Hold the front page! 10,000 cases of children improving their literacy and numeracy skills by 100%

Today we are absolutely delighted to celebrate the 10,000 cases of children who have increased a literacy or numeracy skill by 100% with Skoolbo! This represents 10,000 marvellous individual achievements by some pretty amazing young people.

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And that’s not all. It seems our Skoolbo learners are fairly fantastic collectively as well! Children across the UK have answered the incredible 13,000,000 (yes that’s 13 million) answers on the platform since September and a number of schools have reached over 50,000 answers already!

It is a remarkable milestone and a giant step forward in achieving Skoolbo’s dream of every child learning to read and gain confidence with numbers.

We love hearing how children are getting on so please share your photographs and stories with us.

We look forward to seeing you on the leaderboard and celebrating with you very soon!

Which team will you play for?

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Are you ready to join the Premier League Challenge on the 12th November?

Here at Skoolbo we are counting down the days until Arsenal, West Bromwich Albion and Norwich City Football Clubs join schools across the UK to compete against each other in the exciting ‘Premier League Challenge’. Everyone who already has an account with us will be automatically entered. Don’t have an account yet? No problem, simply register here. It’s fast and free and the sooner you register, the more practise you can get in ahead of the challenge!

What is the ‘Premier League Challenge’?

From the 12th until the 21st November, children across the UK will compete as either Team Arsenal, ‘Team Norwich City’ or ‘Team West Brom’ to achieve their team goal. The aim is for children to try and answer as many literacy and numeracy questions as possible on Skoolbo, whilst promoting physical activity and healthy eating practices.

During the challenge, children will see their avatars dressed in their team’s football strip. To further encourage competition, there will be a challenge totaliser and live leaderboards showing the progress of all teams, schools and children involved.


At the end of the challenge some lucky schools will receive a visit from one of the Skoolbo ambassadors like Denise Lewis OBE

This is the first challenge of its type involving clubs from the Premier league in the UK and Skoolbo is very proud to be championing it. Please join us!

The Premier League strategy is to support clubs in their role as hubs at the heart of their communities.
The Premier League has a clear focus on investing in facilities and grassroots as well as inspiring sports participation and supporting education and skills.

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Congratulations to you all – Don’t forget to record your activity, fruit and veg!

Thank you to all of your who participated with such fervour in the Coventry Challenge. Don’t forget to record your activity, fruit and veg today, tomorrow will be too late, and the children will get their 2000 Bo points added.  

We have seen some great achievements by individuals, classes and schools across the country.

45 schools in the UK answered over 25,000 questions and received a motivational pack for their school. This is great engagement on Skoolbo, and we have seen fantastic improvements in levels of literacy and numeracy over the course of the challenge with some schools improving overall by 89%!

Special mentions to those to Finton Hill, St Augustines, Little Heath, Ark Oval, Sybourn, Knutswood, Kempshott, Stag Lane, Christ church CofE Downend, St John, Fisher Catholic and Whoberley Hall who all had fantactic days within the challenge, and achieved over 25,000 answers as a school.

In first place, with an unnassabilable lead for the last few days were Aldermans Green Community Primary School in Coventry who answered an incredible 288,964 questions on Skoolbo!  They also achieved top spot in the pupil leaderboard with Ellie from class 6s and Class leaderboard with class 6S.  Well done to you all!

This is a truely amazing feat and we take our hats off to all of you at Aldermans Green!

In second place Brook Green Centre for Learning in Plymouth, who after starting late in the challenge, reached second place with a particularly strong performance in the last few days, it was great to see so many classes playing within the school and individual students like Nina from class 10JSP and from class 10HP finishing in second and third place.

Brook Green showed how a joint school effort can really make a difference to the overall score,  Great work Brook Green!

In third place were Aldermoor Farm Primary, with a fantastic 219,690 questions answered. They really entered into the spirit of the challenge, Thank you and Well done.

Leading from the front in London were Sheringdale Primary with an amazing 142,266 questions answered. A brilliant job to finish at the top of the pile from the Capital. Well done Sheringdale!

And in 5th place were Spongate Primary with 4 classes in the top 100, and an impressive 136,790 questions answered. A great joint school achievement. Congratulations!

The challenge told a great story and outside of the 5 schools in who finished at the top many other schools made impressive scores on the board. Huge progress was made within many schools, with individual classes shining across the country.

Aldermans Green Year 6, Parbold Douglas Church of England Primary Year 5, Clifford Bridge Primary class 4s, St Patricks Catholic Primary Year 6 and Leigh Church of England Primary Year 5.

Fantastic class achievements, we’d like to hear from you about your classes Skoolbo experience, please do get in touch and let us share it with everyone! 

To all of you a huge thank you, and well done, and please do send us your success stories, we want to hear from you!

The final day – less than 500,000 questions left to answer to hit the target!

Its the final push to reach the 5 million answers, can you do it?  Remember to keep on playing at home before 8pm tonight.

We have a brand new totaliser for you to see how close you are to the end goal, and we now have the functionality to upload your physical activity, fruit and veg.

On the leaderboard for today we have seen some great achievements by Brook Green Centre for Learning, wow what an impressive day you’re having, 15 pupils on the top of today’s leaderboard!

Not content with taking over today’s leaderboard Brook Green have also jumped up the leaderboard into second place, above Aldermoor Farm in the school leaderboard. Their efforts show how having multiple classes playing can move you up the leaderboard at speed.

Sheringdale Primary are heading up the London schools in 4th place.

In the class leaderboard we see Alderman’s Green still leading the pack, followed by Parbold Douglas CofE Academy and Clifford Bridge primary, who have just tipped over 40,000 questions answered.

There are also a number of schools who are close to the 25,000 questions answered,  remember your school receives a motivational pack when you get past this milestone, all of you in the table below will make it in the next week if you keep on playing!

We are now calling on all schools – share your success stories with us, it would be great for us to celebrate achievements on the blog, quotes, information about how this may have been beneficial for individual students and photographs. Please do send them onto us and we can publish them on our blog and share success!


Its the last day of the Coventry Challenge and its all to play for!

The leaderboard currently stands at nearly 4,400 000, answers, so to reach 5 million today is going to have to be your biggest yet!  It is still absolutely achievable but will require some focus today, and some game play at home or in clubs after school!

Other things to remember  – RECORD YOUR FRUIT, VEG AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.The functionality to do this has now become live so you can do this today or tomorrow each individual account will receive 2000 Bo points!  Please note it is the act of submission that will add the Bo points, not the amount of fruit & vegetables eaten or physical activity completed.

You will only be able to input your results on the browser .

Please do be honest about the figures, teachers will have the ability to amend or input figures so do keep this in mind when recording!

Below is an example of what an individual will see when they login to their account, this screen will appear only once so will need to be completed and not closed. Once completed it will disappear.

As a teacher, once you have logged into your teacher dashboard, there will be an additional tab for the Coventry Challenge which you need to go into. Below is an example of what you will see as a teacher,  if a pupil has already uploaded their results you will see them next to their name, if they have not the result will appear as zero. To record or edit the result you simply click on the pupils score and input the details. Don’t forget to press submit when the results are completed!

Good luck in the challenge you’re doing an amazing job so far!

Updates on who’s climbing the board later!



Day 9 – Look who’s flying in the Coventry Challenge today!

Today we have a cracking new function on the leader board, you can see who is making the most progress, since midnight to now……..

Well done Ellie 6s at Alderman’s Green, a phenomenal 4415 questions answered, in one morning. Amazing progress.

and a special mention to Jayden at Westminster Ark Oval Primary, who is leading up the London pack with an impressive 1035 questions answered.

Also good to see Riley of year 5 at Leigh Church Of England Primary School in the top 5 pupils for progress made today.

Will anyone catch Ellie today? Will it be her classmates Leah or Charlie?

Great progress by year 6 of Filton Hill Primary school, who also have 8 pupils in today’s leaderboard, and have now answered over 25,000 questions altogether!

and there is a very close battle at Brook Green Centre for learning between classes  10JSP and 10HP who have answered over 50,000 questions between them, with 10JSP leading by only 46 questions!  Who will win the battle?  Will class 7MA1 at Brook Green come from behind to compete with the two Year 10 classes?

We have several schools who are now approaching the 25,000 questions answered, once you go over this threshold you receive a motivational pack for your school, it’s possible to reach this by the end of the day!

Alderman’s Green are still leading the pack overall, will anyone catch them? Who will win the battle for the London schools Sherringdale or Sybourn, or will Ainslee Wood or Ark Oval manage to catch them by the end of the day tomorrow – don’t forget to play at home to see your school progress up the board at speed!

You only have until close of play tomorrow to make your mark on the challenge! Good luck.


Day 8 – Hold on to your hats, we’re speeding towards 3.5 million answers!

We hope you’re all enjoying flying your new planes. If you don’t have yours yet it should be landing very soon. Have you changed your avatar’s costume lately? Click on your avatar in the play screen and choose a new outfit or hairstyle to celebrate your joint achievements.
Our top ten schools are unchanged but the questions answered are growing steadily. Brook Green are narrowing the gap and gaining ground on Sybourn. Watch this space…

Well done to Year 5 of St Patrick’s for moving into the top ten this afternoon. Class 6S from Alderman’s Green have now reached 75560 answers and have put a considerable distance between first and second place. can anyone catch them now?

It’s a far closer race on the pupil leaderboard but Ellie seems determined to stay top!


Day 8 of the Coventry Challenge and it’s wild and windy all over the UK!  The fantastic new Coventry planes are coming to you today and everyone who has participated in the challenge should have one by the end of the day. It’s a good job you are flying them in the safe Skoolbo race worlds! Don’t forget that with all the questions you have answered you will be stacking up your number of Bo Coins. You can always go to the shop and buy yourself a new world to fly your new plane around. Have a fun day!

There are some slight changes in the leaderboard this morning. Ainslie have overtaken Parbold Douglas and Kemshott have overtaken Clifford Bridge.

Day 8.schools

The classes race is looking like this. Look how many answers the indestructible 6S from Alderman’s Green have answered now! Year 4 from Sheringdale are very nearly on 30,000 and still ahead of Year 6. Well done to you.

Day 8.1

The region with the most schools in the top 100 is understandably the West Midlands all supporting the Conventry Challenge but well done to the other regions for joining them in trying to reach the goal of 5 million answers by Thursday. East Midlands now have three schools in the top 100, well done Abbotsholme, Cantrell and Crompton View.

Nina and Bobby from Brook Green Centre for Learning have knocked two of the Alderman’s Green girls out of the top three. Ellie is still in first place with an amazing 10637 answers but the Brook Green pupils are putting in excellent effort and are catching her fast.

Day 8.2

The most exciting news is that of all the millions of questions answered so far we are seeing that on average you are getting 90% of them right! Excellent work everyone, enjoy your new planes and fly safe in this weather!


Day 7 – An Unbelievable 3 Million Questions Answered!

You did it!!!!

A shiny new plane will be winging its way into the Skoolbo game, ready for every child who has answered questions in the Coventry Challenge – well done, a superb joint effort today!

This is how the leaderboards look this evening –

Alderman’s Green have held on to those first positions all day so a huge congratulations to them. Parbold Douglas have regained a top six place to re-establish the north-west of England as a serious contender. Brook Green Centre for Learning have put in a great effort today, with some stunning performances from individual learners.

Class 6S from Alderman’s Green still have their eye on the prize and are widening the gap between first and second places. Will Year 5 from Parbold Douglas stand for that? Will class 6R from Alderman’s Green allow themselves to be beaten by their partner class? Classes 4S and 6L from Clifford Bridge are progressing well and Years 5 and 6 from St Patrick’s Catholic School are keeping pace with each other.

Well done Ellie form Alderman’s Green who is still riding high. Watch out though because classmates Aleksandra and Sophie are just below you! There’s been storming runs by Nina and Bobby from Brook Green Centre for Learning who have come from nowehere to claim 4th and 5th place respectively.

It’s all to play for!


Your new plane will be delivered soon! We are so close to the 3 million answers, keep going!

Schools on the move include Brook Green Centre for learning, up to an impressive 9th place and we are seeing more Welsh schools making it onto the leaderboard. St Paul’s C.I.W are sitting comfortably in 27th place and they have been joined by Waunarlwydd Primary School this afternoon in 43rd place – a huge welcome to you! St Helen’s Catholic Primary School are just behind them in 45th with Heolgerrig Community School just behind them in 48th followed by St Joseph’s RC at 54th. With Glan-Yr-Afon, Awel Y Mor, Coastlands C.P. and Tonmawr helping to represent Welsh schools in the top 100, keep your eye on the red dragons!


Year 5 from Heolgerrig are topping the Welsh classes, followed by St Joseph’s RC.

Meanwhile Lushani (Year 5) from St Joseph’s RC Primary School has made it to the top 30 on the pupil leaderboard with a fantastic effort!

Keep going everyone!


What a fabulous weekend for the Challenge! There has been some unbelievable game play from children and we are fast approaching 3 million questions answered! Keep a look out for a fantastic new plane that will become available for every child participating in the challenge once we pass the 3 million mark!

Here at Skoolbo we’re all over the moon that we’ve almost reached three million answers. Well done to all those children taking part.

In all this excitement we almost overlooked another fantastic milestone. We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have just passed 6,000 cases of children improving literacy or numeracy skill by more than 100% since the start of term.

We have also recorded 22,655 children who have improved a skill by more than 10%.

Alderman’s Green have made amazing progress and are currently holding the top spots in all three leaderboards. However this picture could change at any time. There is a fantastic battle for control of the schools’ leaderboard under way between three schools from Coventry and three schools from London who between them hold the top six places. Aldermoor Farm (139,447) are nipping at the heels of Alderman’s Green (165,428) with Spon Gate holding on to sixth place. Sheringdale, Sybourn (up to 4th place) and Ainslie Wood are all putting in fantastic whole school performances – well done!

There are plenty of schools hovering just below who could break into the top six today…

It’s ‘as you were’ on the class leaderboard and the numbers are rising!

Ellie is holding on to first place with 8448 questions answered and Sophie has had a fantastic weekend! She has answered 6968 questions to take her up to second place from sixth yesterday. William has also had a great weekend and has risen from eighth to third place.

We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Day 6 of the Coventry Challenge – Over 2,450,000 questions answered!

Day 6 of the Coventry Challenge and the questions answered counter is still moving on up towards the target of 5 million. Alderman’s Green are in first place, they have been playing all weekend and have answered over 64,000 questions since Friday. Aldermoor Farm are in 2nd place and Sheringdale close behind in 3rd. Spon Gate is still in 4th place with an impressive 78,965 answers


Ainslie Wood and Sybourn have moved up into 5th and 6th places respectively overtaking Parbold Douglas and St Thomas More.


Year 6 from Alderman’s Green are still top but exciting developments shown by 4S from Clifford Bridge who are now in 3rd place having risen from 9th place since yesterday. Well done 4S, you have overtaken many classes including 6L from your school!

Day 6.4

Well done to the following classes who have answered over 20,000 questions. Year 5 at Sheringdale, Year 5 and 6 at Limbrick Wood and Year 5 and 6 at St Patrick’s. How many more can you answer before the end of the challenge on Thursday?


The pupil leaderboard has seen some changes today too, Ellie, Aleksandra and Devids have maintained their lead. Well done to Paul, Martin and Sophie who are now at 4th, 5th and 6th places respectively with scores over 5000 answers.

Special mention to Aidan from Palm at Knutsford School who has now answered just over 4000 questions! Your school is in 9th place so keep playing and let’s see how far up the leaderboard you can go!


Have a fantastic end of the weekend, we can’t wait until Monday to see how you are doing then. Who will knock Alderman’s Green off the top spot? Can Kamila make a come back? Will 4S stay ahead of 6L at Clifford Bridge?

You are playing so fast you have answered 50,000 questions in the time it has taken us to write this blog!

Day 5 of the Coventry Challenge – Over 2 million questions answered!

It is Day 5 of the Coventry Challenge, Saturday 18th October and you are still answering questions and putting your schools on the leaderboard.

The top spot is still occupied by Alderman’s Green and they have now answered a phenomenal 138,104 questions which is a big increase on yesterday. Closely following behind is Aldermoor Farm with over 117,904 answers. Sheringdale have dropped down to third place with 94,702. Spon Gate and Parbold Douglas are chasing for a place in the top three!

Day 5.1

It’s no surprise to see which classes are in the top 10. Clifford Bridge and Limbrick Wood are definitely ones to watch in the next few days as you can see they have several classes playing and are racking up the answers every day.

Day 5.2

Alderman’s Green however, are in it to win! Two pupils from Class 6S have now knocked the formidable Kamila from Sheringdale off the top spot. Well done Ellie, over 8000 answers from you and Aleksandra has answered over 6000. Devids from Aldermoor Farm has come in at third place with over 5000 answers.

Day 5.3

You are all achieving fantastic results and we are very excited to see that you are still playing over the weekend. Don’t forget the challenge also includes eating 50,000 servings of fruit and vegetables, playing sport for 500,000 minutes so if you can tear yourselves away from Skoolbo for a game of football and an apple then even better!

Day 4 of the Coventry Challenge – Nearly 1,700,000 questions answered!

What a day…… Over  500,000 questions have been answered today!

Still top of the pile are Aldermans Green, folllowed very closely by Sheringdale and Aldermoor Farm, it’s no surprise that the top three schools all have at least 4 classes playing in the challenge! And that one class that are VERY active in the game. Well done to you all. If your school has only one class playing, encourage the other classes and your school will get ahead faster!

All the classes are moving forward at speed,  Alderman’s Green year 6s continue to top the board but they are being closely chased by Parbold Douglas Year 5, and there is a battle for third between Sheringdale’s year 6 and year 4 !

There have also been a number of classes over the 10,000 questions answered mark today, Congratulations, when will you reach 15,000?

Can anyone catch Kamila from Sheringdale at the top of the pupil leaderboard? Remember you can log on at home and catch up over the weekend!

Also a special mention to Joanna – Palm from Little Heath Primary who reached over 3000 questions answered mark today.

Who will top the board on Monday?  Good luck!



Day 4 of the Challenge is shaping up nicely, nearly 1,500,000 answers have been recorded so far. There is lots of activity going on, including out of school time activity, so we are seeing use in breakfast clubs and after school clubs as well as at home.

Congratulations Alderman’s Green, back at the top of the leaderboard again!

Good to see Sybourn School reach over 40,000 answers and move into 8th place

Coventry schools are progressing well, with St Margarets Cof E and St Augustine’s Catholic moving up the board

The Class leaderboard has seen Year 6s at Alderman’s Green take the lead again, and Clifford Bridge’s 6L move into 3rd place, it’s an exciting race!

The Pupil leaderboard has seen some changes, Kamila still tops the pack, but it is also good to see some new names appear, well done Aidan from Knutsford School you are nearly at 3000 answers, in 9th place and leading pupils from East Anglia!

You can now see the top 100 schools participating, but we know there are many more of you and some of you are just a handful of questions away from appearing on the leaderboard!  Welcome to the leaderboard Glan-Yr-Afon Primary.

At schools where there are more than one class playing, the progress made on the leaderboard is significantly better so if you can mobilise other classes within your school, you could be at the top of the leaderboard by the end of the day!

We have had some fantastic feedback from schools, we’d love to share your stories and photographs of your classes enjoying the challenge, please do email them onto us. It would be wonderful to hear from you.