Oxley Park Academy storm the Premiership Challenge in the South East!

oxley park academy

‘Like most girls of her age she’s not normally very competitive and is terribly shy about being put in the ‘lime-light’, but something came over her last week which was beautiful to watch, she was determined to win and stay ahead. My husband and I happily let her achieve her goal, we don’t normally encourage so much computer time into the evening, but we could see the maths section was really assisting her with learning and better digesting her times tables. We’ve actually recommended Skoolbo site to a Governor at another school’  

Parent Oxley Park Academy November 2014

Oxley Park Primary School became Oxley Park Academy on 1st July 2011. It was one of the first primary schools in Milton Keynes to achieve this status.

photo (27)Oxley Park have taken Skoolbo to heart since joining us in September, and are already members of the 100k Club, thanks to their stunning performance in the recent Premier League Challenge. The school currently has several classes playing Skoolbo, and has fully immersed themselves into both our recent challenges. On one day of the Challenge the school had the top 5 pupils on the leaderboard, all playing for Team Arsenal!

photo (18)

When the final whistle blew on the Premier League Challenge, Oxley Park, finished in 3rd place on the school leaderboard with an amazing 108,160 questions answered, with Melis topping the pupil table for Oxley in 28th place supporting Team Arsenal.


Here are what parents, pupils and teachers say about Skoolbo……

“Skoolbo is amazing both my children are addicted to it they are unaware they are learning as much as they are and compete so hard to win and not get wrong answers. We love Skoolbo.”

 ‘Johnny absolutely loves Skoolbo to the point of being obsessed’

‘Both mine seemed to like it it’s easy for them to navigate around themselves and I think it really improves their mental maths some of the tasks are easier than others but I think that helps encourage them to do more and gain more confidence! I also think it’s a great replacement to other programs and it’s good it covers literacy as well as numeracy. So a thumbs up from me’

‘My son has really enjoyed the games he has played on Skoolbo.’

‘I think Skoolbo is brilliant, really colourful and eye catching and from what I have seen educationally it looks great – better than other programs that became very repetitive.’


 ‘It has made me better at my times tables so I got my bands, it has made me better at spelling new words like astronaut by repeating it’

‘I think it is really good and I really enjoy all the maths quizzes because maths is my favourite subject’

‘I like it because it helps me learn stuff more easily’

‘I like it because you get points and I really like maths’

‘I think Skoolbo is fun and I like doing all the sums’

photo (28)The school has a strong emphasis on working in close partnership with parents/carers and the local community, to ensure their successful ethos is promoted and supported by all. This is supported by the Skoolbo platform which enables teachers and parents to work together to support children’s learning.Oxley Park Academy see themselves as being the Hub of the Oxley Park community. “Team Oxley” includes parents/carers, children, staff, Governors and the community they serve. The school believes that working together they can achieve excellence for their school and the pupils within it.
The school motto “Dream, Believe, Achieve – Together” is born out by those who support the school, and so far their efforts on Skoolbo show the school certainly work as a team to achieve great results!

Well done Oxley Park Academy.




Skoolbo Champions – St Andrew’s CEVA Primary!

St Andrew's

St Andrew’s CEVA Primary have just topped the table for schools in the East Midlands!

St. Andrew’s CEVA Primary School has a strong Christian ethos and relocated from the village of Great Billing to Ecton Brook in the summer of 2005.

It is situated in a pleasant location with a super playing field and playground. The School currently has 270 children on roll and is expanding from one form to two form entry. Building work carried out at the school has provided excellent additional accommodation of new classrooms, another hall, a food & technology room and fenced ball game area. Since September 2014 the school intake changed to 60 children.

st andrews pupils image

St Andrew’s value each individual and believe that working in partnership with parents and carers, and involving them in all aspects of the child’s development will ensure children progress as they should and that parents become part of the learning process for their own child. One of the schools values is “to work in partnership with parents and carers, involving them with all aspects of the child’s development and progress.” Skoolbo has been a perfect platform for St Andrews as it allows teachers and parents to follow individuals progress.

St Andrew’s also support practical, relevant and enjoyable learning experiences for their pupils and Skoolbo has been a great hit in this respect with both pupils and teachers alike.

The children, and teachers had this to say about Skoolbo:


“We love doing Skoolbo. It’s a great way to improve our Maths and English skills as well as having fun.”

“I really enjoy doing Skoolbo, I like the fact that I can compete against children from other schools.”

I really like it when I see my name or St. Andrew’s on the leaderboard.”


“Skoolbo has been a fantastic addition to our school. The children are really engaged and motivated to take part and they can really see the benefit to their learning.”

“It has been fantastic to see so many children wanting to take part in Skoolbo. The children are really keen to see where they are on each of the leaderboards and the Premier League challenge was great too!”

“At our recent Parent evenings there were lots of positive comments about Skoolbo with many parents saying that they had never seen so many children keen to do their homework! Skoolbo is a great way to keep parents involved in their child’s learning.”

st andrews pupils image2Since joining Skoolbo in September this year, St Andrews have answered an amazing 260,208 questions, with Althorp class answering over 136,000 alone. The school performed particularly well in the recent Premier League Challenge reaching 5th place on the school leaderboard , with Class Althorp, headed up by Mr Sarbutts achieving 4th place on the UK class leaderboard. Bobby from Althorp class managed to bag a spot in the top 30 pupils in the UK supporting Team Arsenal.


The class have particularly enjoyed Zippy Shake……..

st andrews pupil zippy shake







Well done St Andrew’s CEVA primary school!

They think it’s all over…it is now!

What an amazing 10 days it has been. Almost 3,500,000 Literacy and Numeracy questions answered and the three teams all earned their place in the top spot at some point during the challenge. In the end Team Arsenal proved to be just too strong and finished overall league champions with Team West Brom and Team Norwich City finishing second and third respectively.

PL final total

There were some wonderful individual performances and a few battles between students from the same school. We all enjoyed following Malcolm and Joshua from St Margaret’s CofE Junior School as they vied for the title but it was Vaughan, a Year 4 student from St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School who pipped them to the post and finished first on the pupil leaderboard. A huge well done to him! His class mate Joshua finished fourth while Lewis and Robert of Walsingham class at Swaffham CofE VC Junior School made up fifth and sixth places.

By the end of the challenge 66 students had exceeded 3000 answers, an outstanding effort!

PL pupil total

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those individual performances helped Year 4 from St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School top the class leaderboard but they would not have managed it without the rest of their class being very active so congratulations to everyone who participated. Other top scorers were Walsingham and Holkham (Swaffham CofE VC Junior School), Years 2 and 5 (Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe) and Althorp (St Andrew’s CofE VA Primary School)

PL class total

Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe amassed an incredible 152,905 answers which saw them rocket to the top of the school leaderboard. This was a tremendous whole school effort with every class from Reception to Year 6 active during the challenge and we mustn’t forget what this means for children’s learning. The school’s participation in the challenge has contributed to amazing improvements in Literacy and Numeracy. The average class improvement on Skoolbo in Year 2 is 27% for Literacy and 32% for Numeracy. Year 6 saw similar improvements of 30% in Literacy and 21% in Numeracy. Fantastic!

It was also great to see that our top performers came from a range of UK regions.

PL school total

Here a Skoolbo we have been delighted by the levels of engagement in the challenge and the improvement students have shown in key literacy and numeracy skills. We hope you all enjoyed wearing your team kit and flying your team planes and we look forward to seeing you all in the Skoolbo World Cup on the 3rd December – Go GB Kids Go!

Half time on the final day of the Premier League Challenge!

What a brilliant game its proving to be!  We’re now approaching the half time whistle of the game on the last day of the Premier League Challenge, The totaliser has spun past the 3 million mark and is racing along today.

The star players are still fighting it out at the top …. Can anyone catch Joshua from 4JB at St Margaret’s CofE junior school? Can you do it Malcom from class 4JA, you’ve managed to regain 2nd place this morning,  or will Vaughan from Year 4 at St Francis Xavier Catholic school make a play for player of the tournament by 8pm tonight! Is an Arsenal player going to take player of the match?

Its looking likely that Team Arsenal will win the challenge, but could a player with a different allegiance top the pupil leaderboard.

Team West Brom and Norwich you playing for honour now, get those goals in and lets see a you battling until the final whistle!

The top classes are so close at the top anything could change by close of play it is very very close…..  Year 4 at St Francis Xavier have been pushed into second place by Walsingham at Swaffham CofE VC, who will take the team title – over 7 hours left to play….

Will anyone topple Oasis Academy Nunthorpe from the top?  Playing after school tonight could make all the difference!  London school Ark Oval Primary are doing an amazing job and have no answered over 100,000 questions! Welcome to the 100K club  both of you.

Coming in in third (and also very close to the 100k club) is Oxley Park, can the school overtake Ark Oval, or will Swaffham come back with a vengeance and take top spot?

The team allegiances have now stabilised and no-one appears to be glory hunting, so play for your team, your school and for glory!!

Good luck everyone!


Penultimate day of the Premier League Challenge and it’s all to play for!

The totaliser has stormed past 2,500,000 today and the competition between the three teams is hotting up.

Arsenal still holds onto the lead, with West Bromwich Albion in second and Norwich City chasing close behind.

Day 9

The Arsenal boys at the top of the leader board are still battling it out, Joshua and Malcolm from St Margaret’s are playing hard and tackling those questions with speed and skill. Vaughan from St Francis Xavier playing for West Bromwich Albion is still in contention for the top spot.


Day 9

How are the girls doing? Well done to Rebekha, Grace, Lucy and Amber from Swaffham CofE VC Junior School who have all answered well over 3000 questions and are in the top 40 scorers.

Ark Oval Primary Academy from Croydon took second place on the schools leader board yesterday and they have maintained this position. This school has answered over 85,000 questions. Glasgow class leads over Westminster with Oxford and Cambridge close behind. Winchester and Dundee both have answered over 7,000 questions. Well done to you all.

Day 9

So it’s all play for now as tomorrow is the last day of the challenge. It is good see so many of you flying your team planes and the cool Premier League plane around the Skoolbo worlds.

Which team do you think the Skoolbo characters would play for? Doctor Weevil would probably find a way to stay on the winning side and Countess Lucile would perhaps be more interested in the celebrity lifestyle of a football wife!

Have a good day and let’s see if we can reach 3,000,000 by the end of the day!

Your a whiz

Top pupil spot – the battle continues to rage at St Margarets Cof E (C) Junior School

Anyone watching the leaderboard for the last few days we have seen and ongoing battle for the top spot between two pupils at St Margarets CofE Junior school in Wolstanton, Newcastle- Under- Lyme.

Once again top spot has been regained by Joshua (4JB) who had regained the lead this morning, lost it and regained again!   Malcolm (4JA) continues to be very very close behind, it is very tight at the top!

St Margaret’s are also in 9th place on the school leaderboard, with classes 4JA in 9th spot and Class 4JB in 11th spot on the class leaderboard. A cracking achievement St Margarets, but don’t rest on your laurels, lots of schools are creeping up the board with every minute that passes!

St Francis Xavier’s Year 4 are holding onto the top spot in the class leaderboard but Walsingham class at Swaffham CofE V Junior are racing away in an attempt to catch them.

In the schools leaderboard Oasis Academy Nunthorpe are holding onto the lead, but Ark Oval Primary in London are making a dash and have moved into second place.

The totaliser is spinning nicely and we are close to 2.5 million questions answered, can you all get there by tomorrow, who will be in top spot on the school and pupil leaderboards,  can anyone catch  Year 4 at St Francis Xavier Catholic school?

After the game finishes at school today, games at home are proving to be pivotal to the top spots, will your school overtake those above after extra time tonight?

Day 8 and Team Arsenal are widening the gap!

Day 8 and Team Arsenal are slowly widening the gap…… can team West Brom catch them or are Norwich going to make a massive lunge as we reach the final few days to take the title?

The totaliser is moving along nicely, although there can always be more goals and currently you have answered nearly 2.4 million questions!

The seemingly immovable Swaffham CofE VC Junior School have been toppled at the top of the school leaderboard today by Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe, who have now answered over 73000 questions as a school – Oasis show what can be done by a school if every class works together as a team.

St Francis Xavier Catholic school have quietly moved into 6th place and could be a school to watch out for close to the final whistle! As could Ormiston Herman Academy who have quietly crept into 7th place!

The pupil leaderboard is dominated by Team West Brom players, with 5 of the top 10 supporting the club.

The usual suspects are fighting it out at the top of the pupil leaderboard with St Margaret’s Cof E ‘s  Joshua (4JB) holding onto the lead with Malcom (4JA) battling for first place. Look out both of you your class/team mate is climbing slowly day by day, Shaun (4JA) is not in 6th place.

Year 4’s Joshua and Vaughan at St Francis Xavier are in another battle for 3rd and 4th place respectively.

Danyl from blue at Sybourn and Alex from 3 Birch at Knutsford for ensuring team arsenal have a presence in the leaderboard other than the number 1 spot!

Swaffham’s Robert (Discoverers)  and Nathan (Holkham) hold onto 5th and 9th spot, will Holkham or Discoverers class hold the top pupil spot for their school by the end of the challenge?

Limbrick Woods Rhys from year 5 ensures the school have a place in the top 10 of the pupils leaderboard too.

The class leaderboard see’s very little movement overnight or this morning with St Francis Xavier’s Year 4 still leading the way followed by Swaffham’s Walsingham Class.

Some movement for Oasis Academy Nunthorpe who have moved up two places into 4th and  Ormiston Herman’s Discoverers who have moved up into 7th – a warning to classes at the top of the leaderboard –  these two are ones to watch!

Many schools are starting to climb the school and class leaderboard slowly in the top 40 and things are by no means settled yet, there is lots of time left on the clock, to ensure victory you need to keep your eye on the ball!  Good luck everyone

Skoolbo introduces Team Captain for Norwich….. Gaywood Community Primary School

gaywoodGaywood Community Primary school is based in Gaywood, Norfolk and is set in spacious grounds with two playgrounds and a large playing field. The school opened in  September 2000 after an amalgamation between Rosebery Avenue First School and Gaywood Junior School, and caters for boys and girls.

It caters for children aged 4-ll years and has 417 children on roll.

Gaywood have been extremely active on Skoolbo, with class Year 4c alone answering nearly 50,000 questions since joining us, with an average improvement by pupil of over 25%.  Activity levels are high and and like any team captain should they show dedication and commitment.

The school strives to achieve the highest possible standards in relation to the pupil’s age and ability in all areas, whilst making learning fun. Hence the school are perfect for the Skoolbo platform, and great as a Team Captain in the Premier League Challenge.

Teachers have remarked: “The children really enjoy using Skoolbo. They enjoy the instant feedback and the fact that it is game based, rather than really seeming like work at all! Many of them have made fantastic progress.”


“They also enjoy being able to personalise their learning space. This week, in particular, with the Premier League Challenge, they have had fun discovering all of the additional Norwich City items available.”

From Year 4, Jasmine said, “ I like learning and Skoolbo makes it fun.”

Ruby added that she, “ enjoys having lots of points and being able to spend them on different things.”

“It has fun games and you learn more as you are challenged!” Ahmad commented.

In Norfolk, Norwich is Gaywood’s county centre. They also have one pupil who plays for Norwich City Academy Under 10s, against other well known teams. A big welcome to Norwich Team Captain from Skoolbo!  Good luck!

pic 2

Day 7 and we have a real match on our hands!

Day 7 of the Premier League challenge sees Team Arsenal take the lead after a cracking weekend performance. This could be in part due to some transfers taking place over the weekend, but could also be due to the terrific performances of some London schools over the last few days!

The totaliser is speeding forward and we’ve now passed the 2,000,000 questions answered mark,  Arsenal are widening the gap now, with 23,000 answers more questions answered than West Brom, and Norwich bringing up the rear . However as we’ve seen over the weekend, it could all change by the end of the game today!

On the school leaderboard, Swaffham CofE VC Junior School are still  immovable in the top spot and have now collectively answered over 59,000 answers! Oxley Park Primary School are also holding onto second place, but third spot has now been taken by Ark Oval Primary who have an impressive 17 classes playing!  Oasis Academy Nunthorpe are quietly returning to the top 4 and creeping back into contention , Sybourn, another London school have now entered the top 5 with an impressive 41,000 answers, while St Margaret’s CofE Junior School have climbed into 6th place.  The top 10 could change at anytime, its an exciting match today, will Oxley Park overtake Swaffham??

No-one can catch year 4 at St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary right now, they are storming the class leaderboard and holding onto top spot comfortably. Can Walsingham at Swaffham CofE VC junior make a play for the top spot overnight?

Class BM at Otterbourne , Allthorp at St Andrews , Year 5 at Oasis Academy, Year 4JA at St Margarets, Blwyddyn at Ysgol GG Bronllwyn,Year 6 Christ Church Downend,  and Discoverers at Ormiston Academy  continue to feature in the top 10 classes!

( Something to note Discoverers at Ormiston – Class Crusaders have answered 15000 questions this week and are hot on your heels if they carry on at this rate!)

The battle is still rageing between Malcolm (4JA) and Joshua (4JB) from St Margaret’s CofE Junior School. With Joshua taking the lead today to help Team Arsenal along the way.  A new comer to the top 10 is Shaun also from St Margarets 4JA, can he catch his classmates?

The first half to day 7 is almost up, who will be at the top of their game by the final whistle today?

Day 6 – and Team West Brom are holding on to the lead!

Another terrific day for the Premier League Challenge sees Team West Brom determined to stay on top.

As the totaliser speeds past 1,800,000, some great individual performances have ensured that all teams stay in contention as challenge leaders but Team West Brom have slightly widened the gap to keep themselves out in front. Team Arsenal have stayed strong but need to keep looking over their shoulder as Team Norwich City should not be underestimated. It could be ‘all change’ by the morning!

school leaderboard top 10

On the school leaderboard, Swaffham CofE VC Junior School are seemingly immovable in the top spot and have now collectively answered over 53,000 answers! Oxley Park Primary School have more than doubled the number of questions they have answered in the last 2 days to storm up to second place, while St Margaret’s CofE Junior School, Sybourn Primary School and St Andrew’s CofE VA Primary School have all earned a place in the top ten.

class leaderboard top 10

There’s a wonderful battle going on between Malcolm (4JA) and Joshua (4JB) from St Margaret’s CofE Junior School. They may be in the same year and from the same school but their allegiances are with different football teams and both seem determined to give their respective teams as much support as possible. Let’s make sure we keep it friendly!

pupil leaderboard top 10

Good luck to all the teams, let’s see who is on top tomorrow!