Skoolbo is ‘making learning fun’ for Valley Primary School children!

We promised that we would be keeping an eye on the challenge taking place at Valley Primary School in Fife and so we were absolutely delighted when these lovely students were featured in their local press. Journalist Paul McCabe from the Fife Free Press visited the school last week to find out how the students were getting on and what the school was hoping to achieve with this unique challenge.

Skoolbo is ‘making learning fun’ for Valley Primary School children!

Fife 1

Fife 3


It’s wonderful to hear how the teachers at Valley Primary School enhance their students’ learning with Skoolbo and how they have created a special Skoolbo Club. It’s clear that Lesley Cameron along with the other fantastic teachers work hard to ensure children develop their self-esteem while the rewards system and personalised learning is obviously helping with this. A quick look at this week’s new school leaderboard also reveals just how determined these students are to be successful. A brilliant start to the new week!

Valley Leaderboard

The children’s dream of new headphones for the school may become a reality very soon!Valley finalValley Primary School is situated in Kirkcaldy in Fife. Their purpose is to provide a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment for all their pupils. They encourage all their pupils to believe in themselves and to always be the very best that they can be.

The pupils, parents and staff  of Valley Primary School have chosen their values to be:

Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Teamwork and Honesty

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Learning together at Leigh CofE Primary School

Leigh 4

Those of you who follow us on social media will know all about the challenge Leigh CofE Primary School teachers set their students over the summer break.

Year 6 teacher Ellie Conroy came up with the idea of a competition to see which class could answer the most questions on Skoolbo helping to avoid the dip in learning that commonly occurs during the longer holidays. This was just the latest challenge in this marvellous intiative that saw children determined to help their class become victorious.

“The  children get very engaged in Skoolbo competition and we set up competitions of our own. Last  Easter we set up an individual competition for the children who could get the most points on Skoolbo. Children were getting up early and playing before school to try to beat their rivals (who were also playing at the same time). The top 10 children in the school received chocolate prizes!

Leigh 2

This summer we set up a Skoolbo competition to ensure children were developing their literacy and numeracy skills while they were away from school. The winning class were promised £10 to spend on whatever they wanted. We began the challenge just before the summer to start the class rivalry. When we got back we revealed the results and discovered Year 6 had won! They began the summer on 71,100 and finished on just over 89,000. We did have many individuals who were working very hard (a child in Year 3 got 1,309 in just 1 night and came first in the leader board).

Leigh 1

It is great to see children so excited about playing an educational game! They beg for more time on Skoolbo and love the Skoolbo challenges.”  Miss Conroy, Year 6 teacher

Leigh 3

What a fantastic way to motivate students to keep on learning even when they’re not in the classroom and it seems that the parents agree –

“My child really enjoys playing on Skoolbo and it has helped to improve her letter sounds.”  Parent

The Winners!

After a tremendous effort from the whole school, Year 6 emerged as the final victors giving them a wonderful start to their secondary school careers. We’d like to congratulate them and wish them well.

And lastly, some words from the children…

At Skoolbo, children are at the centre of everything we do and we firmly believe that learning is most effective when it is fun. Here are the children of Leigh CofE Primary School describing what they like best about Skoolbo –

‘Amazing, I love it!’ Kiera

‘It’s very good for your learning’ Myles

‘It works out your brain’ Emrys

‘You have fun and learn more’ Libbie

‘You can play games and buy your own pet’ Eddie

‘It’s really good for maths and English’ Harvey

‘Best game I’ve ever played’ Dylan

‘A cool way to learn’ Bethany

‘It has helped me with my times tables’ Darcy

‘I like making my own world. Mine has a treehouse’ Lilli

Leigh 5

We like to give a huge pat on the back to these marvellous students – well done!

“Our School is a special place where everyone is dedicated to providing a stimulating and exciting environment in which everyone feels valued, ideas can flourish and pupils can realise their full potential.

Our Mission Statement is ‘Aim Ever Higher … Together We Learn and Grow’. We are committed to developing independent, successful and confident children who have high aspirations, who gain a sense of achievement and leave our school with a wealth of happy memories.” Head Teacher Debbie Middleton

Leigh final

Leigh Church of England Primary School is a one form entry primary school situated in Tile Hill, Coventry.

Valley Primary School set their own Skoolbo challenge!

Recently we were thrilled to be contacted by Lesley Cameron,  Learning Support Teacher and Skoolbo enthusiast from Valley Primary School in Fife. The wonderful hard working students of this lovely school are in urgent need of new headphones to enable them to continue the amazing progress they have made so far and they have a plan of how to raise the money.


The challenge is on!

Children from P5 have challenged their peers from P5/6 to a class challenge! We’ll be following the challenge to see which children achieve personal bests and make the most progress during this exciting battle. We expect to see the Duelbos flying in and the class totalisers whizzing.

“Skoolbo has become so popular that many of our pupils are now playing at home. The school has even set up a Skoolbo club after school.”  Ms Cameron

Of course these children are no strangers to success. They made a flying start to the new school year and went straight into the top ten on the school leaderboard.

Schools 02.09.15We love the fact that these children are prepared to put in some extra hard work to achieve their goal. They’re hoping that the challenge will earn them the donations they need to replace their tired old headphones.

“I’ve been playing Skoolbo loads at home” Leon from P5
“I was really excited when I became a Superhero.” Chloe P6

There’ll be special Skoolbo stickers and bookmarks to reward and motivate the children during the challenge and a giant Skoolbo trophy for the winning class.

We’ll be getting back in contact with the school to find out who the star learners were and which class earned the title of ‘Skoolbo Challenge Super Champs’ so don’t forget to keep checking the website for updates. We hope to be able to report that the children have earned the much needed headphones.

‘Good Luck’ to all the students taking part.

Go Valley Primary School Go!

Valley Primary School is situated in Kirkcaldy in Fife. Their purpose is to provide a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment for all their pupils. They encourage all their pupils to believe in themselves and to always be the very best that they can be.

The pupils, parents and staff  of Valley Primary School have chosen their values to be:

Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Teamwork and Honesty

Skoolbo features at ICT Showcase in Fife

Last week the Skoolbo Team spent a very enjoyable day at the Fife ICT Showcase to learn what schools in Fife were doing with technology. Of course they also took the chance to chat with ICT leaders and pupils about how they were getting along with Skoolbo.
Watch the video to see Skoolbo’s Malcolm Payton chat with some delightful Fife schoolchildren about Skoolbo and other educational software. You can also see the children interview leading Scottish educationalist, David Cameron about what he thinks of ICT in education.


The Scottish Challenge is over and a good time was had by all!

At the end of a fantastic week the children of Scotland have answered over 600,000 literacy and numeracy questions on the Skoolbo platform. They may have not quite reached the target but the reports we are getting back from schools have highlighted just how much everyone has enjoyed taking part and at Skoolbo we really feel as though we have made some new friends.

We have heard all about the tiny school of Burravoe on the Shetland Islands. Despite having only one class and fourteen pupils, they managed to finish in tenth place on the class leaderboard! …and they have a zip wire in their playground!

Class P61 from Kirkcaldy West Primary School were rewarded for their outstanding effort and were crowned champions on the class leaderboard followed by the very deserving Paradykes and Busby Primary Schools.

SC Class

We have spoken to lots of lovely schools in Fife and we fully expected a Fife school to finish top of the leaderboard. However a public holiday and an amazing effort from Busby Primary School in East Renfrewshire saw them finish first when time was called on the Challenge. Kirkcaldy West were superstars throughout the Challenge and deserved their top flight finish. Paradykes, St Agatha’s, Daliburgh, Mountfleurie, Ashley Road, Avenue End, St Paul’s RC and Marykirk all deserve praise for finishing in the top ten – we salute you all!

SC Schools

The top three positions on the pupil leaderboard were taken by Katie Parrish (Busby), OB (Kirkcaldy) and YF (Paradykes). Well done and congratulations to the other pupils who made it to the top ten.

SC pupils

So how did your Local Authority do? Take a look at the top ten here –

1st – Fife

2nd – Aberdeen City

3rd – East Renfrewshire

4th – Midlothian

5th – Eilean Siar

6th – North Lanarkshire

7th – Glasgow City

8th – Aberdeenshire

9th – Shetland Islands

10th – Orkney Islands

For the full leaderboards, please take a look at the Challenge page and remember wherever you came in the Challenge, you made an important contribution to the shared total and made some wonderful progress with your literacy and numeracy skills.

To all the children of Scotland who took part in the Challenge we think you are all…

Sticker 4

It’s Day 6 of the Scottish Challenge and Burravoe like to boogie with dragons!

We’re almost at the end of the Scottish Challenge and today we are showcasing a wonderful school on the island of Yell in the Shetland Islands. Yell is the second largest of the Shetland Islands with a population of about 800 and it is a haven for all sorts of wildlife, especially birds.

Burravoe map final


The terrific students of Burravoe Primary School have answered almost 60,000 questions despite having only 14 students playing! They have made an amazing contribution to the Scottish Challenge and we think they are quite simply awesome!



These hard working learners deserve lots of credit especially as we can see that they’re making fabulous progress with an average improvement of whopping 38%!

It seems that the Language Dragons have been a particular hit as you can tell from these fantastic quotes –

“I like Skoolbo because I get to play with different schools and different people.  I like the French and I have played on the Spanish.” By Rosie, P3.

“I like Skoolbo because you can play with different languages and it helps me with maths.  I learned that you can do French on Skoolbo.” By Neil, P3.

 “When I play Skoolbo I can learn French and if you master the skills you get to boogie with your dragon.  My favourite thing about Skoolbo is that you get super hero costumes and you can buy different costumes.”  By Sonia, P3.

 “I like Skoolbo because you can beat other people. I like playing games with different sums.  It helps me with my maths.” By Emer, P2.

 “I like when I get to be a super hero on Skoolbo.  I like playing the games.  It helps me with numbers and words.”  By Hannah, P1.

Well done Burravoe Primary School!

If we take a look at today’s leaderboards we can see that it is Fife’s Kircaldy West Primary School still holding on to first place closely followed by Busby Primary School in East Renfrewshire. It’s shaping up to be a real battle on the last day!

Sc school

Katie Parrish seems determined not to be toppled from first place on the student leaderboard and so Busby are winning this particular battle for now as OB from Kirkcaldy has to be content with second place. We have had a lovely communication from one of Katie’s parents letting us know how hard she is working and how much she is learning so well done and keep it up!


Tomorrow is the last day of the Scottish Challenge so let’s make it a good one!

Day 5 of the Scottish Challenge – St Paul’s RC Primary are Fife’s superstars!

Day 5 has seen Fife strengthen their lead on the Local Authority leaderboard and it is a Fife school and class currently sitting at the top of both the school and class tables.



Student Katie Parrish from class 7 in East Renfrewshire’s Busby Primary School has bucked the trend however and has built up an impressive lead on the student leaderboard.


With almost 175,000 answers it’s looking as though Fife are going to be very difficult to overtake although, of course, anything is possible and there are still two days left.


The amazing students of St Paul’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Glenrothes are committed Skoolbo learners and they have answered almost half a million questions on the platform! Their top performing class is Primary 4 with over 120,000 answers, followed by Primary 5 with over 86,000 answers. We were absolutely delighted when they got in touch to tell us exactly what they enjoy about playing –


“Skoolbo is really fun.”Cole (Primary 4)

“Skoolbo helps you with your school work.” Rosie (Primary 4)

“I really like playing skoolbo on my iPad.” Mohammed (Primary 5)

“I like the way it gives me harder questions to help me get better at maths, reading and spelling.” Garry (Primary 5)

“Skoolbo is an interactive and fun way to learn.” Finlay (Primary 7)



The teachers of St Paul’s have told us that they integrate Skoolbo into their curriculum planning and regularly set it as homework. Here they give us a wonderful insight into why they feel Skoolbo is a winner with both teachers and students alike.

“It’s great to see the children grow in confidence as they play the games. The whole class are motivated by it and want to see where they are placed individually, as a class and as a school on the leaderboard.” Mrs Ripley (Class Teacher)

“As a teacher I have loved how easy it is to set up and manage pupil progress through the dashboard. I often set skoolbo as a homework task. The pupils love it when I put the leaderboard up on display, so they can see who the leader is.” Miss Tindal (Class Teacher)

“Skoolbo is a great way for the children to learn. They are really motivated to use it in order to move up the leaderboard and to get the class certificates. The questions are set at the right level to give the children a challenge while also ensuring they achieve and grow in confidence.” Mr FIsher (Class Teacher)

St Paul’s Roman Catholic Primary School aims to provide a caring, secure and stimulating learning environment which will enable all children to learn to the best of their ability, providing opportunities for all children to reach their full potential.


Day 4 of the Scottish Challenge – spotlight on Glasgow

We’ve reached the halfway point of the Scottish Challenge and just take a look at the national school leaderboard! Scottish schools dominate and are holding nine of the top ten places –

Nat leaderboard

The totaliser is showing just short of half a million answers so far making that one million target well within reach.


It’s all change at the top of the player leaderboard where Katie Parrish from Busby School is currently in the lead, followed closely by OB from Kirkcaldy West. Previous leader YF from Paradykes is in third place.


Fife are still the runaway leaders on the LA leaderboard having amassed over 165,000 answers.

We recently got in contact with one of the top performing schools in Scotland, Avenue End Primary School in Glasgow. They make frequent appearances on the national leaderboards and are currently sitting in tenth place. Their fabulous students have answered almost 300,000 questions so far and show no sign of slowing down. Mr Begg’s Primary 5 class are the biggest contributors so far to the school’s tally with over 63,000 questions under their belts. Primary 54 and Primary 7 are holding second and third places respectively.


It seems that it is not only literacy and numeracy that Avenue End students excel at. A few budding journalists toured the school to find out what students and teachers enjoy about Skoolbo –


JodiIts very enjoyable

SophieIts very interesting

SashaIt’s a cool type of learning

AishaI learn lots from it


JoshuaIt’s fun because you can verse people

AbigailIt gives you fun education

William– Gives you challenges and opportunities

RebbecaThe maths helps your times tables

EaunIts good because you can customise your profile

Katie It’s an awesome way of learning


 SamGetting awards and certificates

DanielBecause you can play kids all over the world

Fatamacompetitions for your school and class

Harvey-I like making my avatar

RyanBecause there’s lots of games

NatashaYou can play lots of people

AbbieYou can get on the leaderboard

KatieYou can get a certificate

TiaganI like all the subjects

Kasey-I like hard games

Hayley-I like number games

MarcusI like easy games


And here’s what their teachers had to say –

Mrs McCluskey – It is motivating and fun the children can use/apply their skills

Mrs Gilmour – All the kids can work at their own speed and level. Perfect!

Miss BryceSome of the children are competitive and they all work at their own level and they enjoy it

Mr BeggsThey can enjoy their language and maths work and access Skoolbo from home.

Miss Muir It challenges the children in different areas of the curriculum and its fun for them

Mrs O’DonnellIt helps the children enjoy their learning

Mrs CalderIt’s a fun way to learn and enhance skills

Miss FindlaterIt’s fun for the children

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the students who toured the school collecting these wonderful quotes for us. They even did all the typing!

Great effort Avenue End – you’re amazing!

Sticker 1

Avenue End is a non-denominational primary school Based in Craigend in Glasgow, which caters for pupils from P1 to P7. Their aim is to encourage the development the personalities, talents and abilities of pupils to their fullest potential.




Day 3 of the Scottish Challenge and Fife pass 100K!






It’s the morning of day 3 of the Challenge and the children of Scotland are almost a third of the way towards their final target –


Fife have continued to go from strength to strength and have passed the 100K mark. Aberdeen City are still nestled in second place but they’ll need to keep going if they’re to stay there. North Lanarkshire and Midlothian are both about to reach 25K but who will get there first? East Renfrewshire only just behind them and with a concerted effort could sneak past them both. Eilean Siar may be in sixth place but they have been one of the success stories of the Challenge so far. They may have some of the smallest and most remote schools on the Western Isles but they have been a powerhouse when it comes to answering questions, 21,329 so far!


And what of the individual successes? Student YF is not going to give up first place easily but it’s all change elsewhere on the board. JW from St Thomas’ Primary School in North Lanarkshire must feel that he’s in with a chance today. We also see RW from one of our featured schools, St Agatha’s rise up into third place, with KP from East Renfrewshire’s Busby School in fourth.

Student 2

Don’t forget that any language questions you answer on Language Dragons also count towards your total so keep playing… and learning!


Go Scotland!

Day 1 of the Scottish Challenge

Scottish Challenge

Well what a day it has been! Over 100,000 answers on the first day of the Scottish Challenge so far.


It’s a great start but Scottish schools will need to pick up the pace and get everyone playing if they’re going to reach that 1 million target. It’s going to need a huge team effort and no single school can achieve it on their own. We know that only a collective push will win the day but we want to take a moment to reflect on some of the star performers.

We have seen Fife schools storm into the lead on the Local Authority leaderboard with over 35,000 answers. Schools between the Firth of Tay and the Firth of Forth have been the pride of Scotland today –

LA lboard
Students from Aberdeen City are holding second place with almost 10,000 answers, while surprise contenders Eilean Siar have been helped into a strong third place by one of our more remote schools Daliburgh. They may be small but they have proved they’re mighty! With South Lanarkshire in fourth place at 7,495 answers, it’s all to play for tomorrow.
There has been a big change on the Pupil leaderboard with Fife students snatching away Eilean Siar’s earlier dominance –
It’s Kirkaldy West’s class P61 who are looking likely to finish the day in the top spots with student CH becoming the first to exceed the 1,000 answers milestone.
Our tips for tomorrow’s winners 
Remember it is early days. We have spotted some students sitting quietly lower down the leaderboard who may just sneak past the current leaders. Avenue End Primary representing Glasgow City have some fierce contenders from Primary 6. Greenhills Primary School from South Lanarkshire, Northfield Academy from Aberdeen City and Snowden School from Stirling all have students who could find themselves climbing the table overnight.
We can’t wait to see what the leaderboards look like tomorrow!