Fantastic news! 30,000 schools worldwide are now on Skoolbo!

30k schools on skoolbo

30K schools worldwide now playing on Skoolbo!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the schools that have chosen to learn with us, giving children access to our highly motivational and rewarding elearning game.

We are well on track to achieving the Skoolbo dream –  Our dream is that every child learns to read and gains confidence with numbers… these are life’s essentials. We believe technology can dramatically help and that the best way to do it is to make it lots of fun and to make it FREE!

Since we have launched we have added many new features to our growing list of learning games with many more to be released in the future!

Some of these include:

  • Popsnaz – our new highly motivating augmented reality feature where Skoolbo characters jump into your world to celebrate with you!
  • DuelBo – a fun new game within Skoolbo where students can challenge their classmates and friends to beat their high scores.
  • Language Dragons – children can learn French, Mandarin and Spanish with more languages coming soon!
  • Zippy Shake – bringing increased physical activity and music into the classroom, energizing the children and getting them ready to learn.
  • 60 Second Slime – increasing speed and accuracy in a fun rewarding game show

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P5 from Valley Primary School snatch victory!

You may recall we have been following the efforts of some very special children from classes P5 and P5/6 from Valley Primary School in Kirkcaldy. Well the challenge is over and the results are in! We were delighted to receive this report from Learning Support Teacher and challenge organiser Mrs Lesley Cameron –

“The children worked exceedingly hard over the week and it was a close race with a different class being in the lead each day. The final totals for the week were…….

…P5 with 32,262 and  P5/6 with 31,791 points. Only 471 points less!

The winning class were delighted to be presented with the trophy by Headteacher Paula Seiner. They got a group photo with the two children who had gained the most points, Bethany Massey and Leon Page holding the trophy. All the children got stickers, bookmarks a sweet treat and extended break to celebrate their success. The children were so excited they asked if they could get an individual photo holding the trophy.

Magdalena Antonik in the P5/6 class deserves a special mention for all the effort she put in at home to help her class. She personally achieved 16,000 points!


All of the children were avidly following the Skoolbo leadership board and they were absolutely delighted when both the classes took the first and second position in the UK class board.

Some of the other classes are now thinking of setting their own challenges.”


Wow an amazing achievement,  a huge ‘congratulations’ to all the students who took part but what about the headphones the children were hoping to acquire to improve their learning experience? Well Headteacher, Ms Paula Seiner and the members of the school’s Senior Leadership Team have been so impressed with all the enthusiasm around Skoolbo that they have invested in individual earplugs for all the children from P5 to P7 so a great result there!

Skoolbo is ‘making learning fun’ for Valley Primary School children!

Valley Primary School set their own Skoolbo challenge!

Banner 2

Impressive learning at the Kyabirwa Children’s Centre!

We were really happy when today we received this fantasic update on the Skoolbo pilot project in Uganda. Skoolbo board member Jeff Halley dropped in to the Kyabirwa Children’s Centre to say ‘hello’ to some of the children and to see first hand how they are getting along. He must have been impressed as he wasted no time at all in rushing these wonderful photographs to us along with a video showing some marvellous learning taking place.


Here’s what he had to say –

“I visited one of Soft Power Education’s centres today. Most impressed! Skoolbo is being diligently used as a teaching aid with children from two schools at least two to three times a week. There are some awesome teacher’s aides in charge and it is hoped the project will be scaled up to involve more children very soon.

Moments like this sure beat the day job!”


More information on the project is available on our website –

Children in Uganda improve their skills on Skoolbo

An African Opportunity

Skoolbo’s dream is that every child learns to read and gains confidence with numbers. This short video demonstrates perfectly that this is achievable even where there is limited power and no internet connection. Now over to the children…

Skoolbo kids reach 3/4 billion answers worldwide!



We want to celebrate a super exciting achievement this week with children across the world now answering over 3/4 of a BILLION questions on Skoolbo, a mind blowing effort!

Congratulations to all the children and schools involved in reaching this massive milestone!

We want to say a big thank you to all of our loyal supporters who joined us in making learning fun and free for all children.

It’s all about the Improvement!

Improving educational outcomes is at the core of everything we do at Skoolbo. It is our reason for being and we are nothing short of obsessed with it. Skoolbo may look and feel like a game, but every component has the underlying rationale of maximising student improvement. Importantly, Skoolbo is a learning company that uses games as the central medium for learning. It is not a gaming company that simply adds some learning.

Below is a list of our top UK schools who have answered a MILLION questions or more making it into our famous Million Club showing amazing improvement.

Go Skoolbo Kids Go!

uk (1)




Skoolbo is ‘making learning fun’ for Valley Primary School children!

We promised that we would be keeping an eye on the challenge taking place at Valley Primary School in Fife and so we were absolutely delighted when these lovely students were featured in their local press. Journalist Paul McCabe from the Fife Free Press visited the school last week to find out how the students were getting on and what the school was hoping to achieve with this unique challenge.

Skoolbo is ‘making learning fun’ for Valley Primary School children!

Fife 1

Fife 3


It’s wonderful to hear how the teachers at Valley Primary School enhance their students’ learning with Skoolbo and how they have created a special Skoolbo Club. It’s clear that Lesley Cameron along with the other fantastic teachers work hard to ensure children develop their self-esteem while the rewards system and personalised learning is obviously helping with this. A quick look at this week’s new school leaderboard also reveals just how determined these students are to be successful. A brilliant start to the new week!

Valley Leaderboard

The children’s dream of new headphones for the school may become a reality very soon!Valley finalValley Primary School is situated in Kirkcaldy in Fife. Their purpose is to provide a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment for all their pupils. They encourage all their pupils to believe in themselves and to always be the very best that they can be.

The pupils, parents and staff  of Valley Primary School have chosen their values to be:

Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Teamwork and Honesty

Our Dream Banner

Learning together at Leigh CofE Primary School

Leigh 4

Those of you who follow us on social media will know all about the challenge Leigh CofE Primary School teachers set their students over the summer break.

Year 6 teacher Ellie Conroy came up with the idea of a competition to see which class could answer the most questions on Skoolbo helping to avoid the dip in learning that commonly occurs during the longer holidays. This was just the latest challenge in this marvellous intiative that saw children determined to help their class become victorious.

“The  children get very engaged in Skoolbo competition and we set up competitions of our own. Last  Easter we set up an individual competition for the children who could get the most points on Skoolbo. Children were getting up early and playing before school to try to beat their rivals (who were also playing at the same time). The top 10 children in the school received chocolate prizes!

Leigh 2

This summer we set up a Skoolbo competition to ensure children were developing their literacy and numeracy skills while they were away from school. The winning class were promised £10 to spend on whatever they wanted. We began the challenge just before the summer to start the class rivalry. When we got back we revealed the results and discovered Year 6 had won! They began the summer on 71,100 and finished on just over 89,000. We did have many individuals who were working very hard (a child in Year 3 got 1,309 in just 1 night and came first in the leader board).

Leigh 1

It is great to see children so excited about playing an educational game! They beg for more time on Skoolbo and love the Skoolbo challenges.”  Miss Conroy, Year 6 teacher

Leigh 3

What a fantastic way to motivate students to keep on learning even when they’re not in the classroom and it seems that the parents agree –

“My child really enjoys playing on Skoolbo and it has helped to improve her letter sounds.”  Parent

The Winners!

After a tremendous effort from the whole school, Year 6 emerged as the final victors giving them a wonderful start to their secondary school careers. We’d like to congratulate them and wish them well.

And lastly, some words from the children…

At Skoolbo, children are at the centre of everything we do and we firmly believe that learning is most effective when it is fun. Here are the children of Leigh CofE Primary School describing what they like best about Skoolbo –

‘Amazing, I love it!’ Kiera

‘It’s very good for your learning’ Myles

‘It works out your brain’ Emrys

‘You have fun and learn more’ Libbie

‘You can play games and buy your own pet’ Eddie

‘It’s really good for maths and English’ Harvey

‘Best game I’ve ever played’ Dylan

‘A cool way to learn’ Bethany

‘It has helped me with my times tables’ Darcy

‘I like making my own world. Mine has a treehouse’ Lilli

Leigh 5

We like to give a huge pat on the back to these marvellous students – well done!

“Our School is a special place where everyone is dedicated to providing a stimulating and exciting environment in which everyone feels valued, ideas can flourish and pupils can realise their full potential.

Our Mission Statement is ‘Aim Ever Higher … Together We Learn and Grow’. We are committed to developing independent, successful and confident children who have high aspirations, who gain a sense of achievement and leave our school with a wealth of happy memories.” Head Teacher Debbie Middleton

Leigh final

Leigh Church of England Primary School is a one form entry primary school situated in Tile Hill, Coventry.

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At Skoolbo we are constantly looking for new ways to make learning fun and life a little easier for teachers. Our  free Teacher App allows teachers to keep track of students’ progress on the Skoolbo platform. It also provides access to Zippy Shake and the 60 sec Slime, all from one simple to use, free download.

Many teachers already use Zippy Shake as a great way of bringing increased physical activity and music into the classroom – energising the children and getting them ready to learn. It’s a fun and safe dance activity programme for teachers to use on the interactive whiteboard. At approximately two and a half minutes long, it’s perfect for a whole range of purposes e.g. moving around in between learning activities, re-focusing the class or as a warm-up for an indoor PE lesson. Children join together to re-create the moves their avatars make resulting in an exciting whole class interactive dance.

Zippy Shake

For a less energetic but equally engaging challenge, teachers can select students to go ‘head to head’ in a 60 second quiz. Skoolbo character Dr Weevil poses a selection of maths, literacy and general knowledge questions. Too slow with your answers and you run the risk of getting (virtually) ‘slimed’! Superstar contestants may even get to slime Dr Weevil himself!


Your students can learn more about the Zalairos characters by sharing one of the six great e-readers available via the Teacher App. Once your students have enjoyed the adventure there are questions designed to develop comprehension skills.


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