Introducing PopSnaz | Skoolbo’s exciting augmented reality feature

popsnaz final social design (2)

Introducing Skoolbo v 2.0.4 and v 2.0.5 featuring PopSnaz! You can now experience 3D magic in the real world! PopSnaz is a wonderful augmented reality feature for phones and tablets where Skoolbo avatars come to life!

This feature is highly motivating for children and is a great way to celebrate their latest improvements – Skoolbo characters come to life by jumping into the real world to applaud achievements in real time.

Here’s how to PopSnaz:

  1. Update to the latest version of Skoolbo by visiting our downloads page.
  2. Here you will also find printouts to be PopSnazzed! Print out the superhero certificate or celebration trophy and customise it by colouring it in.
  3. In game you will see the PopSnaz button which will activate your tablet or smartphone camera.
  4. Hover your device over the coloured in trophy or superhero certificate and you will see the PopSnaz excitement come to life!

It’s interactive, highly motivational for children and well, it’s pretty much magic! There’s never been a more exciting way to celebrate improvements with game based learning.

To PopSnaz, you will need to have a device with a rear facing camera.

V 2.0.4 and V2.0.5 of Skoolbo also includes game enhancements and improvements

To get PopSnaz, update to the latest version of Skoolbo on your tablet or phone 

button (20)

popsnaz screenshot 2


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Skoolbo Holiday Fun Challenge | Make the Break Count!

Holiday Fun Challenge

Christmas is coming and teachers, parents and kids around the world are gearing up for the festive season. We don’t know about you, but we here at Skoolbo love this time of year and get really excited every time it comes around! This year, we’ve decided to make the holidays even better by introducing the Skoolbo Holiday Fun Challenge for your classroom! The game is really easy to pick up and teachers can encourage students to play it as a way of promoting continuous learning of literacy, numeracy and languages over the Christmas period.

The idea of the game is to give students a 7 day window in which to navigate a Monopoly-style, step-based board game through playing Skoolbo. Once you’re back in the classroom, students can all compare answers and see how they each approached the game.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Give each student a copy of the board game and get them ready to start when the Skoolbo leaderboards start which is on a Sunday. The game must be completed within 7 days of starting it.
  2. Start at “Day 1” on the far left of the board and follow the instructions to complete the task
  3. Complete the task assigned to each day and follow the blue arrows through to the next day and challenge
  4. Once your class has started, make sure students check the in-game ‘class leaderboard’ to see how they are doing against their classmates and also the rest of the world
  5. After you’ve returned from the holidays, review the results of each student across all the leaderboards (if students had a picture of their characters in super suits then even better, but not essential!)

You can download a printout copy below

GAmeboard EDM button (2)



A massive shout out must go to Lori Martin, a teacher at South Pekin Elementary in Illinois, USA, who originally came up with the idea of a Skoolbo board game and whose creation served as the inspiration for our own game. If you’d like to know more about Mrs. Martin, she received a fantastic write-up in the Pekin Times which you can read by clicking here.

This is a wonderful way of keeping minds active by using a fun, new way to play Skoolbo, so get stuck in and don’t forget to let us know how you get on!

If you have an interesting way you use Skoolbo in class, email us so we can promote your awesome idea!


2015 Skoolbo World Cup Recap – What a Week!

Final -1

The 2015 Skoolbo World Cup is all over and Team Australia have brought home the trophy, beating off stiff competition from the rest of the world after a fantastic week of action-packed fun! So much great stuff happened during this world cup and we at Skoolbo would like to thank everyone for making it such a resounding success. This year, you’ve answered a combined total of 19,026,100 literacy, numeracy and language questions, with Teams Australia, USA and GB all comfortably joining the million club! Team NZ were only a whisker away from the magic million and should be over the moon with your brilliant performance! Let’s take a look at how the action went down as the world cup raged on:

Final Leaderboard

Team GB Trend Setters

Team GB came out of the blocks at a blistering pace and finished the first day on top of the overall leaderboards. They were closely followed by the rest of the world and this really did set the competitive mood for the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup. We knew you were all up for it!

Lucky Number 7

Day two passed and Team Australia struck back for the rest of the world, leapfrogging Team GB into top spot! Team USA and Team NZ were racking up some unbelievable scores and really heaping the pressure on. We were positively peachy when we saw that  all you Skoolbo-ers had racked up over 7 million questions within the first 2 days. Crazy! The schools leaderboard started to take shape, too, with Meadowbrook Primary School of Team GB grabbing a well-deserved lead that they defended ferociously until the end!

Whirlwind Weekend

The action hit boiling point when world cup fever took hold of the weekend. Nearly 12 million questions answered by Skoolbo superstars around the world! Team GB took back the lead from Team Australia and tried to get some distance from Team NZ and Team USA, who would just not let them get away. King-Chavez Athletics Academy were starting to make tracks for Team USA in the schools leaderboard, with Bayswater from Team NZ cranking up the pressure!

…and the battle raged!

It was getting close to the end of the world cup and epic battles were happening all across the leaderboards. Team Australia and Team GB were enjoying a titanic struggle on the overall leaderboard, followed by long-time leaders Meadowbrook frantically holding off a late surge from Beverley Manor Elementary of Team USA on the schools leaderboard. Bayswater and King-Chavez Athletics Academy were trading blows and places on the classes leaderboard, with 3 Aussie students doing their best to hold off 3 Team GB students on the students leaderboard!

The Home Straight

Over 18 million questions in and both Team GB and Team Australia joined the million club, with Team USA soon to follow and Team NZ putting in some wonderful work. A very even mix of countries could be seen across the schools leaderboard, with Meadowbrook refusing to let go of that top spot! Bayswater managed to create some distance at the top of the classes leaderboard, knowing a very capable and spirited bunch could overtake them at any time. The students leaderboard was as unpredictable as it was exciting, with John XXIII Catholic Primary School just about holding onto top spot ahead of some incredibly high-scoring competitors!

Final Whistle

They think it’s all over, it is now! A tense final day saw our overall winners, Team Australia, come good when it mattered most. On the schools leaderboard John XXIII Catholic Primary School snatched victory at the last second from long-time leaders, Meadowbrook, while Class 5 at Bayswater did Team NZ proud by taking home gold on the classes leaderboard. The students leaderboard finished with a flourish and top spot went to Team Australia via the student in Class 6 White at John XXIII Catholic Primary School, after an heroic fight to the end with a fellow Aussie student in Class 5W at St. Clare’s Primary School. This is how the leaderboards looked at the finish –

Class school

What a world cup it’s been and thank you to every that took part and made it so special. We can’t wait for next year and we hope you all feel the same!

The winner is…

Final -1

The 2015 Skoolbo World Cup has come to an end and a huge congratulations to Team Australia, our new Skoolbo world champions! Over the course of the world cup, children from around the globe answered a staggering 19,026,100 questions.


A massive THANK YOU to everyone who took part, we’re already super excited for the 2016 event and can’t wait for it to come around!

We’ll have more on the overall results soon, so stay tuned…

Day 7 – The final day!

skoolbo world cup2

This is it! The last few hours of the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup Challenge. Last night the marvellous children of Team GB did it – they surpassed one million answers!


We’ve got a great chance with so many schools behind Team GB. The magnificent Meadowbrook are hanging on to top spot…


and the wonderful students of Bells Farm Primary have been taking to social media to whip up support by setting a great example –

bells farm

Now it’s over to all the after school clubs and Skoolbo-ers at home – you can do it!

Go! GB Kids Go!

Day 6 – Let’s make it a million!

2 days to go! (2)

It’s the penultimate day of the World Cup which means we only have this evening and tomorrow left to rack up the answers. We’ll need a big effort from everyone at home and in after school clubs today to try and push us over that one million mark. This will give us a big psychological advantage over the other teams going into the final day.


Thank you to Y4/Y6 at Bells Farm Primary in Birmingham for their dedication and for getting the word out – what a great tweet!

Bells farm

You’ve been incredible so far and a credit to Team GB –  not long left now!

Go! GB Kids Go!



2 days to go! (2)

Let’s make it a million! As the global challenge total exceeds 12 million answers, Team GB is heading steadily towards the one million mark!


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could finish today having surpassed that figure, making Team GB the first to reach one million in the challenge?

Team Aus had a wonderful start to the week and are really making Team GB work hard to retain the lead. You’ve all been amazing so far, just keep going – the end is in sight.

Here’s a look at the leaderboards as they stand this morning –




We’ll keep you updated as the day progresses. Please keep in touch with your challenge stories, we love hearing about your successes big or small!

Go! GB Kids Go!

Follow #SkoolboWorldCup

Day 5 – Team GB – world leaders on Skoolbo!

As the weekend draws to a close Team GB have outperformed themselves! Everyone of you deserves a huge pat on the back for your efforts over Saturday and Sunday. The totaliser shows a healthy gap between us and Team Aus with a whopping 857,520 questions answered! Not only that, the global total has whizzed past 11 million!


There are six UK pupils in the top ten – RO and NM from Zephaniah class (Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park), RM from Yr 6 (Limbrick Wood Primary School), ZH and HH from class 6 and MT from class 5MC (Eastern Green Junior School). Congratulations to you all.


Four UK schools feature in the top ten – the unmoveable Meadowbrook, high-flyers Eastern Green, Ambassadors Carleton and previous challenge winners Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park.


Don’t forget to get your friends, brothers, sisters and cousins playing as we go into the last two days of the challenge.

Go! GB Kids Go!

Day 4 – Keep playing to be weekend winners!

Team GB (3)

Team GB are out in front again but it’s neck and neck with Team Aus!


Our wonderful Skoolbo-ers have notched up over 10 million answers – outstanding!

We know that Team Aus, Team NZ and Team US will keep playing right through the weekend and so we mustn’t be complacent. Keep up the amazing work and get your friends involved too! If we join together we have a great chance of becoming champions!

Team GB (2)


Day 3 – Over 9 million questions!

Go Team GB!

Wow! Children have been taking to Skoolbo globally and together have answered well over 9 million questions and it’s shaping up to be a very close contest. Currently it’s Team GB and Team Aus who are battling it out but anything could happen over the weekend.


Here in the UK schools have been taking to social media to rally support for the challenge. We love this tweet from Lanchester EP Primary School –


Meadowbrook continue to go from strength to strength. They’re still sitting at the top of the leaderboard and their wonderful students have now answered over 153,000 questions! Eastern Green and Carleton are also holding on to their top ten places –


We’d also like to give a shout out to pupils and classes from these schools who are working their way up the leaderboards and making a fantastic contribution to Team GB’s bid to be crowned World Cup Champions next week –

  • Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park
  • High Ongar Primary School
  • Otterbourne CofE Primary School
  • Limbrick Wood Primary School
  • Thorndown Primary School
  • St Helen’s Primary School
  • St Anne Line Catholic Junior School
  • Stag Lane Junior School
  • Ninfield CofE Primary School
  • Sydenham Primary School
  • Bowes Hutchinson’s CofE (Aided) School
  • Lawley Primary School
  • Freuchie Primary School

Superb effort! Team GB thanks you and everyone else taking part for your efforts!

Keep playing over the weekend to give Team GB the best possible chance!

Good luck Team GB!

Follow the hashtag #SkoolboWorldCup on twitter!

Go! GB Kids Go!


Go Team GB!

OK Team GB – back to business. The other teams have been very busy overnight and we’ll need to work extra hard to overtake them again. Team Aus have had another wonderful day and Team NZ are gaining ground. Team US haven’t quite caught up yet but we’ve heard that they are planning a huge effort over the weekend so we can’t relax.


The brilliant news is that between us we have answered almost 8 million questions, which is incredible and it isn’t just about answering questions. There’s some amazing learning taking place. By the end of the challenge you will have improved your reading, spelling and numeracy skills and maybe even begun to learn a new language!

Here’s quick glimpse at the top of the leaderboards as they stand but it could be all change very shortly.

Schools class pupilHere at the Skoolbo offices we’re all very keen to find out which Meadowbrook class will finish highest on the leaderboard. There’s a wonderful battle unfolding between Voles and Otters. They start the day 6th and 7th respectively but where will they be at the end of the day? Will another Meadowbrook class overtake them?


We’d also like to give a special welcome to schools making a first appearance on the challenge leaderboards. Otterbourne CofE Primary School, Anderton Park Primary School, Ninfield CofE Primary School and Lawley Primary School are all represented this morning – glad to have you on board!

Good luck Team GB!

Follow the hashtag #SkoolboWorldCup on twitter!

Go! GB Kids Go!