The Language Dragons are coming to Skoolbo!



Good news Skoolbo fans! The Language Dragons are coming!

Just around the corner is the launch of French, Mandarin and Spanish language games within Skoolbo Core Skills. Fly on magnificent dragons through the stunning in-game worlds, and play reading and listening games to improve language skills across a range of topics. By making a switch in Settings, players can enjoy improving their English language skills.

Studies have shown that teaching a child another language can have far reaching benefits. Not only are they faster at mimicking new sounds and adopting pronunciation, it will also help them with –

  • Increasing their creative output as well as an increase in their cognitive abilities
  • Increasing their global awareness, helping your child understand other cultures from around the world
  • Gives your child a sense of pride which boosts their confidence!

Watch the video to see a snippet of Language Dragons gameplay!

Half a Billion Skoolbo Answers

A super exciting achievement this week with children across the world now answering over half a BILLION Skoolbo questions… a mind blowing effort!


Most importantly we have seen over 365,000 examples of children improving numeracy and literacy skills by 100%, a terrific result.

Below is a look at UK schools who have answered a million questions or more.

School Name Region Answers Average   Improvement
BARCLAY PRIMARY SCHOOL LON 1,636,568        21%
EASTERN GREEN JUNIOR SCHOOL  WM 1,522,145        29%
ARK OVAL PRIMARY ACADEMY LON 1,441,937        31%
NETLEY PRIMARY SCHOOL LON 1,030,475        32%
KNUTSFORD SCHOOL EA 1,015,163        29%
OXLEY PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL SE 1,012,090        25%

Congratulations to all children involved in reaching this massive milestone!

Go Skoolbo Kids Go!

Ad Astra Infant School – to the stars!

Ad AstraRecently we have seen some of our younger learners storming up the Skoolbo leaderboards causing the juniors to look over their shoulders. Ad Astra were among the first to lead the charge and are the first infant school to regularly feature prominently on the leaderboards.

Ad Astra UK school

And not just on the UK leaderboards as they recently made it to 13th in the world!

Ad Astra World schools

Based close to the coast in beautiful Dorset, students from this remarkable school have answered a total of 272,785 question so far! This represents a great achievement for these wonderful Year 1 and 2 students. Could it be the bracing sea air bringing a little bit of magic or are these children simply amazing learners? We asked one of their teachers to tell us more –

As a year 2 teacher, I am such a fan of Skoolbo. It has really engaged the children and got them excited about practising their literacy and numeracy skills. We have many children who have been logging on at home, to attempt the fun challenges against other children in the country. They have all designed their own avatar, and only their first name is shown when ‘battling’ against children elsewhere, so we know our children are safe. For those who don’t always get an opportunity to access the website at home, we have recently started up a lunchtime ‘computer club’ where many children are coming along to check where they are on the leaderboard, and earn some all-important points! I like the fact that children can select the activity they would like to attempt, so they can have some success before trying something a little trickier. The password system, of a simple colour and animal, has really helped speed up their logging on! It is ideal for children at Infant School age, as it is simple to use, colourful, musical and fun!

And here are some of the students in action at the school’s computer club!

IMG_1634 (1) IMG_1640

Of course we wanted to know what the students think and so here are some quotes from Year 2 pupils:

IMG_1639I love Skoolbo because:

“It helps me to learn.”

“It’s got loads of great games to play.”

“I win against other people.”

“It helps me become quicker at Maths.”

“I can earn rewards.”


skoolbo1 (1)skoolbo2 (1)

Thank you for these fabulous pictures. Keep persevering and you’ll definitely live up to your school name. To the stars… and perhaps beyond…

Ad Astra

Ad Astra Infant School caters for children between the ages of 4 and 7 years and is situated in Poole in Dorset. The school promotes high achievement and learning for life by working with children to help them enjoy and celebrate their achievements and uniqueness on their journey to become independent learners. The school aims to foster a motivation and desire for learning so that children gain the confidence, skills and knowledge to enable them reach their potential.

Skoolbo is now on Glow! A guide for teachers in Scotland.

Do you teach in a Scottish school?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then we have something very important to share with you.

Skoolbo is now on Glow!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Skoolbo is now available through Glow. This means that all teachers and students in Scotland are now able to access the world’s largest ever learning game quickly and easily.

Whether you connect through Glow or download the Skoolbo app to use on your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device, you will get access to the same “spiral learning algorithm” that provides children with a personalised learning experience designed to optimise their learning.

There are a few differences between the online Glow version and the app however. Here we explain the differences, and how you can get the best of both worlds.

Using Skoolbo through Glow.      

Playing Skoolbo thorough Glow is easy –simply log into Glow, select the Skoolbo tile and you are launched straight into the game.  If you are a pupil, you will go into the game itself and, if you are a teacher, you will go to the teacher dashboard where you can see how pupils are performing.  You don’t even need to know your Skoolbo ID, as Glow does it all for you.

Skoolbo on Glow

What is my Skoolbo ID and will I ever need it?

Firstly, let’s just confirm that you never need the Skoolbo ID if you always log in through Glow, as Glow does all the clever authentication bit for you.

You will however, need to know your Skoolbo ID if you want to download the app and use it instead of the browser version. The app provides a wonderful, immersive 3D environment that uses high quality graphics and is very engaging and motivating for children.  The web browser version available through Glow has simpler graphics without the exciting racing worlds. The actual questions and the student progress record is the same across all platforms, but we highly recommend the app to enhance the learning experience and improve motivation.

The app can be downloaded free to PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android devices, but you will need to know your Skoolbo user ID to log into it the first time.

You will also need to provide parents with their child’s ID to allow them to play the game and see progress reports for their child. Children’s IDs usually consists of their first name followed by four numbers, their password is a colour and an animal and can be changed by the adult or child. Involving parents in children’s learning has been shown to improve outcomes, and Skoolbo has been designed to achieve this in a totally secure way, only allowing parent to see the results for their own children and never allowing any communication between users.

How to find Skoolbo IDs.

To find Instructions
Skoolbo ID Log into Glow. Your Skoolbo ID (school code) is displayed on the top right hand side of the screen.
Pupil IDs (when logged on as a teacher) Log into Glow and select the Skoolbo tile to run the Skoolbo teacher dashboard. Select the “Admin” tab. You can print the user IDs or download them as a spreadsheet.
Pupil ID (when logged on as a pupil) Log into Glow and select the Skoolbo tile to run Skoolbo. Click on your name at the top right of the screen and select user profile. Note the user name and the password from the screen.

Skoolbo Software Updates

Recently we released Skoolbo software updates – v1.7.6 for PC and v1.7.5 for Mac and tablet devices. These updates include improvements in game functionality and user experience.

It sees the release of three fantastical new worlds:

Further Improvements include:

  • Better synching from offline to online mode
  • Updates to the parent main page
  • Enhancements to image resolution (graphics) across platforms
  • Simpler installation process
  • Improved proxy handling
  • Mastery indicator on end game page

For a great user experience visit and download Skoolbo HERE or the App Store for iPad and Play Store for Android devices.

Download Free








Coventry’s St John Fisher Catholic Primary School are Skoolbo Super Champs!

SJF Cov map and logo final

Every school we feature on our blogs is unique and has a different way of integrating Skoolbo into their learning. Here at Skoolbo we are all educationalists at heart which is why we love keeping in touch with schools to learn more about them and their students and how they use Skoolbo to improve their outcomes in literacy and numeracy.

Super Champ Wesley!

Mrs Edge, Deputy Headteacher at St John Fisher Catholic Primary School in Coventry, got in touch with us to let us know how proud she was of her students. One student in particular stood out as the first in the school to earn the title of ‘Super Champ’ and the chance to hold up the coveted 10K Super Champ trophy. Wesley, a Year 5 pupil from class 11 has answered a total of 13,296 questions so far! Obviously Wesley deserves our congratulations and in fact so do the rest of his class as they have collectively answered almost 45,000 questions so far.

Here’s Wesley receiving his Super Champ trophy from Mrs Edge.

SJF Cov 1


Meeting the Queen – a family affair!

All of this dedication to their learning seems to have paid off as Class 11 compiled some wonderful questions to ask former Olympian Denise Lewis during their recent interview. We are always amazed at the amount of research and thought that students put in ahead of these interviews and Class 11 along with their teacher Mrs Caldwell were no exception. During this interview you can learn about how Denise felt about meeting the Queen and who she took with her. You can also learn what food you need to eat to become a top athlete and why eating a good breakfast is so important.

West Brom, Coventry, Birmingham or Aston Villa?

What you won’t find out is which football team Denise supports, you’ll have to watch the video to find out if she gives any clues.


The children were also kind enough to share some of their memories of the interview from their class scrapbook.

SJF Cov 4

SJF Cov 3

SJF Cov 5

SJF Cov 6







Thank you for checking in with us – we think you are terrific!

St John Fisher Catholic Primary School is two-form entry and is based in Coventry. The school aims to provide excellence in education and to ensure that children develop a love of learning, and grow emotionally, intellectually and academically.

Children United Launches!

Child United Logo

Children are 27% of the world’s people but 100% of the future and that is why Skoolbo is very proud to be one of the founding partners of Children United. The Foundation aims to raise the voices of young people across the globe. Officially launched on the 15th of April 2015, the website will be a place where young people can connect with those from other countries to talk about global issues that unite them. It is their chance to be heard and to make a difference.

‘I am very excited to be involved with an organisation that gives young people the opportunity to speak and be heard on issues that affect their future. The first Children United campaign appeals to governments to keep their promise, made at the United Nations in 2000, to ensure all out-of-school children gain their right to an education by the end of 2015. I think you’ll agree it’s the very least we should expect for all young people.’ Shane Hill – Skoolbo Founder

‘Children United is a marvellous way for children and young people to come together to recognise and celebrate their similarities and their differences. My hope is that they will seize this chance to make a happier future and to end prejudice once and for all.’ Colin Brown – Chief Operating Officer Skoolbo

We are delighted to be working alongside First News, Achievement for All, Save the Children and Microsoft in Education in setting up this Foundation. The first step in the Children United journey is our song performed by thousands of children from around the world and Alesha Dixon.

Right now, you can register for Children United through your school and read all about the A World At School campaign. Over the summer, Children United will develop and the full interactive site will be launched in September.


All Saints CofE – proving that small can be mighty!

All Saints map final

They may be a small one form entry school with only five classes playing but All Saints Church of England Primary School in West Bromwich are not going to let that stop them!

A fantastic four out of these five classes have exceeded 100,000 answers on Skoolbo. With Year 2 having already stormed past 60,000 answers, it looks as though all five classes will shortly be standing together on the 100K club Honour Board!

Yr 3

Yr 4

Yr 5 Yr 6

As always, we love celebrating the improvement in key skills this fabulous effort brings. Students from Years 2 – 6 have made an average improvement in Literacy of an astounding 28.8% and 23.4% in Numeracy!

Leading the way are Year 5. They were the first in their school to reach 100,000 answers and to celebrate we invited them, along with their teacher Mr Seex, to interview Skoolbo Ambassador Adrian Turner. You will notice Adrian looking very smart in this interview as he was called away to an important meeting in Manchester but was so keen to talk to these young stars that he conducted the interview from the lobby of the Institute of Directors!

In the extended version of the interview you can hear Adrian giving Year 5 a quick Geography lesson. For example, do you know where Seoul is?

Of course it was the children doing most of the asking and Year 5 had some wonderful questions up their sleeves. You can find out why Adrian decided it was time to stop trying for more medals and pursue a different career and exactly how many lengths he needed to swim every day in training to be one of the best. We think you’ll be amazed at his dedication.

When you watch the video, be sure to look out for some of Year 5’s super star learners. Daniel M has answered 25,328 so far while Radhwan I and Simran S have put in two wonderful individual performances.

Well done to Year 5 and to everyone at the school. We’ll be checking back in with you soon to see how you’re getting on.

All Saints Church of England Primary School is based in West Bromwich. The staff, children and parents are very proud that their school is described as a friendly school with a family feel. They are fully committed to ensuring that their children are happy, safe and capable.