Going for Gold! – Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park

Anyone who followed the recent London vs New York Challenge will be very familiar with the name of this week’s featured school. The wonderful students of Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park proved that they have exactly what it takes to be winners by finishing in first place on the Challenge leaderboard amassing over 287,000 answers!

Challenge leaderboard

No less than seven of the top ten class spots went to Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park!

Challenge leaderboard class

Coleraine Park’s motto is ‘Going for Gold’ and this proved to be very apt. When we spoke to the students during the Challenge they were convinced that London would emerge winners and they were absolutely right. The dedication these students showed to make sure this happened was admirable.

They (my children) got up at 6 & 7 am this morning to keep going before school and will no doubt continue tonight when they get homeCaroline (parent)

The Challenge may be over but the learning is not. These students’ total answers have now exceeded 575,000 with classes 5Bloom, 4Lewis15 and 6Horowitz all on track to join the 100K club very soon.

Harris 3

We believe that this level of commitment deserves recognition and Skoolbo Ambassador and former Olympic swimmer, Adrian Turner was on hand to congratulate some of the top Skoolbo performers from this incredible school. As always Adrian was happy to answer questions and share some top tips on preparing for big challenges.

Can yawning help you win?

In these videos Adrian and the students explore why our bodies react the way they do when we’re scared or nervous. Have you ever felt a big yawn coming on just before a test or a race? How does this help us prepare for what is to come?

skoolbo duelbo challengeOf course ‘Going for Gold’ can also apply to individual challenges. You can watch the children sharing what they think of our new ‘DuelBo’ feature where achieving a personal best earns you the option of challenging a friend to beat your score.

A reminder of what the school’s Vice Principal, Mr Thomas Shanahan had to say about Skoolbo –

The pupils here at Harris Primary Academy have been fully engrossed in Skoolbo from the outset. We have used the stickers and bookmarks as individual and class prizes in whole school assemblies and the pupils love hearing which pupil and class are in front every morning. The healthy, intra school, competition is driving the pupils to out do each other. This then culminates in looking at how our school is doing in relation to other schools and we can stress the importance of every pupil coming together, as a team, to make a whole school score. 
It is truly a whole school competition as one of our highest scoring pupils is in Y2. What says it all really is I have just walked past a student on her way home and the first thing she showed me was that she was already playing on her phone as she went. 
Well done to all the students, teachers and parents of this inspirational school. Keep on ‘Going for Gold’!

HPACP final

Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park is a two-form ,multi-cultural, multi-faith Outstanding primary academy located in the heart of Tottenham. The aim of all staff  is to give every child coming through their doors an exceptional education full of support, care, enrichment, challenge and opportunities to enjoy and prepare them for future academic success and happy lives. 

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New Feature! Skoolbo challenges you to a DuelBo!

Skoolbo DuelBo

We know how much students love playing Skoolbo with children from across the United Kingdom – now they can play with their friends and classmates!

Introducing DuelBo, a fun new game within Skoolbo where students can challenge their classmates and friends to beat their high scores.

What is DuelBo

DuelBo is a fun new game within Skoolbo where classmates and friends can play with each other. In Skoolbo, students play against a random student from across the country – now they can choose to play with children they know.

skoolbo duelbo challenge

How it works

Whenever a student gets a high score on a game, they can choose to challenge their classmate or friend to beat their high score. This is a DuelBo challenge – the student receiving the challenge can decide to take the challenge, or simply choose to ignore it. No pressure! There’s no direct communication between students so Skoolbo is still 100% safe and 100% fun.


Adding a friend

All classmates can instantly play DuelBo with each other. Students can also freely add other Skoolbo users from their school. Best of all children can add their friends from other schools.



Dr Weevil DuelBo!

Dr Weevil is now a part of DuelBo. Every so often Dr Weevil will appear and set his own DuelBo challenge. His challenges are slightly difficult, so it’s a great challenge for students to see if they can beat Dr Weevil. Of course like all DuelBo’s it’s optional and students can choose not to take the challenge.


Teacher DuelBo!

Now avaialble: Teacher Avatars! Teachers will be able to challenge their students to DuelBo challenges, just like Dr Weevil. In the NEW Teacher App (100% Free), Teachers can create their personal avatar, and then be automatically added to the Skoolbo game, occasionally appearing and challenging their students to try to beat their recent high scores. It’s all about motivation and improvement!

To access DuelBo, update to the latest version by visiting our downloads page!

Download Free


Sheringham Primary School – ‘Learning in Harmony’

This week we are delighted to feature a lovely London primary school. Students from Sheringham Primary School in Newham, which is rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, made a fantastic contribution to Team London’s victory over Team New York in the recent ‘city to city’ challenge and are frequent top ten guests on the UK leaderboard.
Year 6 in particular were absolutely outstanding in their efforts as the class leaderboard reflected.
image (1)
We were over the moon when Year 6 teacher, Ms O’Reilly, got in touch to let us know what her students think of Skoolbo and the Challenge. It’s clear that the children are really motivated by the competitive element of the game and we love the fact that Aysha feels that she has grown in confidence.
‘Skoolbo is a fun game to play and it helps you revise! It’s best to play in school with your classmates as you can compete against them.’ Nabeel 
‘It’s really competitive between the two cities and we want to be the best!’ Alvi
‘It challenges you and makes you become more confident with your work. It’s shows you Maths and English and how you can develop more!’ Aysha 
The school motto is ‘Learning in Harmony’ which seems especially appropriate for the recent challenge where schools from London united in their effort to answer more questions than schools in New York. It’s also clear that the students of Sheringham Primary School understand how to work together and alongside one another as these images show.
In this photograph you will see that the children are really focused on their learning. Take a closer look and you will notice the young man at the back seems to be celebrating a personal best!
Well done to all the students of Sheringham Primary School, it’s great to have you as part of the Skoolbo community!
Sheringham Primary School is based in Manor Park in London and has 23 classes catering for children from Reception to Year 6.
“We believe that children work best when learning together, and that it is important everyone in the organisation values everyone else, and that we as staff are also always learning – striving to be the best school that we can be.” Executive Head Teacher – Gary Wilkie 

“Proud as punch!” Celebrating our latest 10K Super Champs

With the excitement of London schools’ spectacular team victory over New York schools taking up much of our attention recently (and deservedly so), we thought it was time to recognise the amazing individual achievements of students from elsewhere in the UK. Reaching 10,000 answers on Skoolbo is a tremendous landmark and the wonderful expressions on these super learners’ faces reveal just what it means to them.


“Here’s Jacob, our first winner of the Skoolbo 10k Super Champ Trophy. It made me very proud to present this award. Jacob works exceedingly hard on Skoolbo. His enthusiasm for Skoolbo is amazing to watch. As you can tell by his smile he was proud as punch to receive the trophy. Thank you to you and your team for making this possible. Mrs Fadeyibi St John Fisher Roman Catholic Primary School, Rochdale.”



From Class 9 in Crownbridge School we have Matthew Toms and Jack Vaughan receiving the super champ trophy.

“We are all very proud of their achievements!” Mrs Aherne, Crownbridge School Cwmbran, Torfaen


IMG_4482 (1)










Mrs Tait sent in this lovely photograph of David from Hatton Park Primary School in Cambridge receiving the trophy to make up the last of our quartet of winners for this week.


We love the fact that their teachers took the time to take photographs and share them with us which signifies how exceedingly proud they are of their hard working students. We’d like to add a hearty ‘congratulations’ from the Skoolbo Team, please keep sending us your stories and photographs.

You can help to keep the Skoolbo conversation going…#SuperChamps






Parents! Avoid ‘summer learning loss’ with Skoolbo’s game based learning


Parents! Your child is at risk of the dreaded summer learning loss! But do not fear, game based learning through Skoolbo can help combat this problem. Your child can stay on top of their learning so they don’t fall behind, and they can achieve this in a fun and free way.

Summer learning loss is a real problem facing students over the summer break and we’re not just saying that because it made it into Wikipedia. A common finding across numerous studies is that on average, students score lower on standardised tests at the end of the summer than they do at the beginning of summer – on the same test.

Here’s a quick look at the facts…

  • Children learn best when instruction is continuous. The long summer holiday breaks the rhythm of instruction which leads to forgetting, and requires a significant amount of review of material when students return to school.
  • Most students lose about two months of grade-level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months.
  • Reading and spelling abilities are also affected. The few months of loss in reading skills compounds over the years; by the time children reach middle school, those who haven’t read during the summers may have lost as much as two years worth of achievement!

Parents consistently point out that summer is the most difficult time to ensure that their children have productive things to do. And who can blame them? We know that with kids being kids, the last thing they would want to do is hit the books over their long-awaited summer break. So how do you combat this problem? Our answer?  Make learning a fun experience for your child; make it like play so they don’t feel like they’re at school during their summer break.

Game based learning with Skoolbo

(and best of all, for FREE)

Skooblo Spiral Learning Algorithm – learn without teacher input

The Skoolbo Spiral Learning Algorithm is designed to give every child the optimal curriculum regardless of his or her actual age. It starts by pre-testing the child in both literacy and numeracy and then continues to reassess after each game. An ideal blend of new content, not yet mastered content, and revision content is served to each child.


Math and reading games  – with built-in rewards to make it fun!

Immerse your child in a stunning 3D learning world with literacy and numeracy practice as the game focus, which is supported by the primary curriculum. Skoolbo uses game-based learning to provide an engaging educational environment with rewards, leaderboards, and the chance to fail and try again. The game itself is very much about learning–it is not about playing a game as a reward for learning.

  • Competition – Kids compete against other kids on Skoolbo
  • Rewards –  The reward mechanisms are designed to promote optimal learning patterns

Learn a new language with language dragons – kids can learn French, Mandarin or Spanish

We recently added Language Dragons, a free language learning game, to our ever growing catalogue of games within Skoolblo.This new feature teaches children French, Mandarin, and Spanish, with more languages set to be released in the future. Fly on magnificent dragons through the stunning in-game worlds, and play reading and listening games to improve language skills across a range of topics.

  • Develop children’s cultural awareness
  • Increase child’s creative and cognitive abilities
  • Help ESOL kids improve their English (by making a switch in Settings)

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UK reaches 100 million answers on Skoolbo!


Congratulations UK! You have answered 100 million answers on Skoolbo! What an incredible effort. Keep up the great work, the only way is up, and that means greater improvement for our younger generation!

Go GB Kids! Go!

Here’s a snapshot of the achievements of our schools learning with Skoolbo UK


Skoolbo UK 1 Million Club

We want to give a special shout out to our top performing schools so far. These schools have made it into our 1 million club and are leading our scoreboards. What a great achievement!

You can now view the Skoolbo 1 million club schools and schools approaching the 1 million HERE 


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Manny Pacquiao Joins the Skoolbo Dream


We are deeply honoured to have Manny Pacquiao, Filipino boxer and politician, join us on our dream of ensuring every child learns to read and gains confidence with numbers. Manny is a true legend and is an inspiration to hundreds of millions of people around world. Just this year the world saw the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather boxing match in what was one of the largest sporting events in history.

We are especially pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Skoolbo Philippines – Go! Pinoy Kids Go!

Our dream is that every child learns to read and gains confidence with numbers… these are life’s essentials. We believe technology can dramatically help and that the best way to do it is to make it lots of fun and to make it FREE! 

Manny Pacquiao with Skoolbo's Shane Hill and Julien Picot

Manny Pacquiao with Skoolbo’s Shane Hill and Julien Picot

Manny Pacquiao with his Jack Russell called Pacman who travels with Manny around the world and has his own passport!

Manny Pacquiao with his Jack Russell called Pacman who travels with Manny around the world and has his own passport!

Watch Manny Pacquiao do the Skoolbo Zippy Shake