Spotlight on a Trainee Teacher

As the halfway point of this current school year approaches, we thought we’d catch up with Skoolbo advocate and trainee teacher Melissa Jeeves.


As anyone who has trained recently or who is training now will know, this is a very intense and demanding professional course and so we are very grateful that Melissa has spared the time to talk to us about her experiences.

Melissa began her career in education at a lower school in Bedfordshire approximately four years ago. Initially providing one-one support in FS2, she later worked in Year One as a Teaching Assistant before moving to KS2 where she has been for the last three years. We all sometimes need a little push in the right direction and we had to smile when we heard that Melissa was encouraged to become a teacher by the Head of the school who clearly spotted her potential by

“…affectionately dropping hints for 2 years or so by dropping course information into my drawer!”

Well it obviously worked as Melissa is now in her first year of a degree in Applied Education Studies (BA Hons) at Bedfordshire University. Melissa has been using Skoolbo with the children she is currently working with and decided to make Skoolbo and its impact on children’s learning across the school the focus of a recent course presentation on ICT in the classroom. Here’s what she had to say –

“Children are given access to Skoolbo during both numeracy and literacy lessons. They also have the availability to use their school logins to access Skoolbo at home.

I have noticed improvements with particular children in our class who may have additional learning needs or who have gaps in their learning. It has given them the confidence to use the programme. This is evident even with children who are new to Skoolbo, for example, our students in KS1 where it has only recently been introduced. The way in which Skoolbo assesses and sets itself to the childs ability, as well as the feature of the teacher being able to set tasks is especially effective in moving children on.

I would recommend Skoolbo to other Schools not only trainee teachers alone, it is a very effective and positive programme to which I have only seen positive results and attitudes. Skoolbo never sets tasks that are out of a child’s reach and the animation is also very entertaining and engaging.”

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Thank you Melissa for sharing your experiences with us!

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