Day 5 of the Scottish Challenge – St Paul’s RC Primary are Fife’s superstars!

Day 5 has seen Fife strengthen their lead on the Local Authority leaderboard and it is a Fife school and class currently sitting at the top of both the school and class tables.



Student Katie Parrish from class 7 in East Renfrewshire’s Busby Primary School has bucked the trend however and has built up an impressive lead on the student leaderboard.


With almost 175,000 answers it’s looking as though Fife are going to be very difficult to overtake although, of course, anything is possible and there are still two days left.


The amazing students of St Paul’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Glenrothes are committed Skoolbo learners and they have answered almost half a million questions on the platform! Their top performing class is Primary 4 with over 120,000 answers, followed by Primary 5 with over 86,000 answers. We were absolutely delighted when they got in touch to tell us exactly what they enjoy about playing –


“Skoolbo is really fun.”Cole (Primary 4)

“Skoolbo helps you with your school work.” Rosie (Primary 4)

“I really like playing skoolbo on my iPad.” Mohammed (Primary 5)

“I like the way it gives me harder questions to help me get better at maths, reading and spelling.” Garry (Primary 5)

“Skoolbo is an interactive and fun way to learn.” Finlay (Primary 7)



The teachers of St Paul’s have told us that they integrate Skoolbo into their curriculum planning and regularly set it as homework. Here they give us a wonderful insight into why they feel Skoolbo is a winner with both teachers and students alike.

“It’s great to see the children grow in confidence as they play the games. The whole class are motivated by it and want to see where they are placed individually, as a class and as a school on the leaderboard.” Mrs Ripley (Class Teacher)

“As a teacher I have loved how easy it is to set up and manage pupil progress through the dashboard. I often set skoolbo as a homework task. The pupils love it when I put the leaderboard up on display, so they can see who the leader is.” Miss Tindal (Class Teacher)

“Skoolbo is a great way for the children to learn. They are really motivated to use it in order to move up the leaderboard and to get the class certificates. The questions are set at the right level to give the children a challenge while also ensuring they achieve and grow in confidence.” Mr FIsher (Class Teacher)

St Paul’s Roman Catholic Primary School aims to provide a caring, secure and stimulating learning environment which will enable all children to learn to the best of their ability, providing opportunities for all children to reach their full potential.


Day 4 of the Scottish Challenge – spotlight on Glasgow

We’ve reached the halfway point of the Scottish Challenge and just take a look at the national school leaderboard! Scottish schools dominate and are holding nine of the top ten places –

Nat leaderboard

The totaliser is showing just short of half a million answers so far making that one million target well within reach.


It’s all change at the top of the player leaderboard where Katie Parrish from Busby School is currently in the lead, followed closely by OB from Kirkcaldy West. Previous leader YF from Paradykes is in third place.


Fife are still the runaway leaders on the LA leaderboard having amassed over 165,000 answers.

We recently got in contact with one of the top performing schools in Scotland, Avenue End Primary School in Glasgow. They make frequent appearances on the national leaderboards and are currently sitting in tenth place. Their fabulous students have answered almost 300,000 questions so far and show no sign of slowing down. Mr Begg’s Primary 5 class are the biggest contributors so far to the school’s tally with over 63,000 questions under their belts. Primary 54 and Primary 7 are holding second and third places respectively.


It seems that it is not only literacy and numeracy that Avenue End students excel at. A few budding journalists toured the school to find out what students and teachers enjoy about Skoolbo –


JodiIts very enjoyable

SophieIts very interesting

SashaIt’s a cool type of learning

AishaI learn lots from it


JoshuaIt’s fun because you can verse people

AbigailIt gives you fun education

William– Gives you challenges and opportunities

RebbecaThe maths helps your times tables

EaunIts good because you can customise your profile

Katie It’s an awesome way of learning


 SamGetting awards and certificates

DanielBecause you can play kids all over the world

Fatamacompetitions for your school and class

Harvey-I like making my avatar

RyanBecause there’s lots of games

NatashaYou can play lots of people

AbbieYou can get on the leaderboard

KatieYou can get a certificate

TiaganI like all the subjects

Kasey-I like hard games

Hayley-I like number games

MarcusI like easy games


And here’s what their teachers had to say –

Mrs McCluskey – It is motivating and fun the children can use/apply their skills

Mrs Gilmour – All the kids can work at their own speed and level. Perfect!

Miss BryceSome of the children are competitive and they all work at their own level and they enjoy it

Mr BeggsThey can enjoy their language and maths work and access Skoolbo from home.

Miss Muir It challenges the children in different areas of the curriculum and its fun for them

Mrs O’DonnellIt helps the children enjoy their learning

Mrs CalderIt’s a fun way to learn and enhance skills

Miss FindlaterIt’s fun for the children

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the students who toured the school collecting these wonderful quotes for us. They even did all the typing!

Great effort Avenue End – you’re amazing!

Sticker 1

Avenue End is a non-denominational primary school Based in Craigend in Glasgow, which caters for pupils from P1 to P7. Their aim is to encourage the development the personalities, talents and abilities of pupils to their fullest potential.




Day 3 of the Scottish Challenge and Fife pass 100K!






It’s the morning of day 3 of the Challenge and the children of Scotland are almost a third of the way towards their final target –


Fife have continued to go from strength to strength and have passed the 100K mark. Aberdeen City are still nestled in second place but they’ll need to keep going if they’re to stay there. North Lanarkshire and Midlothian are both about to reach 25K but who will get there first? East Renfrewshire only just behind them and with a concerted effort could sneak past them both. Eilean Siar may be in sixth place but they have been one of the success stories of the Challenge so far. They may have some of the smallest and most remote schools on the Western Isles but they have been a powerhouse when it comes to answering questions, 21,329 so far!


And what of the individual successes? Student YF is not going to give up first place easily but it’s all change elsewhere on the board. JW from St Thomas’ Primary School in North Lanarkshire must feel that he’s in with a chance today. We also see RW from one of our featured schools, St Agatha’s rise up into third place, with KP from East Renfrewshire’s Busby School in fourth.

Student 2

Don’t forget that any language questions you answer on Language Dragons also count towards your total so keep playing… and learning!


Go Scotland!

Day 2 of the Scottish Challenge

As we come to the end of day 2 of the Scottish Challenge, it would appear that Kirkcaldy West Primary School are going to be tough to beat. Class P61 have shown amazing resilience to keep their players in the top half of the table but perhaps the day belongs to YF, a student from class P5 in Paradykes Primary School. He has been edged off of the number one spot once or twice during the day but has bounced back each time to reclaim the lead and has been joined by classmates JC and LC. Well done YF, class P61 and all the Scottish students on Skoolbo.
Sticker 1
Keep it up and Go! Scottish Kids Go!
Scot pupil

Lunchtime approaches on day 2 and just look at the effect of the Challenge on the national leaderboards –

Nat class

Eight of the top ten places on the class leaderboard and five of the top eight on the schools leaderboard are currently held by Scottish schools –

Nat school

What a team effort!


Scottish Challenge

Day 2 of the Scottish Challenge is now in full swing and it’s time to review the most recent developments.

We woke up to a new leader on the player leaderboard. YF, a student from Paradykes Primary School, gave Midlothian a boost this morning. He’ll need help if Midlothian are to fend off Fife’s Kirkcaldy West Primary School who seem intent on taking all the top spots. DW from Primary 4 at Avenue End Primary School is helping Glasgow City hold on to a top 10 place.

Scot pupil

Fife seem determined to consolidate their early dominance with over 69,000 questions answered. Aberdeen City are in second place with 18,508 answers and there’s a fascinating battle unfolding between Eilean Siar and East Renfrewshire who are on 10,365 and 10,310 respectively. Midlothian are pressing forward and heading towards that 10,000 mark.


The Challenge is picking up speed and the participating students are making wonderful gains with their literacy and numeracy skills as they play. Teachers make sure your colleagues join in and remember to send your students’ logins home so that they can begin contributing to the points tally out of school as well.

Go! Scottish Kids Go!

Day 1 of the Scottish Challenge

Scottish Challenge

Well what a day it has been! Over 100,000 answers on the first day of the Scottish Challenge so far.


It’s a great start but Scottish schools will need to pick up the pace and get everyone playing if they’re going to reach that 1 million target. It’s going to need a huge team effort and no single school can achieve it on their own. We know that only a collective push will win the day but we want to take a moment to reflect on some of the star performers.

We have seen Fife schools storm into the lead on the Local Authority leaderboard with over 35,000 answers. Schools between the Firth of Tay and the Firth of Forth have been the pride of Scotland today –

LA lboard
Students from Aberdeen City are holding second place with almost 10,000 answers, while surprise contenders Eilean Siar have been helped into a strong third place by one of our more remote schools Daliburgh. They may be small but they have proved they’re mighty! With South Lanarkshire in fourth place at 7,495 answers, it’s all to play for tomorrow.
There has been a big change on the Pupil leaderboard with Fife students snatching away Eilean Siar’s earlier dominance –
It’s Kirkaldy West’s class P61 who are looking likely to finish the day in the top spots with student CH becoming the first to exceed the 1,000 answers milestone.
Our tips for tomorrow’s winners 
Remember it is early days. We have spotted some students sitting quietly lower down the leaderboard who may just sneak past the current leaders. Avenue End Primary representing Glasgow City have some fierce contenders from Primary 6. Greenhills Primary School from South Lanarkshire, Northfield Academy from Aberdeen City and Snowden School from Stirling all have students who could find themselves climbing the table overnight.
We can’t wait to see what the leaderboards look like tomorrow!

St Agatha’s RC Primary School rises to the challenge!

What a fabulous start! As we approach lunchtime on the first day of the Scottish Challenge the numbers on the totaliser are whizzing –


Daliburgh School are still top performers on the pupil leaderboard but will they be toppled by Fife students? Kirkcaldy and Mountfleurie students are nudging their way through –


Fife are looking incredibly strong with almost 17,000 answers so far. Eilean Siar are second, helped tremendously by the wonderful efforts of Daliburgh students, but they’ll be looking over their shoulders as North Lanarkshire pick up the pace to steal third place.


So what is Fife’s secret? Skoolbo’s Malcolm Payton recently visited Fife’s St Agatha’s Roman Catholic Primary School to learn more about these wonderful students ahead of the Challenge. We’d heard that they were experts on Skoolbo and so Malcolm invited them to share their knowledge. You can listen to them explain how to use Skoolbo as well as what they think about the new Language Dragons here –

Olympic swimmer Adrian Turner was very keen to join them for a chat, answer their questions and to share the secrets of how he got ready for big competitions. You can watch the interview and pick up some great tips on keeping calm and being prepared.

We can’t wait to see what the children of Scotland do next in the Challenge. If you’re not yet on board, don’t delay, register now! It’s free and only takes a moment.

Scotland needs you!

4 Reasons to Use Skoolbo – From UK’s Top Education Leaders


With the Scottish Challenge starting today, Skoolbo has gained some traction and is getting recognised by the top education leaders from the UK. Here are some reasons why you should be using Skoolbo as quoted by some of the most forward thinking educators.

1. Charlie Love from Aberdeen City Council Learning Technologies puts it this way:

“Skoolbo is a free app that provides literacy and numeracy practice to support the curriculum in Primary. It uses “game theory” to provide an engaging learning environment with rewards, leaderboards and the chance to fail and try again, but it is totally focused on maths and literacy, so the game itself is very much about learning, it is not about playing a game as a reward for learning.”

Aberdeen City Council Learning Technologies

2. David Cameron, who has been a key figure in national developments in Scotland is quoted saying:


3. Education Consultant Malcolm Payton, who has led digital content programmes for the Scottish Government and in the Middle East, believes this is one of the most significant developments he has ever seen in Education:


4. Former HM Chief Inspector Frank Crawford perhaps summed it up most succinctly by saying:



New to Skoolbo? Register here to get your child or class started and join the Skoolbo movement!

The Scottish Challenge is under way!

The waiting is over, it’s time to see if all that practising has paid off. The Scottish Challenge has begun!

Stand In Image

Yesterday we saw Scottish schools dominate the leaderboards as students racked up some serious points in preparation for today’s launch but how are those schools faring this morning? Which Local Authority was quickest off the blocks to take an early lead?


We can see that Fife schools have made a wonderful start answering over 2,000 questions before 9.30am! Eilean Siar are sitting in second place but can they close the gap to stop Fife having a run-away first day? Aberdeen City, sitting in third place will need to stay focused if they are to have any chance of overtaking them!

Pupils from Room 6 in Daliburgh School on the Isle of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides are completely dominating the Challenge pupil leaderboard. What a performance – well done!


It’s clear that the Challenge is inspiring students across Scotland. Classes from Scottish schools make up six of the top nine on the national leaderboard this morning –


Three Scottish schools, Ashley Road School, Kelty Primary School and Busby Primary School have each answered over half a million answers since starting with Skoolbo! We’ll be checking in with them and other star Skoolbo schools as the Challenge unfolds.

Come back soon to read the latest stories as they develop!

One of Scotland’s leading educationalists explains why he thinks Skoolbo is so important


The final countdown has begun! In less than 24 hours the children of Scotland will begin their efforts to answer 5 million literacy and numeracy questions in just five school days. Is your school on board?

Those of you who regularly watch the leaderboards will have spotted the Scottish schools and classes who are clearly getting in some practise ahead of the Challenge. Are these the schools to watch out for or are there others waiting for their chance in the spotlight? Keep checking the website to find out…

Scottish Classes

Scottish schools

5 million literacy and numeracy questions may seem a tall order but we have supreme confidence in the abilities of the young people of Scotland. We believe they can do it but it’s not just about the number of questions answered. The main aim of the Challenge is to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for the children who participate.

Skoolbo’s Malcolm Payton recently consulted one of Scotland’s leading educationalists, David Cameron, to find out why he thinks Skoolbo could hold the key to unlocking children’s potential. David, a former teacher, has been an important figure in national developments in Scotland. He has been closely involved in the development of Curriculum for Excellence, the Scottish response to the educational challenges of the 21st Century and is a former Director of Children’s Services for Stirling Council.

Go for it!

In this interview David gives his views on how Skoolbo frees teachers to focus on their key professional skills, adapting to the needs of their young learners while building a culture of genuine ambition and aspiration. You will hear him urge teachers to take advantage of the opportunities this presents and to ‘go for it!’

You can watch the full interview here –

David Cameron is currently a Member of the Integrated Resource Framework Programme Board for Tayside and Perth and Kinross dealing with Adult Services and considering how these can be delivered more effectively and efficiently. He is also a Trustee for Learning through Landscapes and for the Children’s Parliament.