Day 5 – children from London & NY make it a cool million!

As we head into the final day of the Challenge it looks as though a victory for the children of London is inevitable. The determination and perseverance of all children involved has been astounding and we shouldn’t forget that they have been securing those important literacy and numeracy skills at the same time. Many children will also finish the Challenge having developed new French, Spanish or Mandarin language skills as well!

Yesterday evening saw the million question mark fly by thanks to the fabulous children of New York coming on line and London children playing at home, so well done everyone!

Lon totaliser

We may see yesterday’s featured school, Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park, reach a quarter of a million questions today. They have been outstanding!

Lon schools

We would like to congratulate New York student UW from class 501, PS 175 Henry H Garnet for reaching first place on the student leaderboard! As you can see Coleraine Park and Sheringham students dominate the other top places – fantastic effort!

Lon students

It’s a similar picture on the class leaderboard with Year 6 classes Horowitz and Shakespeare from Coleraine Park in first and second place respectively but with the addition of class 5PK from Netley joining the top ten.

Lon class

Today we have been talking to Orleans Primary School in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. They have done fantastically well in the Challenge and although they are unlikely to overtake Coleraine Park, they have a very good chance of finishing in second place if they keep going.

Orleans map

Mrs Bennett, Literacy Leader, told us how the Challenge has inspired students to improve their literacy and numeracy.

It has really motivated the children to be competitive and I am so impressed with the amount of answers 100K+! WOW Orleans, keep it up!

Here we can see 10,000 super champs, Anushka, Billy-Rae and Sam J celebrating their achievements. Awesome!


…and this it what some of the students told us.

I like how it is a really fun way to learn – Lara Fitton (LJG)

Winning points and competing against others makes me try harder – Ollie L (LJG)

Skoolbo is a fun way for children to learn and have fun at the same time  – Marija Trendafiloska (Erikson)

Skoolbo is lots of fun, and helps you learn more in a better way – Anushka Nag (Athlestan)

We love hearing how Skoolbo motivates students, thank you for telling us what you think.

FullSizeRender (1)   FullSizeRender




We hope you enjoy the final day of the Challenge!

Based in Twickenham, two-form entry Orleans Primary School aims to provide a happy, stimulating and secure community for every child. They believe that this, in conjunction with a rich and challenging learning experience, will ensure that all children reach their full potential, both emotionally and physically, and are completely prepared to take their place in our diverse world.


Skoolbo Proves That UK is a Top Destination for Foreign Investment


Skoolbo has been mentioned in a government case study as a stand out foreign investor contributing to the ever growing number of foreign investments in the UK. Over the past year the UK has seen a record number of such projects, maintaining its position as the number one destination for foreign direct investment in Europe – creating jobs and boosting the UK economy.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The scale of foreign investment is a huge success story which shows that Britain is the place to do business and is more evidence that our long term economic plan is working. Securing investment from overseas is a key part of our One Nation policies to create thousands of jobs, provide security and opportunities for working people throughout the UK.”

Skoolbo’s e-learning programme helps children with reading and maths and have invested £300,000 to bring this programme to the UK. Our programme has been adopted by 20% of the UK’s primary schools since launch in May 2015

Skoolbo is the brainchild of the founder of Mathletics, an entrepreneur and former teacher Shane Hill. His goal is to help increase literacy levels and confidence with numbers around the world. To do this, Skoolbo’s technical team in Singapore developed e-learning programmes that are freely available, so that everyone can benefit. The programme is supported by blogs and interviews with celebrity sporting ambassadors Denise Lewis OBE and Adrian Turner.

The Skoolbo programme was tailored for New Zealand and Australia, where it has been hugely successful, reaching 70% of schools in these markets within the first year. A similar approach was taken for expansion into the UK and Skoolbo now has released an adaptive learning program aligned with the English, Northern Irish, Welsh and Scottish curricula.

Colin Brown, Skoolbo’s Chief Operating Officer who is based in London, sums up the benefits Skoolbo has on the schools, parents and youth of the UK “At Skoolbo, we are passionate about enhancing life opportunities through the use of great educational technology. We have developed a programme that requires no training, goes live straight away and is free of charge. Parents or schools simply have to download our software, and they’re up and running. If they want more functionality, there are further packages they can pay for. Our fast paced activities work on a system of recognition and rewards so children are motivated to keep moving forward. We also provide highly meaningful reporting for teachers and parents so that they can monitor the children’s progress.”

Skoolbo is aiming for 50% of children in the UK to be signed up to its e-learning programme by May 2016, and are well on the way to achieving this – 3649 primary schools, 20% of the total number in the UK, are already registered with Skoolbo.

 New to Skoolbo? Register your child or class now and join the Skoolbo movement!


Day 4 – Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park are world leaders!

The morning of Day 4 has arrived and London still reign as Challenge leaders. The children of London must be beginning to feel confident as they pull further into the lead. New York children have answered a very respectable 209,990 questions and are looking as though they are on track for the quarter of a million milestone but London seem unstoppable now. Lon totaliser

If both London and New York continue at this pace then they should pass the one million mark sometime tomorrow so make sure you keep checking the Challenge page for the latest updates.

Of course this has all taken a tremendous collective effort but today our attention has been drawn to one school that is doing fantastically well. Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park in Tottenham is absolutely dominating most World, UK  and Challenge Leaderboards!

Harris map

Being number one in the world is definitely something to shout about –

World schools

…but it is their performance in the Challenge that really has everyone sitting up and taking notice. These wonderful students have rolled up their sleeves and helped their school leap to the top of every Challenge leaderboard, giving London’s chances in the Challenge a tremendous boost at the same time !

Lon Schools

Lon classes

Lon Student

This success is especially amazing as they have only just begun using Skoolbo! Although the leaderboards reflect the number of questions answered, we know that usage equals improvement and top class 6Horowitz have made an average improvement of 27% in literacy and 22% in Numeracy just this week!

Harris 5

We asked the school’s Vice Principal, Mr Thomas Shanahan how they use Skoolbo and why he thinks it it has been so successful in such a short time –

The pupils here at Harris Primary Academy have been fully engrossed in Skoolbo from the outset. We have used the stickers and bookmarks as individual and class prizes in whole school assemblies and the pupils love hearing which pupil and class are in front every morning. The healthy, intra school, competition is driving the pupils to out do each other. This then culminates in looking at how our school is doing in relation to other schools and we can stress the importance of every pupil coming together, as a team, to make a whole school score. 
It is truly a whole school competition as one of our highest scoring pupils is in Y2. What says it all really is I have just walked past a student on her way home and the first thing she showed me was that she was already playing on her phone as she went.  
Harris 1
Harris 3
Harris 4
It’s great to hear about children being given the opportunity to compete fairly in a healthy competition where everyone is answering questions at their own level. We were delighted to also receive this wonderful comment from a parent who has children at Coleraine Park who are clearly enjoying the Challenge.
They (my children) got up at 6 & 7 am this morning to keep going before school and will no doubt continue tonight when they get home. It’s gotten very competitive in the school, not that they needed encouraging!! Caroline (parent)
We love getting this type of feedback from schools and we’d like to leave you with quotes from some truly inspirational students –

“This is brilliant; I’m actually playing for London! I feel so proud”

“I love this programme; it doesn’t feel like hard work because it’s so much fun!”

“I’m leading in our school. I want our academy to win and make Boris Johnson proud of us; we are a team!”


Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs with us and we look forward to seeing where you finish in the Challenge.

Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park is a two-form ,multi-cultural, multi-faith Outstanding primary academy located in the heart of Tottenham. The aim of all staff  is to give every child coming through their doors an exceptional education full of support, care, enrichment, challenge and opportunities to enjoy and prepare them for future academic success and happy lives. 

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The children of London and New York are rising to the Challenge, tell everyone!

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Day 3 – over half a million answers!

London vs NY 3

They’ve done it! Less than 3 days into the Challenge and the children of London and New York have exceeded 500,000 questions!

Lon totaliser

Today also sees the first school to pass the 100K milestone. Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park have answered 103,557 questions with no sign of slowing down. We’ll be hearing more from these Skoolbo Superstars later in the week. Orleans and Sheringham Primary Schools make up the rest of the top three this morning.

Schools 1

It seems that the students of London have not lost any of their fighting spirit overnight and have opened up an even greater gap on the leaderboard. Will London reach half a million answers today?

Lon totaliser 1

We should mention one New York school who are battling hard to reach the top three. PS 96 Richard Rogers School are sitting in a very respectable fourth place  with almost 39,000 answers, just behind Sheringham Primary School. Despite being four hours behind London schools, they have maintained this top spot and we’d like to say ‘congratulations’ on behalf of Team London.

This is what the student leaderboard looks like today. Well done to everyone! Who will be the first to reach 10K?


Today we’d like to shine the spotlight on one London school who have been featuring regularly in the top ten on the Challenge leaderboard. Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School in Brent have been quick to show that they can respond to any challenge. These incredible students have answered over 28,000 questions since the launch and have even created a dedicated Challenge page on their school website!


In these photographs you can see the school is taking full advantage of the multi-platform versions of Skoolbo available. Take a look at this student who has the live leaderboard to hand while playing, now that’s competitive!






We have also had this wonderful feedback from Headteacher, Mary Bickerstaff

“Skoolbo has enabled our children to enjoy a rich variety of Maths and English games, while all the time practising these fundamental skills.  We’ve used it across the school from Reception to Year Six and have had very positive feedback from the parents about how engaging the activities are.” 

Well done to these marvellous students!

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School has a vision to ensure that every child at the school is provided with the best opportunities to be successful citizens of the future through an excellent education with access to the best teaching, curriculum resources and learning environment possible.Lady of Lourdes is a small one-form entry primary school based in Brent in London.

Team London are giving it their all but which London school will be in first position tomorrow?

Go! London Kids Go!

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The children of London and New York are rising to the Challenge, tell everyone!

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Day 2 and London are Challenge Leaders!

We’re only halfway through day 2 of the Challenge and the amazing students of London and New York have already surpassed a quarter of a million answers!

Lon totaliser

As you can see London has built up a very healthy lead and there is a determined effort from the students to widen the gap and take full advantage of the time difference. New York schools will be beginning their day about now and a quick check of the leaderboards will tell them exactly what they need to do to stay in the race.

London schools have been taking to social media to encourage their students to be involved at home as well as school. We loved this tweet from Brent school Our Lady of Lourdes –


What a fantastic way to rally support for Team London! Judging by the contact we’ve had from parents, they are just as excited about the Challenge as their children.

This wonderful effort has meant that Our Lady of Lourdes are hanging on to a top six place but it is Orleans Primary School in Richmond who are top of the tree today. We hope to be hearing from them later in the week. Sheringham Primary School and Harris Primary Coleraine Park are in second and third place respectively with Hanover and Roding Primary Schools below them. Our stars of yesterday’s launch, Netley Primary are in seventh place.

Lon schools

With New York now wide awake, who knows what the leaderboards will look like this evening? Be sure to keep checking the website for updates and let’s get behind Team London.

Go! London Kids Go!

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Denise Lewis Launches the NY vs London Challenge at The Shard!

London vs NY 3

What an exciting morning we have had! The Skoolbo NY vs London Challenge was officially launched  by Denise Lewis OBE at Western Europe’s tallest building, The Shard. The battle to find out who can answer the most literacy, numeracy and language questions over five days has begun!

The timing was perfect as today also saw the start of London Technology Week and we were delighted to have one of the top performing London Schools, Netley Primary School in Camden join us in a live Skype call. Netley teacher and Maths Subject Leader, Gareth Morris, was on hand to explain why he and his students choose Skoolbo to help boost maths and literacy skills in the classroom and at home.

Netley Map

Netley students are simply amazing and have answered over 1.2 million questions on the platform to date. This places them in an excellent position to give Team London a tremendous boost in the Challenge. They handled their Skype chat with Denise with extreme confidence and are wonderful ambassadors both for their school and for London schoolchildren in general. You can see them here calmly focused on their learning with Skoolbo just a few minutes before we spoke to them –



This dedication resulted in Netley students being among the first London schoolchildren to appear on the Challenge leaderboard early this morning although they’ll have to up their game if they’re to equal Sheringham Primary School. Sheringham students have had a stunning first day which has seen them shoot up into first place and open up a significant gap between first and second places –


As you can see New York Schools are beginning to claim their place on the leaderboard as they fight to reverse the brief advantage London Schools had as a result of the earlier sunrise this side of the Pond.

If your school is not on board yet, it’s not too late! You are only a few clicks away from representing our awesome city in this fun, free, educational challenge.



Get on board, London needs you!




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Review our Skoolbo app to WIN

amazon review win header 2

We’ve recently rolled out an exciting update for our Skoolbo UK app and are looking to gather feedback. The latest update features the release of Language Dragons, a language learning game within Skoolbo, where children can learn French, Mandarin and Spanish with more languages set to be released in the future.

If you are enjoying Skoolbo, spread the word by writing a review on our Skoolbo UK app in the iTunes or Android store to go into the draw to win 1 of 2 x £25 Amazon gift vouchers!

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  • Email us your app store nickname at so we can find you!

Competition ends on the 26th of June 2015.

Thank you for playing and supporting Skoolbo!



25,000 Schools on Skoolbo and counting!

25k schools fb

Our dream is that every child learns to read and gains confidence with numbers… these are life’s essentials. We believe technology can dramatically help and that the best way to do it is to make it lots of fun and to make it FREE!

We are one big step closer to our dream with children in 25,000+ schools and counting across the globe now learning with Skoolbo!

This is a massive achievement and we are so excited to see this number grow with Skoolbo set to be released in Mexico, India and the Philippines this year!

We want to say a big thank you to all of our loyal supporters who joined us in making learning fun and free for all children.

Since we have launched we have added many new features to our growing list of learning games with many more to be released in the future!

Some of these include:

  • Language Dragons – children can learn French, Mandarin and Spanish with more languages coming soon!
  • Zippy Shake – bringing increased physical activity and music into the classroom, energizing the children and getting them ready to learn.
  • 60 Second Slime – increasing speed and accuracy in a fun rewarding game show

Stay tuned for more exciting Skoolbo updates to come!

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Spread the word… London vs NY Challenge – only 4 days to go!

London vs NY 3

4 days (that’s only 2 school days) until the schools of London take on the schools of New York to see who can answer the most literacy, numeracy and language questions over 5 days. We think the children of London have got the determination and perseverance to prevail and it’s clear that there’s a concerted effort going into being ready on time. Just look at the UK Schools Leaderboard today, 4 London schools in the top 8!


Spread the word and get as many London school children taking part as possible.


Tweet, tag and post… or just tell your friends. We are stronger together!

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