Are you ready to win?


It’s time to show the world what team GB can do. On Tuesday, the 6th December children across the UK will compete with children in Australia, New Zealand and the United States for the title of World Skoolbo Champion. Answer as many questions as you can on reading, maths and languages during the 4 day event.

Here are the wonderful students from Papakura Normal School in New Zealand in anticipation of the challenge-


Would you share with us your World Cup preparations?

Stay tuned for more news on the World Cup coming in the lead up to December 6th…

Go GB Kids! Go!

The Skoolbo World Cup is just around the corner! Let’s WIN UK!

Skoolbo World Cup

The Skoolbo World Cup is back for a third year! Children in the UK will be competing against other Skoolbo-ers in classrooms across the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Running from Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th of December, your students’ avatars will wear a new Team GB uniform. Every question your students answer correctly puts the UK one step closer to victory! There will be an automated tally on the Skoolbo website homepage so you can see the results live.

This is a great way to motivate and engage students to learn by answering lots of maths and literacy questions.

Let’s have some fun as we join together to take on the world in the Skoolbo World Cup!

Stay tuned for more news on the World Cup coming in the lead up to December 6th…

Go GB Kids! Go!

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How to be a good reader

howtobe reader_zippyshinelogo

There has been huge emphasis recently on the importance of reading with your child. But what does good reading look like and how can you best support your child to both enjoy reading and develop the skills that will help them become confident, motivated, fluent readers?


booksWhy is it important that children enjoy reading?

Children who read for pleasure achieve better not only in English but also across a wide range of subjects including maths.


open-bookWhat is good reading?

Reading is about so much more than simply decoding print, it is a multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation.


We tend to think that reading is a purely visual skill involving the ability to link letters to sounds. However, learning to read can also rely on a more complex set of underlying cognitive skills such as memory, attention and sequencing.

Zippy Shine is a reading performance app that gives children the opportunity reach their potential in reading in a fun, enjoyable and safe way. It helps children develop the complex set of skills required to become a ‘good’ reader, placing them in control of their learning.

Children learn to read so they can read to learn!

You can download Zippy Shine for 50% off on iTunes or the Google Play Store.




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Zippy Shine is developed by Skoolbo.

Creating confident, fluent, motivated readers with Zippy Shine

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 Reading and sharing stories is a fundamental part of being human. Stories expose us to a world beyond the one we live in, promoting understanding, entertaining us and bringing enjoyment. In fact recent studies have shown that children who read regularly and for pleasure generally achieve better outcomes in a wide range of subjects including maths.


While the importance of being able to read well is not in doubt, the seemingly effortless activity described as “good reading” is actually made up of a set of highly complex, skills and abilities. This is where our new reading and performance reading app Zippy Shine can help.

Zippy Shine (video below) is packed full of mini-stories for children ages 7 to 11 to read aloud and record and they’ll be amazed as they discover their own name appearing in every story!

This brings a range of benefits for the children such as:

  • the ability to evaluate their own performance
  • develops the concepts of expression and intonation
  • recognise and respond to punctuation in a meaningful context.

And Zippy Shine is not just about stories, there are jokes too!

Children can try their hand at reading questions and delivering a punchline with expert timing! Once their performance is perfected, they can play it back for friends and family with their avatar taking the stage! What’s more, children who sign in to Zippy Shine with their Skoolbo account can share their masterpiece with their parents and teacher to receive valuable feedback and some well deserved applause!

Zippy Shine is a fun, enjoyable way to help children become confident, fluent, motivated readers. Who knows you may discover that the next master storyteller or comic genius is closer than you think!

Download now!


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Are your students playing for WaterAid?

Earlier this term we asked our players to get behind our special WaterAid challenge and we have been overwhelmed by the response.

Over the last three weeks hundreds of Mega, Mighty and Mammoth ClassBo challenges have been completed, each one helping to bring clean water, sanitation and hygiene to people across the globe.


We’ll continue donating to WaterAid for every challenge successfully completed

by the end of this term.


Thorndown Primary School in Cambridgeshire were among the first to set ClassBo challenges. Here’s what some of their students had to say:



If your class hasn’t yet set a challenge, it’s not too late, a few clicks in teacher dashboard and you’re good to go.

World cup champions for London – Stag Lane Junior School

stag lane map and logo

Stag Lane Junior school joined Skoolbo in July 2014, and have gone from strength to strength…

Eesha (the pupil with the most correct answers in 5H):
‘Skoolbo is a remarkable, exceptional and really exciting way of learning. There are fabulous ways of earning points by playing maths and literacy games, so that you can buy aeroplanes as well as other great toys. Skoolbo is great because you can compete against other children around the world which means you want to play it everyday to earn the points. What is your favourite game on it?’

Since joining Skoolbo literacy has improved by 22% on average and Numeracy by 16% across the school!

“I think it is fantastic – I tried it out on my 8 year old son at home first and because he loved it so much I just knew that our children at Stag Lane HAD to have it! It was so eye catching and fast paced. My staff particularly like the fact that it assesses the children as they go along so they don’t have to regularly set new work. The children are very enthused and it has taken off in every year group from Year 3 to Year 6. The sticker packs have been well received and it is lovely to see children walking around the school wearing them.”

Jo Kercher – Maths Subject leader Stag Lane Junior school

In the recent World Cup Challenge the school stormed the leaderboards and were the top placed London school, reaching 13th place in the world school leaderboard.

Class 5H were the highest placed London class in 23rd place in the world!

5H Skoolbo (1)

Skoolbo has been taken on by the whole school, and to date the school have answered nearly 500,000 questions collectively! With all classes playing. An amazing feat!

‘Skoolbo is awesome due to the fact that as you earn points you can spend them on anything you want, that’s why I have a cool collection. Everyday is awesome when I am beating my opponent! It really is a fabulous game for all children’. Fatima 5H

‘Skoolbo is just so much fun. I love to play it and it helps me to learn.’ Khilan 5H

‘I love playing the maths games best as I get lots of points when I beat the other children. It really does help me to learn, without  making it look like normal work because it’s a game really.’ Jeevan 5H

 Built in 1935 the school is set in spacious grounds in Edgware, Harrow and borders the boroughs of Brent and Barnet. Stag Lane Junior School is a mixed school for children of 7-11 years old. There are currently twelve classes, three in each of the year groups 3 to 6.

The school provide an exciting and stimulating environment for learning within a happy and caring atmosphere and aim for every child to enjoy their time at school and reach the highest standards of personal, social and intellectual achievement.

Their vision, that their children will become confident, motivated, lifelong learners who are able to communicate effectively in an ever-changing multicultural world, is one we support wholeheartedly.

Well done Stag Lane Junior, top performing London World Cup school!

An interview with Denise Lewis – North Ormesby Academy

north ormesby map

 At the end of the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge, one class stood out above the rest.

Mr Nicholson’s Year 6 class at North Ormesby Primary Academy not only achieved 3rd place on the Class leaderboard and 1st in the UK, but  R.L a pupil from year 6 also topped the world pupil leaderboard!

Due to this stunning performance, they were given the opportunity to interview Denise Lewis and what a fantastic meeting it was!

Above you can see the ‘highlights’ or you can see the meeting in all its glory below, Enjoy!

Could this be your class after the next Challenge? 

St Alban’s Catholic Primary School show the rest how to take Skoolbo to another level!

st albans map and logo

St Albans Catholic Primary School have taken Skoolbo on to another level…

Since joining Skoolbo in June 2014, the school have answered a fantastic over 150,000 questions with Mr Senior and Mr Barraclough’s Year 6 class (Rievaulx) answering an amazing 60,131 questions. Numeracy has improved by 17% across the school and literacy by a fantastic 25%.

“I piloted​ the software with my Year 6 class to see what the general consensus was. As I started to see how valuable the software was (and how much the children loved it), I rolled it out to all of KS2 and last week KS1 came on board.

Year 6 (Rievaulx) have been using Skoolbo as a guided reading carousel activity along with handwriting, spelling practise and comprehension. The children can independently (and quietly!) get on with no fuss whilst I hear a group read

Selby, our Year 2 class, love it so much that Miss Shipley has children playing on her iPhone and an old tablet from home as well as the classroom computer. Miss Shipley has said that children are keen to produce writing of high quality and standard in good time so that they can “choose” to go on Skoolbo. They have a Skoolbo-er of the week!”

Mr Senior – Year 6  (Rievaulx) Teacher

st albans class photo

Miss Shipley with Selby – Year 2 class. 

Recently the school have introduced a Skoolbo leaderboard to their website which has increased the motivation of everyone involved, pupils can now play each week and a leaderboard of the pupils in the school is shown on the site at the end of each week. Skoolbo certificates have been introduced to the top performers each week given out in Assembly.

“Our first Skoolbo Pupil of the week was given her certificate in this morning’s assembly. She was thrilled! This will be a weekly occurrence now. Top 20 pupils using Skoolbo weekly are displayed on our school website and top 10 displayed in the Computing Lab. Another incentive to use Skoolbo at home. Skoolbo offers a great opportunity for all our children to get involved and working together. The regular competitions that Skoolbo runs enables pupils from FS2 all the way to Y6 to work together cooperatively –they love to spur each other on!”  Mrs Ayres – Headteacher St Alban’s Catholic Primary School

St Albans have also recently started their first after school Skoolbo club. They have 17 PCs, 3 school iPads, three staff iPhones and two staff tablets in use. This has been a great way to give children who don’t have access to ICT/internet at home another opportunity to use Skoolbo.

Thank you St Albans Doncaster, you are true Skoolbo school Ambassador’s. They have even presented Skoolbo on their website for parents to see.

St. Albans Catholic Primary School in Denaby Main, are a one form entry school on the outskirts of Doncaster. The school has 182 pupils and caters for pupils from 4-11 years old. The classes within the school take their names from six Yorkshire Abbeys: Rosedale (FS), Roach (Y1), Selby (Y2), Byland (Y3/4), Fountains (Y5) and Rievaulx(Y6).

The school ethos is to equip each child with the skills to understand the world around them and make a positive contribution to the school and their local community.They aim to do this by developing pupils love of learning by introducing learning styles that encourage them to enjoy a thirst for knowledge.. Children then become fully engaged and are able to reach their full potential. Skoolbo fits perfectly with this ethos.

Well done and thank you St. Alban’s Catholic Primary School, Doncaster!