Get the facts on Summer Learning Loss and how you can beat it from home!

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You may have heard of Summer Learning Loss, the academic losses that many young people experience during the time they’re out of school over the Summer.  While there have been countless articles posted on the problem – it can be hard to know what the easiest fix is without forcing your children study over the long awaited Summer Break. Here at Skoolbo, we know how demotivating that is for your child when all they really want to do is play!

Learning through play is what Skoolbo is all about. Our highly motivational learning games are the easiest and most effective way your child can stay ahead over the Summer Break. The best part is, it’s completely free to use meaning you won’t break the bank to achieve real learning improvement.

So what is Skoolbo and what can your child get out of it?

  • Skoolbo is a learning game designed to improve the reading, maths and language skills of primary school children
  • The Skoolbo personalised learning algorithm dynamically adjusts to the ability of each child, ensuring effective learning without the need for constant teacher input
  • Maths and Reading games – over 60,000 literacy and numeracy questions
  • Language learning games with Language Dragons – learn French, Mandarin and Spanish
  • Duelbo – a motivating way to learn. Challenge friends to beat highscores
  • Parent Dashboard – providing vital information so parents can track the progress of their child’s learning outcomes.
  • Proof of improvement – Studies have shown that 94% of children master a new reading or maths skill within just 20 minutes of playing Skoolbo


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Let’s take a look at some important facts on Summer Learning Loss

We have put together an easy to read infographic to highlight the potential impact of Summer Learning Loss and to show why your child would benefit from playing Skoolbo at home over the Summer.


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Are your students playing for WaterAid?

Earlier this term we asked our players to get behind our special WaterAid challenge and we have been overwhelmed by the response.

Over the last three weeks hundreds of Mega, Mighty and Mammoth ClassBo challenges have been completed, each one helping to bring clean water, sanitation and hygiene to people across the globe.


We’ll continue donating to WaterAid for every challenge successfully completed

by the end of this term.


Thorndown Primary School in Cambridgeshire were among the first to set ClassBo challenges. Here’s what some of their students had to say:



If your class hasn’t yet set a challenge, it’s not too late, a few clicks in teacher dashboard and you’re good to go.

Skoolbo partners with major Chinese educational player

Skoolbo is proud to announce our new partnership with CIT, a major Chinese educational player, to deliver award-winning learning platforms across China.

Skoolbo will be working with Century Innovative Technology Limited (CIT) to launch co-branded products in China.

Shane Hill, CEO and Founder Skoolbo and Poman Lo CEO and Founder CIT.


It has been a terrific few weeks for Skoolbo; a newly announced partnership with China’s CIT and also being awarded Best Game-based Curriculum Solution by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries. The SIIA CODiE Awards is the only peer-reviewed program to showcase business and education technology’s finest products and services.

Since launching in 2013, Skoolbo has been a runaway success, reaching over 200K classrooms, worldwide. Skoolbo has localised versions in United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, India, Mexico and recently launched in Canada.

Shane Hill, who founded Mathletics and Skoolbo announced, “Our mission is to transform the educational outcomes of millions of children across the globe and in CIT and Poman Lo their CEO we have found our perfect partner. Our companies have the same mission to educate millions of children and have forged similar paths towards the same aim. The partnership brings together the complementary strengths of both companies – CIT has the number one rated TV show in China for young people as well as very strong relationships with many important players in both the public and private sectors in China. Skoolbo has proven in country after country that our learning platforms are loved by children, teachers and parents

Poman Lo ­ CEO and Founder of CIT said “I couldn’t be happier in partnering with Skoolbo. I have huge respect for Shane and his team who have shown they are worldCITL_1 beaters. CIT and our award-winning brand ‘Bodhi and friends’ will be integrated into Skoolbo products as they roll out in China and other territories. CIT will drive forward distribution in China leveraging on our extensive network and channels. I am looking forward to bringing an amazing digital experience to Chinese Kindergartens which will help redefine learning and transform preschool education. Our music game app ‘Careok’ has been promoted by the Chinese Ministry of Education in schools across the whole of China. My dream to inspire young minds and nurture innovative leaders across the world has just taken a big step forward”.


Skoolbo Logo-PNGColin Brown London-based Skoolbo Chief Operating Officer said, “it’s been a terrific few weeks – signing our partnership with CIT, winning the equivalent of the educational Oscars in America, known as the CODiEs Award for best game based solution on the back of a fantastic two months in the US where we have seen over thirteen thousand new schools on board Skoolbo. We are hoping for similar success in Canada where we launched last week with a localised version. Last, but certainly not least,  we had a wonderful response to our recent campaign in the UK where, for every challenge a class achieves, we will make a donation to WaterAid. At this stage in the term when it’s difficult to motivate the children, asking them to help children across the world by improving their reading and maths has really hit the spot and schools are responding very well”.