Our latest 10K Super Champs

The list of students surpassing 10,000 answers on the Skoolbo platform just keeps getting longer which is definitely something to smile about. We’d like to say a massive ‘well done’ to everyone who has reached this milestone – a tremendous achievement and a huge step forward in securing those key skills in Literacy and Numeracy!

Here are some photographs of just some of the latest winners.

Matthew – Yr 4 student at St Aidan’s Church of England Primary School in the North East


Cian Jones and friends all from Tycroes Primary School in Wales

Tycroes Super champ100_4369100_4370100_4368

A fabulous effort – you are an inspiration to us all!

Skoolbo – a Home Educator’s story

It is estimated that approximately 60,000 children are home educated in the UK (http://www.home-education.org.uk/) and at Skoolbo we are delighted to have so many home educated children on board.

We recently received a fabulous email from Lucy, the mother of Sky (aged 7) and Shannon (aged 6) who educates her children at home. In her email, Lucy gives us a wonderful glimpse of how Skoolbo fits in around their hectic family schedule.

Woodruff 3



I just want to say a massive thank you to the whole team for developing such a brilliant game and for deciding to keep it free! My 6 & 7 year old love it Рwe homeschool them and they play it on their iPads on their way to various activities and they think its amazing- so many brilliant ideas РI am so grateful that it is free- it is incomparable to any other free app I have found and it has meant that I am no longer doing research into which educational literacy/numeracy app to buy for them as this is more than sufficient for the time being. I also love that I can track their progress online and would love to see this furthered in the future with clear information on their progress in different areas and guidance on where they are weaker. 

They also love the Spanish Skoolbo ūüôā ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Thanks again from a very grateful family!

Naturally we wanted to hear from the children and so we got back in contact with the family to find out what Sky and Shannon think of Skoolbo.

Woodruff 1 Woodruff 4

‘I like skoolbo¬† because I have a colourful super hero¬† costume¬† I also like flying. I love my¬† house because I love my new teddy bear and truck and cat and sofa and airplanes¬† and the literacy and numeracy and I like my background.’ Sky aged 7

‘I like skoobo because i like maths and times tables and the people.My favorite person is Lottey and Ru. I like flying in my airplane and winning the rase. I like my house. Iv got lodes of things in my house like a teddy bear and a cat and¬† a blue sofers.’ Shannon aged 6

We always appreciate hearing suggestions for future developments and we were delighted to be able to answer Lucy’s questions regarding progress tracking. This can already be viewed through the ‘results’ section of the dashboard but there is more to come! With the release the ‘reports’ feature on the platform, Home Educators, Parents, Teachers and Schools will soon be able to view more detailed information about children’s progress and attainment on Skoolbo. For example you will soon have access to a real time strength and weakness analyser along¬†with the ability to compare progress and attainment with national averages so please keep a look out for these exciting new features.


Thank you Lucy, Sky and Shannon for sharing your experiences with us, we’ll be looking out for your avatars in the game so keep playing!

Skoolbo at home – a parent’s perspective

At Skoolbo we are committed to making learning fun and improving educational outcomes for all children. We also recognise the fundamental role that parents and carers play in supporting their children’s learning at home. It is for this reason that we are absolutely delighted when parents get in contact to let us know how much their children enjoy using Skoolbo and to give us their ideas for future developments.
One family have been excellent at giving us regular feedback . Chloe aged 8 and Emma aged 6, both enjoy using Skoolbo at school and at home. Their mother Sarah has kept us up to date with their progress on the Skoolbo platform and we wanted to know more about them and why they think Skoolbo works so well.
Marc family 3
We began by asking the girls about what they find most appealing about the game –
Chloe: “I really enjoy the variety of games and being able to select my choice from the contents page. It is not too young for me and the games can challenge me too.”
Emma: ”¬†I love that I can design my own Avatar and I like changing the outfit! ¬†I really like watching Racing Worlds and my favourite is London Glory! ¬†I like to watch the award ceremonies which are in my house on the TV screen.”
A clear ‘thumbs up’ from Chloe and Emma but we wanted to know more from a parent’s perspective. This is what their mother Sarah had to say –
Marc family 2
“Chloe this morning was so excited to play and wants to go straight on Skoolbo after school, I’m thrilled, it’s additional learning made fun!¬†Both girls are keen readers and numeracy is not their preferred choice so this is a great way to work on numeracy though play.
I like the access to the Skoolbo results page as it shows me if they are struggling and where I can help them.”
“Emma is logged onto Skoolbo through school and she enjoys playing at home. The leaderboard had a big impact on Emma as she could see her school friends were playing and she wanted to be seen joining in too. I keep up with printing the certificates and she enjoys taking them to school. Recently she was awarded the 10,000 trophy in her assembly, this absolutely made her day! The trophy stays in the class until the next child reaches the goal. Emma’s teacher has also given her a Skoolbo bookmark, all great incentives for the children.”
 Marc family 1
Sarah and her family have given us some wonderful praise as well as a really useful insight into how we can develop the game in the future.
Thank you Sarah, Chloe and Emma for your wonderful feedback and photographs. Well done to the girls for all your fantastic achievements on Skoolbo. Keep it up!
We’ll leave the last word to Sarah –
“All in all I am fully supportive of Skoolbo it helps Emma & Chloe practice their literacy and numeracy and gives them topics they may not yet have covered in school but after working with them they soon master it and are proud of themselves.Skoolbo has been the best online learning tool so far to keep my daughters attention¬†& excitement to play, well done!”

Busby Primary School – keeping their eyes on the prize!


We were recently very excited to see a school from Scotland making their mark and storming up the leaderboards. Busby Primary School may only be a small school but they have been incredibly busy and recently found themselves 3rd on the school leaderboard, making them the top Scottish school!

Busby school 08.01.15

There has been a terrific contribution from all the students who have collectively answered over 335,000 questions including 17,000 in one day alone! This meant that students have achieved an average improvement in Literacy and Numeracy skills of 33% but those in Class P7 have been particularly successful –

Busby class 1 08.01.15

Busby student 08.01.15

Of course these superstars are fully deserving of some recognition and Olympic swimmer and Commonwealth medallist Adrian Turner was on hand to congratulate them and answer their questions.

Adrian Turner versus Michael Phelps

We are always amazed at the amount of research that students do before interviewing one of our ambassadors and the children of Busby Primary School were no exception. You can find out about Adrian’s greatest opponent, what he would have done had he not been a swimmer and why he supports Skoolbo by watching the videos below. Adrian also has some fantastic advice for anyone who wants to achieve, no matter what their goals and aspirations are.

In the extended version you can hear the children’s wonderful suggestions for developing the game further. We have passed them all on to inventor Shane Hill so watch this space, you could find yourself zooming around on the back of a great dragon or riding a unicorn on a quest through a new magical world very soon!

Thank you Busby Primary School – you have really made our day!

Busby Primary School is a small non-denominational school catering for children from years P1 to P7. Based in East Renfrewshire, the school promotes a vision to empower and equip their young people to make their mark in the world.