Thanks a Billion!

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Today is a brilliant occasion as children around the world have just surpassed a BILLION ANSWERS! We want to congratulate each and every student, parent and teacher that has taken part in this journey to a billion, you are all true Skoolbo Superstars!

It’s very easy to forget just how huge a billion really is, so we’ve got some facts to give you a better perspective on your fantastic achievement:

  • If you counted to a billion, you’d be counting for roughly 95 years
  • A billion hours is a little over 114,000 years
  • The population of the whole of Africa is about 1 billion. North and South America combine to a total of 850 million. Asia is the most populous continent with over 4 billion people!

The Skoolbo vision has always been to help every child to learn how to read and become confident with numbers. With approximately a billion children aged 4 to 12 years old in the world, you’ve answered a question on Skoolbo for every child on the planet and helped us take another step in making this vision a reality!

Not only have you answered over a billion questions, you’ve also achieved almost 10 MILLION Personal Learning Bests. This means that kids across the globe aren’t just having fun with Skoolbo, they’re improving their learning outcomes each time they jump on and play!

Once again, thank you to all of our loyal users for helping us reach this magnificent milestone. Brilliant stuff!!


Student blogger rates Skoolbo!

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Today we were thrilled to receive this fantastic endorsement from a young Year 4 blogger who goes by the name of Robin Jnr. It’s wonderful to see students embracing social media in this responsible manner and using it as a tool to share great learning ideas. Of course we just happen to agree with Robin as well!

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Thank you Robin!

See how Skoolbo is showing real results in improvement!

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Download our recent white paper to see why Skoolbo is showing real improvement in students’ reading and maths skills

As we’re sure you already know, Skoolbo is a highly beneficial and free eLearning tool that helps kids across the globe have fun while improving their literacy and numeracy skills. To give you an even better look at just how well Skoolbo works, we’ve put together this insightful paper outlining the Skoolbo course using data from our worldwide user base. The paper goes through the course outline of Skoolbo, detailing the sample sizes taken when collating our data for each topic. Also included are key metrics such as average improvement, average high scores and even the number of answers a student completes per minute.

With over a BILLION questions answered by 31,000 schools, students using Skoolbo have achieved over 9.8 million Personal Learning Bests in total. Given the sheer amount of answers to date on Skoolbo, it’s even more impressive that 87.8% of questions were answered correctly and contributed to an average of 28% improvement in students across the board. On such a massive number, these accuracy and improvement figures are testament to the effectiveness of the Skoolbo algorithm.

Our algorithm adapts to the individual ability of a student and provides a personalised learning experience for each. With over 250 literacy and numeracy skills to learn, students are given a challenging yet rewarding program that facilitates success and promotes a positive learning experience. The adaptive nature of Skoolbo has also yielded the mastery of a new literacy or numeracy skill by 94% of students after a mere 20 minutes of game time!

If you really want to get the lowdown on Skoolbo, make sure you check out this fantastic paper and help maximise the learning of your kids!

Download our recent white paper to see the real improvement Skoolbo kids are achieving!

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Motivation is KEY, which is why we are giving your students something special this month…

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Motivation is KEY

We believe each student should be rewarded for working hard and achieving results. With that in mind, we’ve got some great news! This month, each student who plays Skoolbo will be awarded 2000 Bo Coins to enjoy whatever they like in-game! So make sure they jump on and join in the learning fun to benefit from this fantastic incentive.

Skoolbo Works!

94% of children master a maths or reading skill after 20 mins on Skoolbo!  Now with almost a BILLION answers notched up by all of our users so far, that sure is a wealth of improvement that has been achieved on Skoolbo!


Supercharge Learning with our NEW Student Reports!

We’re always improving and adding new features to Skoolbo, both in-game and in the teacher dashboard. Did you know that we have recently added a great new reporting tool for teachers?

The data behind these simple statistics will serve to super-charge your students’ Skoolbo experience by providing vital information that will allow teachers to prioritise the tasks and topics that matter most!

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Tweets of the Week!

We love it when schools take to social media to celebrate the great learning taking place in their schools. It’s even better when we see that the cause of all that engagement and enjoyment is Skoolbo!

Take a look at these marvellous images of children having fun while securing those important maths, reading, grammar and spelling skills.

Well done to Year 1 at North Ormesby Academy who are demonstrating some great collaborative learning!

NO Gyazo

Year 5 got the ball rolling at Water Lane Academy…

Water lane Yr 5 Gyazo

…and just look at how well the school are performing on the leaderboard now!


This is simply awesome and today we heard about the brand new Skoolbo lunch time club!

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How’s this for dedication!

Shelton gyazo

Thank you for sharing your good news and great photographs – you are all outstanding!

Join the conversation!


Francois Pienaar and Karl Bistany Join the Skoolbo Board

It is our very great pleasure to welcome two new members to the Skoolbo Board.

We are delighted to announce that former South Africa Rugby Team Captain Francois Pienaar and sports and media rights expert Karl Bistany have joined existing board members Guy Reypert and Jeff Halley to help drive forward the Skoolbo mission.


Francois Pienaar is one of the most iconic sports figures in the world having famously captained South Africa to success in the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Born and educated in the Transvaal, he went on to play for South Africa, captaining the side in every one of his 29 appearances, culminating in the famous victory at the World Cup in 1995. He was acknowledged at that time as an inspiring leader, with an uncompromising approach to commitment.

“It was under his inspiring leadership that rugby became the pride of the entire county, his leadership extended beyond the field of rugby and he truly represents all South Africans. Under his inspiring leadership a nation was brought together.” Nelson Mandela

Francois has a fierce passion for education and in 2003 founded the charity ‘Make a Difference’ and ‘Advent Sport Entertainment and Media’ in 2009 which coordinates varsity sport and entertainment in South Africa.

In 2009 Warner Brothers produced the Oscar nominated movie “Invictus” (directed by Clint Eastwood) focusing on the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa and how a once divided nation became world champions. Mandela’s role was played by Morgan Freeman with Matt Damon portraying Francois.

Karl Bistany

Karl Bistany is one of the foremost experts on sports and media rights across the globe.

Between 1996 and 2004 Karl was Chief Executive of CSI Television which subsequently became Octagon CSI. As Head of Octagon’s global television business Karl oversaw all group activities in electronic media. This ranged from the representation of rights holders  including UEFA Euro 2004™ Championships, The Football Association (of England), The English Premier League, the Football League, the Cricket Boards of Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa and Zimbabwe, the New Zealand Rugby Union, Six Nations Rugby and World Superbikes to managing the company’s production division.

Karl was also Managing Director of Octagon Marketing (EMEA) between 2000 and 2004 overseeing all marketing activities within the EMEA markets including the sponsorship of the Lions Tour of Australia (2001), FIFA Beach Soccer and MasterCard (FIFA World Cup 2002).

In 2005 he founded Future Media Services (FMS) to provide rights holders, broadcasters and sponsors with specialists services in the field of televised sport. Though UK based, FMS has a global network of independent industry specialists, offering decades of industry experience and continually challenging convention to achieve the right results for its clients.

Karl has worked with many other major global players including –  BT Sports, Guinness, Bundesliga, Commonwealth Games England and UEFA where FMS advised on the tendering process of UEFA’s Euro 2008™ television rights and the centralisation of all National Association qualifying match media rights.

We are honoured to have such a wealth of expertise on the Skoolbo Board.

Welcome Francois and Karl!