166

We really thought that with dedicated schools like Meadowbrook on our team, the UK were going to claim the trophy. Sadly it was not to be…With only hours to go Team Australia swooped in, but the students of Meadowbrook had managed to finish top in the UK and 2nd in the World!

IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0797

Olympian and Skoolbo Ambassador Adrian Turner knows all about the thrills (and spills) of competitions and was keen to talk to these lovely children and their teacher Mr Rhodri Hopkins. They in turn had some questions for Adrian. You can watch their interview here –

And here is the full version –

Meadowlands final

Meadowbrook Primary School is part of the Olympus Academy Trust. It is a two-form entry school based in Bradley Stoke, Bristol. Here’s what Headteacher Jon Barr had to say about the students –

Our children are a huge asset in our school and across their learning journey with us they take responsibility for many aspects of our school. The trust we have in them is a reflection of the relationships teachers have with their children. We have mutual respect and a shared view that all children can succeed and that it is our role to inspire them to that success. Our children’s behaviour for learning has been described as exemplary by visitors to the school.

Going for Gold! – Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park

Anyone who followed the recent London vs New York Challenge will be very familiar with the name of this week’s featured school. The wonderful students of Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park proved that they have exactly what it takes to be winners by finishing in first place on the Challenge leaderboard amassing over 287,000 answers!

Challenge leaderboard

No less than seven of the top ten class spots went to Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park!

Challenge leaderboard class

Coleraine Park’s motto is ‘Going for Gold’ and this proved to be very apt. When we spoke to the students during the Challenge they were convinced that London would emerge winners and they were absolutely right. The dedication these students showed to make sure this happened was admirable.

They (my children) got up at 6 & 7 am this morning to keep going before school and will no doubt continue tonight when they get homeCaroline (parent)

The Challenge may be over but the learning is not. These students’ total answers have now exceeded 575,000 with classes 5Bloom, 4Lewis15 and 6Horowitz all on track to join the 100K club very soon.

Harris 3

We believe that this level of commitment deserves recognition and Skoolbo Ambassador and former Olympic swimmer, Adrian Turner was on hand to congratulate some of the top Skoolbo performers from this incredible school. As always Adrian was happy to answer questions and share some top tips on preparing for big challenges.

Can yawning help you win?

In these videos Adrian and the students explore why our bodies react the way they do when we’re scared or nervous. Have you ever felt a big yawn coming on just before a test or a race? How does this help us prepare for what is to come?

skoolbo duelbo challengeOf course ‘Going for Gold’ can also apply to individual challenges. You can watch the children sharing what they think of our new ‘DuelBo’ feature where achieving a personal best earns you the option of challenging a friend to beat your score.

A reminder of what the school’s Vice Principal, Mr Thomas Shanahan had to say about Skoolbo –

The pupils here at Harris Primary Academy have been fully engrossed in Skoolbo from the outset. We have used the stickers and bookmarks as individual and class prizes in whole school assemblies and the pupils love hearing which pupil and class are in front every morning. The healthy, intra school, competition is driving the pupils to out do each other. This then culminates in looking at how our school is doing in relation to other schools and we can stress the importance of every pupil coming together, as a team, to make a whole school score. 
It is truly a whole school competition as one of our highest scoring pupils is in Y2. What says it all really is I have just walked past a student on her way home and the first thing she showed me was that she was already playing on her phone as she went. 
Well done to all the students, teachers and parents of this inspirational school. Keep on ‘Going for Gold’!

HPACP final

Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park is a two-form ,multi-cultural, multi-faith Outstanding primary academy located in the heart of Tottenham. The aim of all staff  is to give every child coming through their doors an exceptional education full of support, care, enrichment, challenge and opportunities to enjoy and prepare them for future academic success and happy lives. 

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Netley students share their swimming technique with Adrian Turner

Netley final

Netley Primary School in Camden have been proving that they are passionate about Skoolbo with some outstanding performances on the Skoolbo platform. We are always keen to help schools celebrate their successes but on this occasion Netley beat us to it with a wonderful animation they created to congratulate their Skoolbo stars. You can take a look by clicking the link below –

Netley animation  Netley animation 2


With three classes exceeding 100,000 answers already (4NC, 5PK and 6DO), it is unsurprising to learn that the school have answered over 772,000 questions, bringing them tantalisingly close to the one million milestone. This storming performance also earns them regular appearances on the leaderboards.

World Leaderboard –

Netley world

UK Leaderboard –

Netley school

UK Pupil Leaderboard –

Netley pupil

We invited Maths Subject Leader Gareth Morris to put together a panel of Skoolbo star students to interview Olympic and Commonwealth swimmer Adrian Turner. Adrian is a passionate supporter of Skoolbo and always relishes the opportunity to talk to children about their learning on the platform. The children of course had plenty of questions for Adrian about his time as a swimmer and they really demonstrated how much research they had carried out. The great questions they asked included ‘How hard was it for you do do all four strokes?’ ‘What was your favourite subject at school?’ and ‘What emotions go through your head while you are swimming?’

Watch the videos below to hear the answers to these questions and more. You can even see the children give Adrian a land-based demonstration of their front crawl!


Well done to these intrepid interviewers and to all the students at the school who have contributed to this amazing joint performance, we salute you!

Netley Primary School is a diverse and inclusive school, exuding a warmth and generosity of spirit that comes from happy children and school community. They cater for 430 children, including in the Woodlands, an outstanding resource base unit for children with Autism.

The school’s primary aim is to encourage every child to be curious, creative and challenged. Staff provide stimulating and meaningful lessons, often working with specialists, entrepreneurs and artists to make learning a rich experience.