Llanedeyrn Primary School flying the flag for Welsh Schools!

Welsh Flag

Today we take a trip across the Severn Bridge to meet the wonderful students of Llanedeyrn Primary School in Cardiff. They are one of the top performing schools in Wales and terrific ambassadors for Skoolbo. A quick look at the home page of their website will tell you all you need to know about how far these students are prepared to push themselves to suceed as the photograph of some of them at the 886 metre summit of Pen Y Fan shows.

We have been following their astonishing story of achievement and improvement on Skoolbo as it unfolds and we thought it was about time we met the stars of the show!

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Using tablets, they have made an astounding 31% improvement in Maths and Literacy collectively since starting on Skoolbo and they are showing no signs of slowing down!

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Mr Price has been the driving force behind getting Skoolbo established in the school and he has even made a special Skoolbo widget for the school website!

Website tab

We think this is a great idea as it enables children to quickly sign in and begin learning whether they are at school or home. It’s also helpful for letting parents and carers know where they can register for a parent account so that they can keep track of their child’s progress.

If this isn’t enough, they have made this fabulous video highlighting everything they love about Skoolbo. Here you will see students ‘Zippy Shaking’ and taking part in the 60Sec Slime with Dr Weevil. Both available through the free Teacher App. They also showcase how much they enjoy their Maths and Literacy learning, finishing off with some personal feedback on what they love most about Skoolbo.

“I like using Skoolbo because it is fun and educational” Harvie R – Y5

“I like using Skoolbo because I keep winning!” Sam B – Y4

“Skoolbo is awesome and sometimes there are levels that are hard” Cody S – Y3

“Skoolbo is a challenging game, helps you learn and I enjoy playing it” Jibram – Y4

“I like Skoolbo because it has maths in it so I can challenge my brain and it will help me with my growth mindset.” Sunny M – Y4

“I like Skoolbo because you can earn points and unlock new things if you do good in the game.” Kallum R – Y6

“I like Skoolbo because you can decorate you own house and unlock new and cool things” Chloe S – Y6

image 1

This is a wonderful example of both independent and collaborative learning and this feedback from the teachers makes for great reading as well –

“Skoolbo is the best interactive learning game we have ever used in our School. I love the fact the teachers can monitor the children’s progress and set them challenging tasks. The children also love looking at the weekly class reports to see how they did.” Mr A Price

“I love it when the children use Skoolbo in our class. They always want to show me their results and how well they are improving.” Mr L Jenkins 

“We love using Skoolbo in our class. It is a fantastic app!” Miss C Stone

Congratulations to all the amazing students and hard-working staff! You are outstanding!

Llanedeyrn Primary School caters for 419 students and is based in Cardiff.

Their vision is to create a unique, forward thinking school that sets and achieves high standards for its learners whilst recognising its responsibilities to the wider community.
They strive to ensure that everyone within the school is happy, healthy, safe and successful, ensuring equality of opportunity for all.

They believe their school is special because parents, staff, governors and the community work alongside one another to give all children the opportunities to develop their full potential.

The school values the contribution that ICT can make for the benefit of all pupils, staff and parents and governors. To this end, the school ethos actively promotes and utilises ICT opportunities across the whole school structure, with the emphasis toward the promotion of learning and teaching. It is their policy to keep abreast of new and innovative practices.

llanedeyrnprimary banner

Digi-Eskwela Project helps raise achievement with Skoolbo!

The Digi-Eskwela Project in the Philippines

Few would disagree that the advent of new technology has the potential to dramatically change educational outcomes for all children. However, children who reside in economically disadvantaged households can still lack access to these vital tools. This is where Skoolbo can help and we are delighted to report on our involvement with a very successful digital learning project in the Philippines called Digi-Eskwela.


We are very excited by the first set of results that have have come in from the project. The data shows excellent improvement across all areas.

Digi improvement

This data also shows very clearly how increased usage leads to increased improvement. The students from Bitano Elementary School began playing Skoolbo first and have therefore answered more questions resulting in the greatest improvement of the two schools so far.

Tiwala Kids & Communities and The Patatas set up the project with the aim of  increasing access to learning technologies for some of the Philippines most disadvantaged children. It was hoped that this would lead to increased student engagement and academic success. The Patatas donated the hardware needed for the project and Tiwala took responsibility for the implementation of Skoolbo in the chosen schools. The project ran initially from October 2014 to October 2015 and we understand that there is strong desire from everyone involved to extend the project due to its phenomenal success.

Digi-Eskwela involved children from the following school- based urban settings;

  • Legazpi Port Elementary School
  • Bitano Elementary School


The schools recommended students most in need of assistance and Tiwala held tablet-based tutorials in the partner schools. Thirty students were accommodated in each class with three thirty-minute Skoolbo sessions per week per child.


Of course everyone is delighted with the improvement in essential literacy, numeracy and language skills but these fantastic testimonials from parents, students, and teachers tell us more about the wider benefits of Skoolbo. They reveal increased student engagement in the classrooms and higher motivation to learn at school and at home. The children are really enjoying using both tablets and the Skoolbo platform, which is wonderful!


“I get motivated in always attending Digi-Eskwela because my scores are getting higher and higher. I not only learn Math, Reading, English but also learn Spanish words.” John Carl, Grade 3, Bitano Elementary School

“I look forward to playing with Skoolbo and using the tablets during my tutorial slot. I enjoy the games and the different environment I get to play in. I love Math and also Spelling.” Danica Sevillano, Grade 4, Bitano Elementary School

“What I like about Skoolbo is I learn new words and also I need to do Math quickly. I also like the rewards I receive when I get perfect score. Also I get to compete with others in the class (duelbo).” Reasty Malangan, Grade 3, Bitano Elementary School

“I find Skoolbo enjoyable because I like the graphics and also the reward system. I also get motivated to continue playing because when I get high points, I earn ‘money’ I can use to ‘buy’ stuff. Also I always get highest scores in Math and Reading.” Mark James, Legazpi Port Elementary School

“I learn new words and I can solve Math problems quicker. I also like that I can race in different worlds, and also I enjoy duelbo and being a superhero when I get high scores.” Mabeth Gonzalez, Legazpi Port Elementary School

The enthusiasm from the children is fantastic and they were not the only ones who loved being involved with the project. The parents expressed gratitude that their children were chosen to be part of the class and reported that their children enjoy attending Digi-Eskwela and playing Skoolbo.

“My child always looks forward to attending Digi-Eskwela because she likes playing with the tablet. I don’t have to remind her about it. She goes to school early in order to attend the class and play tablet games. “ Marilyn Sepato, mother of Mary Joy Sepato

“Lyka comes to school early in the morning even if her class is still in the afternoon because she enjoys playing with the tablet. I am happy that she has a chance to have fun while learning. She is very focused and does not want to get interrupted while playing the games.” Richelda Jebulan, mother of Lyka Jebulan

“I am grateful that my child is enrolled in the class. We are poor so we cannot afford to buy a smartphone or tablet. But through this project, my daughter can play and use a tablet and learn.” Aileen Labanda, mother of Jobel Labanda

The classroom teachers attributed much of the increased classroom participation to being part of the project. The teachers believed that this is because children become increasingly confident as they answer more questions in the game.

“The conduct of Digi-Eskwela in Bitano Elementary School is a big help to the children enrolled in the said project. They show interest and willingness to develop their young minds. They have shown improvement in their Mathematics and English subjects. In behalf of our school, we thank you for choosing Bitano Elementary School as one of your Digi-Eskwela pilot program.” Ms. Teresita Barbante, Bitano Elementary School Teacher

“The pupils, especially the girls, have become more participative and excel more in written work activities. They are also active when asked to do board work exercises. I noticed that their vocabulary skills improved. The could easily understand what the teacher was trying to teach.“ Ms. Margie Boticario, Legazpi Port Elementary School Teacher

“Ylaiza Arnaldo has improved in her decoding skills in reading. I could sense that she’s becoming more confident. She actively participates in classroom activities.” Mrs Marino, Bitano Elementary School Teacher

“Heidi Joyce Esquivel has improved in her reading skills. She is now more eager to read aloud in class. She has also become more confident in participating in class discussions and in spelling words.” Mrs. Teresita Barbante, Bitano Elementary School Teacher

“Bea Yape has shown remarkable improvement. She solves Math problems in class easily and shows improved reading fluency. This quarter she received an achiever merit award for doing well in class.” Mrs. Liezel Marino, Bitano Elementary School Teacher

“Jowella has become very active in class discussions. She participates in doing board work in Math and in read-aloud sessions. Her accuracy in calculations and decoding words have significantly improved.” Mrs. Marino, Bitano Elementary School Teacher


The organisers hope to extend the project to involve more children by increasing the number of tablets available. We look forward to writing an update on how the project is progressing in the near future.

See how Skoolbo is showing real results in improvement!

UK results blog post (1)

Download our recent white paper to see why Skoolbo is showing real improvement in students’ reading and maths skills

As we’re sure you already know, Skoolbo is a highly beneficial and free eLearning tool that helps kids across the globe have fun while improving their literacy and numeracy skills. To give you an even better look at just how well Skoolbo works, we’ve put together this insightful paper outlining the Skoolbo course using data from our worldwide user base. The paper goes through the course outline of Skoolbo, detailing the sample sizes taken when collating our data for each topic. Also included are key metrics such as average improvement, average high scores and even the number of answers a student completes per minute.

With over a BILLION questions answered by 31,000 schools, students using Skoolbo have achieved over 9.8 million Personal Learning Bests in total. Given the sheer amount of answers to date on Skoolbo, it’s even more impressive that 87.8% of questions were answered correctly and contributed to an average of 28% improvement in students across the board. On such a massive number, these accuracy and improvement figures are testament to the effectiveness of the Skoolbo algorithm.

Our algorithm adapts to the individual ability of a student and provides a personalised learning experience for each. With over 250 literacy and numeracy skills to learn, students are given a challenging yet rewarding program that facilitates success and promotes a positive learning experience. The adaptive nature of Skoolbo has also yielded the mastery of a new literacy or numeracy skill by 94% of students after a mere 20 minutes of game time!

If you really want to get the lowdown on Skoolbo, make sure you check out this fantastic paper and help maximise the learning of your kids!

Download our recent white paper to see the real improvement Skoolbo kids are achieving!

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P5 from Valley Primary School snatch victory!

You may recall we have been following the efforts of some very special children from classes P5 and P5/6 from Valley Primary School in Kirkcaldy. Well the challenge is over and the results are in! We were delighted to receive this report from Learning Support Teacher and challenge organiser Mrs Lesley Cameron –

“The children worked exceedingly hard over the week and it was a close race with a different class being in the lead each day. The final totals for the week were…….

…P5 with 32,262 and  P5/6 with 31,791 points. Only 471 points less!

The winning class were delighted to be presented with the trophy by Headteacher Paula Seiner. They got a group photo with the two children who had gained the most points, Bethany Massey and Leon Page holding the trophy. All the children got stickers, bookmarks a sweet treat and extended break to celebrate their success. The children were so excited they asked if they could get an individual photo holding the trophy.

Magdalena Antonik in the P5/6 class deserves a special mention for all the effort she put in at home to help her class. She personally achieved 16,000 points!


All of the children were avidly following the Skoolbo leadership board and they were absolutely delighted when both the classes took the first and second position in the UK class board.

Some of the other classes are now thinking of setting their own challenges.”


Wow an amazing achievement,  a huge ‘congratulations’ to all the students who took part but what about the headphones the children were hoping to acquire to improve their learning experience? Well Headteacher, Ms Paula Seiner and the members of the school’s Senior Leadership Team have been so impressed with all the enthusiasm around Skoolbo that they have invested in individual earplugs for all the children from P5 to P7 so a great result there!

Skoolbo is ‘making learning fun’ for Valley Primary School children!

Valley Primary School set their own Skoolbo challenge!

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Impressive learning at the Kyabirwa Children’s Centre!

We were really happy when today we received this fantasic update on the Skoolbo pilot project in Uganda. Skoolbo board member Jeff Halley dropped in to the Kyabirwa Children’s Centre to say ‘hello’ to some of the children and to see first hand how they are getting along. He must have been impressed as he wasted no time at all in rushing these wonderful photographs to us along with a video showing some marvellous learning taking place.


Here’s what he had to say –

“I visited one of Soft Power Education’s centres today. Most impressed! Skoolbo is being diligently used as a teaching aid with children from two schools at least two to three times a week. There are some awesome teacher’s aides in charge and it is hoped the project will be scaled up to involve more children very soon.

Moments like this sure beat the day job!”


More information on the project is available on our website –

Children in Uganda improve their skills on Skoolbo

An African Opportunity

Skoolbo’s dream is that every child learns to read and gains confidence with numbers. This short video demonstrates perfectly that this is achievable even where there is limited power and no internet connection. Now over to the children…

Children in Uganda improve their skills on Skoolbo

In April 2014 we reported on Skoolbo’s exciting new partnership with Soft Power Education (SPE). SPE are a British registered charity and Ugandan NGO working with communities in Uganda to improve quality of life through education. Skoolbo’s Chief Operating Officer, Colin Brown, had the pleasure of visiting SPE, twelve tablets in hand, to launch an exciting and ground breaking pilot in two of the schools they were working in. You can read more about the launch here –

An African Opportunity

UK-blog-uganda-boys (1)

Children aged 4 to 6 years from Buwenda Pre School and Kyabirwa Children’s Centre (KCC) in the Jinja area were introduced to Skoolbo and over the coming months were enthusiastic particpiants in the pilot.

We thought it was time to check back in with them to see how the children are progressing.

Like many schools in the area there is no internet connection in either school and limited sources of power. This has meant that the classrooms have, up until now, been effectively technology-free environments. As a consequence many of the class-based adults were unfamiliar with using educational software to support and promote learning.

Skoolbo has been developed to overcome such barriers. The children in the pilot are able to play Skoolbo in ‘offline’ mode. The tablets are taken to SPE offices every few days for charging and to establish a connection in order to sync data. The experience for the children is identical to that of a child playing ‘online’ in the UK. Children’s avatars are matched with opponents in the warp room in the same way and they then compete in exciting racing games. As Skoolbo is designed for independent learning, the supporting adults require very little training.

It was great to hear that the technology worked so well but what did the children think and what progress did they make? Well the reports are highly favourable. The teachers tell us that the children really look forward to their sessions and as the learning algorithm sets the curriculum for each individual child, the volunteer adults rarely need to intervene.

It’s all about the improvement…

The independent nature of learning with Skoolbo is vital as in Uganda teacher to student ratios can be 1:100 which can obviously make it very difficult to ensure children secure basic literacy and numeracy skills. We are therefore absolutely thrilled to report that the children using Skoolbo have made an amazing average improvement of 112% across Literacy and Numeracy!

We know that usage equals progress and were therefore delighted when the 116 SPE students topped the school UK leaderboard!


and they even made it to second in the world!


The pilot is ongoing and we’ll be checking back regularly to see how it is progressing. In the meantime we’d like to leave you with this fabulous photograph of Samuel from KCC which we think speaks volumes –


Well done Samuel and well done to the amazing students of Buwenda Pre School and Kyabirwa Children’s Centre!

Repton School Abu Dhabi – flying the Skoolbo flag!

Today we are delighted to feature the wonderful students of a British international school. Absolute superstars on Skoolbo, the students of Repton School in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates follow the UK curriculum and we are thrilled to have them on board.


Those of you who keep a close eye on the leaderboards will have seen that the students of Repton School featured regularly throughout the 2014/15 school year and it looks as though they have similar plans for this new school year as well.

Obviously they have a bit of a head start on English schools who are only just returning this week but what a fabulous beginning to the new term!

ReptonA look at these terrific photographs reveals just how much these students enjoy learning with Skoolbo. It looks as though there’s some lovely peer support taking place as well with more experienced learners taking the younger ones under their wing. What a brilliant way to share great learning!





…and a ‘well done’ to Repton’s Digital Team from us too!


It’s wonderful to have these amazing students flying the Skoolbo flag – keep up the great learning!

Repton will grow to become an ‘all-through’ school and currently caters for children from the Foundation Stage to Year 3.

This is how Headmaster Robert Relton describes the school –

“Whilst an international school with a British flavour, Repton school Abu Dhabi is an inclusive school appealing to families from a range of backgrounds. It is characterised by children who have an appetite for challenge, a genuine love of learning and by those who are prepared to work hard and play hard. The curriculum combines the best of the British system with the dynamism of the UAE. It is supported by an exciting and broad extra-curricular programme taking full advantage of our first rate facilities. In short, we feed a natural curiosity for learning that will equip your child with a solid foundation on which to build their future dreams.”

Sheringham Primary School – ‘Learning in Harmony’

This week we are delighted to feature a lovely London primary school. Students from Sheringham Primary School in Newham, which is rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, made a fantastic contribution to Team London’s victory over Team New York in the recent ‘city to city’ challenge and are frequent top ten guests on the UK leaderboard.
Year 6 in particular were absolutely outstanding in their efforts as the class leaderboard reflected.
image (1)
We were over the moon when Year 6 teacher, Ms O’Reilly, got in touch to let us know what her students think of Skoolbo and the Challenge. It’s clear that the children are really motivated by the competitive element of the game and we love the fact that Aysha feels that she has grown in confidence.
‘Skoolbo is a fun game to play and it helps you revise! It’s best to play in school with your classmates as you can compete against them.’ Nabeel 
‘It’s really competitive between the two cities and we want to be the best!’ Alvi
‘It challenges you and makes you become more confident with your work. It’s shows you Maths and English and how you can develop more!’ Aysha 
The school motto is ‘Learning in Harmony’ which seems especially appropriate for the recent challenge where schools from London united in their effort to answer more questions than schools in New York. It’s also clear that the students of Sheringham Primary School understand how to work together and alongside one another as these images show.
In this photograph you will see that the children are really focused on their learning. Take a closer look and you will notice the young man at the back seems to be celebrating a personal best!
Well done to all the students of Sheringham Primary School, it’s great to have you as part of the Skoolbo community!
Sheringham Primary School is based in Manor Park in London and has 23 classes catering for children from Reception to Year 6.
“We believe that children work best when learning together, and that it is important everyone in the organisation values everyone else, and that we as staff are also always learning – striving to be the best school that we can be.” Executive Head Teacher – Gary Wilkie 

Limbrick Wood – reporting on Adrian Turner

Limbrick final

We were delighted to welcome a new class to the prestigious Skoolbo 100K club recently. Year 5 from Limbrick Wood Primary School were the first class in their school to reach this milestone. Since then they have powered on to reach 210,000 answers on the platform showing an average improvement in Literacy skills of 36% and 24% in Numeracy so far!

Limbrick class

Of course this has been a tremendous team effort but one student has stood out head and shoulders above the rest. A young man by the name of Rhys has answered over 133,000 questions, making him a regular on our UK pupil leaderboard.

Limbrick pupil

This fantastic performance from Rhys together with amazing support from his peers earned Year 5 the chance to question Olympic and Commonwealth Swimmer Adrian Turner. The children were learning how to write reports and so this was the perfect opportunity to formulate questions that would fill in the gaps in their research about Adrian. They were also keen to hear some anecdotes to help make their reports really special.

Take a look at their fantastic learning displayed proudly in their classroom. They asked Adrian some wonderful questions such as who inspired him the most during his swimming career and whether he is still a swimmer at heart or if he now prefers acting.

Limbrick 1

We are amazed at the quality of this beautiful writing, some budding sports journalists in the making perhaps?

Limbrick 2 Limbrick 3

Limbrick 4

Limbrick 5

Limbrick 6 Limbrick 7





Limbrick 12

Thank you Year 5, you have inspired the rest of your school to get active on Skoolbo. Your whole school total currently stands at 428,810, very close to the half a million mark! We look forward to seeing what you do next on the Skoolbo platform.

Limbrick Wood is a one-form entry primary school based in Tile Hill, Coventry. Their core purpose is “to ensure that every child achieves their full potential, and then more.” They are very proud to have recently made it onto the Sunday Times top 200 primary schools list.

St Anne Line learners are leading the way!

Those of you who like to keep up to date with the top performers on the Skoolbo platform will have noticed one school really making their mark in recent months.
St Anne Line Logo and map
Students from St Anne Line Catholic Junior School in Basildon have collectively answered over 714,000 questions so far earning them a regular top ten spot on the School Leaderboard!
 St Anne Line
All classes are very active and play regularly resulting in some terrific improvements in their Literacy and Numeracy skills. Three classes however, really caught our attention as they have each surpassed 100,000 answers on the platform. Therefore we are absolutely delighted to welcome classes 3, 4 and 8 to the Skoolbo 100K club! To have three classes reaching this milestone is a fantastic achievement and one that we wanted to help the students (and their teachers) celebrate by showcasing this amazing learning.

100_6487 (1)100_6489 (1)


We began by asking the children why Skoolbo appeals to them. These children love the competitive element of Skoolbo but also understand how they are learning and they have a wonderful sense of pride in their joint achievements.

“Skoolbo isn’t always about winning, it’s for learning.”

“I like Skoolbo because I get to play with my friends.” Kevin Class 3

“I like Skoolbo because it is fun and addictive. You get to play against people from other schools (around the world) and you can do maths and English. It’s really fun. Skoolbo isn’t always about winning, it’s for learning. Skoolbo is fun and awesome!” Daphne Class 3 

100_6490 (1)


“I love it when we get to race other pupils from other schools.”


“I feel really proud.”


“I feel proud of my class as we have earnt over 100,000 points (questions) as a team.”


Well a definite ‘thumbs up’ from the children but we were keen to learn what their teachers think.

“It is a fun activity that children enjoy collecting points for to compete against others.” Mrs Hartnett Class 3

“Skoolbo is really excellent as it is easy to use and because the games are short it keeps the children engaged. It is great for consolidating work completed  in the classroom. I am so proud of my class for putting the extra time and effort into doing more work at home.'” Mrs Larrett Class 4

“Skoolbo is a wonderful way to motivate children and to get the best from them. Their tenacity and commitment is very commendable.” Mrs Slee Class 8

Who will be the next class to reach 100,000 answers? Who will make it to a quarter of a million first?

Well done to to all the children, we can’t wait to see what you do next!

St Anne Line Junior School opened in 1964 and is a two-form entry school. It was built to serve the Catholic families living in the West side of Basildon and those living in Wickford & Laindon.